Lesotho Post tracking

Lesotho Post tracking

What is Lesotho Post?

Lesotho Post is a public company owned by the Ministry of Communications, Science, and Technology. Lesotho Post was established as a postal department to fulfill the responsibility of managing all the relevant postal services in the country. At present, Lesotho Post comprises more than 48 postal offices that are distributed in the most important regions of Lesotho. 
In addition to managing and distributing the postal orders of thousands of users, they also fulfill the responsibility of managing the distribution and transfer of goods and payments of their customers. That's why Lesotho Post Office Tracking is so important to customers, as they can reliably locate their most valuable parcels.
Lesotho Post postal history dates back to 1840, by which time a postal service department had been established in the country. Since its inception, Lesotho's postal services developed an important relationship with the Republic of South Africa. The close relationship was because the headquarters of the postal services they operated in Lesotho is in South Africa. 
The postal logistics infrastructure and network were developed in South Africa, so the administration and management of the postal services were semi-autonomous. Over the decades, the Lesotho postal department established its autonomy through legislation by the Lesotho government.
With the advent of the telegraph and means of transport such as the railways, the efficiency, and reliability of Lesotho's postal services improved significantly. By 1994, the government created a department to account for Lesotho Post income and expenditure, as the company was already fully financially autonomous. This does not mean, however, that Lesotho Post is completely independent, as all the postal services it provides are governed by the Government of Lesotho’s rules and laws. 
Today, Lesotho Post still has close relationships with the government and businesses in South Africa. This is to maintain traditions between countries and to continue to develop relationships and agreements that will benefit all parties involved. Among the most widely used services offered by Lesotho Post are the following: development of postage stamps, bank transfers, salary advances, and EMS postal services. It is important to mention that some of Lesotho Post services are managed from post offices in South Africa.

How do I track a package from Lesotho Post?

Currently, the official website of the company is not available, therefore the Lesotho Post parcel tracking service must be done through other means.
The first method that users have is to request the Lesotho Post tracking service at any of the post offices that are distributed in Lesotho. The company also has post offices that are distributed in some regions of South Africa, including one of its main locations.
As a second method, users will be able to track their postal orders through a virtual tracking system like our platform, which is available for every user. It is important to mention that users will only be able to purchase the Lesotho Post tracking number by visiting any of their post offices or by consulting the tracking number through the official Lesotho Post e-mail.

Where does Lesotho Post deliver?

Lesotho Post is a company that has post offices that are distributed in the most important regions of the country, including those far away or rural areas. Therefore, they can transport and deliver postal packages to any place in the country. Because it also has post offices in some regions of South Africa, Lesotho Post can deliver parcels reliably and efficiently to users in that country. 
Lesotho Post packages can also be delivered to over 193 countries around the world. This is because Lesotho Post belongs to the Universal Postal Union, or better known as the UPU. It is also part of the Pan African Postal Union. This is one of the reasons why the company offers such good services in the country, in South Africa, and much of the African continent. 

Is Lesotho Post fast?

Lesotho Post delivery times may vary due to several factors, such as the destination and the type of transport requested by the customer. For domestic deliveries, the average delivery time is 2 to 4 working days. With the use of the EMS postal service, the approximate delivery time is 1 working day. Delivery time to South Africa can take up to 2 weeks, but only if the postal orders are transported by road vehicles.
Internationally, the delivery time is the following approximately:

  • For deliveries to countries on the African continent, the delivery time is approximately 14 working days.
  • For deliveries to countries in Europe or Asia, the approximate delivery time is 7 to 9 working days.
  • For deliveries to countries in North and South America, such as the United States or Argentina, the approximate delivery time is 12 to 17 working days.

What are Lesotho Post shipping taxes?

The Post shipping taxes are luxury taxes that users must pay when their Lesotho Post order exceeds the limits of requirements of some standards of the company or customs of other countries. For example, when postal orders exceed the weight limit set by Lesotho Post or exceed the weight limit allowed by a country's customs, users must pay a tax. The cost of this tax is calculated in advance by Lesotho Post, so users will make the corresponding payment, and then the postal order will be delivered to their destination.

How can I contact Lesotho Post?

Since the official Lesotho Post website is not currently available, the company's contact details can be obtained through the company's official Facebook account. Under the official Facebook account, users can access Lesotho Post contacts, such as official phone numbers and emails. Customers will also be able to make inquiries and request assistance through Facebook. 
Users will also be able to access the home address of the Lesotho Post headquarters in Maseru. Finally, it is very important to mention that users will also be able to find important information about the company on the official website of the Lesotho Ministry of Communications, Science, and Technology. Here users can consult and request information related to the Lesotho Post company.

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