Correos de Nicaragua tracking

Correos de Nicaragua tracking

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What is Correos de Nicaragua?

Correos de Nicaragua is a company owned by the Nicaraguan government, which is responsible for managing and operating all the country's postal services. The history of postal services in Nicaragua dates back to 1876 when the first telegraph was received in the country.

In the following years, specifically in 1884, the first railroad was used. Later in 1892 the infrastructure of the first underwater cable and the first telephones that arrived in Nicaragua was developed and installed. Currently, among the limited variety of postal services, the Correos de Nicaragua delivery one, although it does not enjoy the best reputation in terms of efficiency and reliability, is a postal service with a long trajectory still operating in the country.

Since its inception, postal services in Nicaragua have always been at the forefront of postal infrastructure. During the government of former President Zelaya, Correos de Nicaragua showed impressive growth in the volume of its postal operations and in the number of users who used the company's postal services more and more.
In fact, in 1896, Correo en Nicaragua saw an impressive 130% growth by managing and distributing more than 2 million packages and pieces of mail, throughout the country. This means that during the dictatorial government of that time, citizens found some relief in communicating daily through letters or postal packages.

Likewise, since the arrival of the telegraph in 1876, more than 500,000 messages were transmitted annually through more than 80 postal stations that were distributed in the country. Because of its remarkable and surprising origin, Nicaragua enjoyed a fabulous prestige in terms of the quality of its postal services. Truthfully, for generations, Correos de Nicaragua enjoyed an incredible prestige for the excellent quality of its philately postal service.

Since its origin, the center of the postal operations of Correos de Nicaragua is represented by the Cathedral of Leon, which is considered the historical heritage of Correos de Nicaragua. The immense importance of this historical heritage is due to the collection of sacred art stamps, which represented the Correos de Nicaragua, and that by 1975 was known as the largest collection of stamps in Central America.

Currently, Correos de Nicaragua is part of the Nicaraguan Institute of Telecommunications and Post, known as TELCOR. This institution is in charge of regulating all the postal services offered by Correos de Nicaragua. This institution was founded in 1982, during the government of Daniel Ortega.

Even though Correos de Nicaragua still can accomplish many innovations and improvements to its services, such as the Correos de Nicaragua tracking service, the company has alternative options to carry out its everyday operations and offer its postal and delivery service to users.

Correos de Nicaragua package tracking

How do I track a parcel of Correos de Nicaragua?

Unfortunately, Tracking Correos de Nicaragua cannot be done easily or simply through the company’s official channels and networks. Customers have 2 options to track their packages or correspondence. The first option, more traditional, is to track letters or postal packages at the main offices of the Nicaraguan Post Office, which are located in the country's capital.

But there is a solution, since a second option, users can track their packages through virtual systems like our platform, where you will be able to have information related to your parcel’s status and its location. You only need to have access to your package’s tracking number, type it in our tracking section, and receive all the information available. It is important to mention that users will only have access to the Correos de Nicaragua tracking number if they go to the main offices located in the capital of Nicaragua.

Does Correos de Nicaragua deliver internationally?

Despite the shortcomings that Correos de Nicaragua is currently suffering, the company still has the operational and logistical capacity to make postal deliveries of letters or packages to over 220 countries around the world.

Additionally, Correos de Nicaragua has a direct business relationship with major transport and distribution companies such as DHL. This business relationship allows Correos de Nicaragua to continue its postal service operations to millions of users who reside in the country. Importantly, Correos de Nicaragua tracking service can be carried out via DHL's modern tracking system once parcels or mail have arrived in the destination country.

How long does it take for Correos de Nicaragua to deliver?

Many users have complained about the Correos de Nicaragua Post Office shipping time as part of the postal services the company offers. One of the main reasons is due to the Correos de Nicaragua delivery time uncertainty. There have been opinions stating that packages or any type of correspondence arrive weeks or even months late. Many times packages are lost, or even held at customs indefinitely.

Is Correos de Nicaragua expensive?

Due to the problems that Correo de Nicaragua is currently experiencing, many economic adjustments have had to be made to its rates. For the use of postal services nationwide, the average cost is US$16. The cost of international services may vary because of the weight and the distance to arrive at the country of destination. For example:

  • To send a package to the United States, the average price is approximately 90 dollars.
  • To send packages to Europe, the average price can exceed 100 dollars approximately.
    At present, the price of the services of Correos de Nicaragua is more or less high.

How can I contact Correos de Nicaragua?

As mentioned above, the company's official website is not currently available. Due to this, users need to use other communication channels to get access to the Correos de Nicaragua contact details in order to make inquiries and get information about the company’s services or the status of any package. The most updated contact details of the company are in the main office in Managua and in-home address websites where users can find the official telephone number of Correos de Nicaragua which is +503 2222 2048 or +505 2255 8410.

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