Correos de Costa Rica tracking

Correos de Costa Rica tracking

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What is Costa Rica Post?

Correos de Costa Rica is the company in charge of the postal services in Costa Rica. They offer a reliable service to all the people inside the national country to send and get emails and parcels from any country. Counting with an incredible CR Post tracking service that will let you know everything you need about your mails and parcels.

This company has been working for centuries and precisely started in 1839 when the government saw the necessity of sending and receiving mails and parcels back then. It has an amazing development as a postal office to bring the first one in Latin America to be part of the universal postal union since 1883. Serving all the people in Costa Rica, the company adopted its actual name in 1998, when it became a private profitable company not related directly to the central government.

They have impressed their customers since then, offering multiple services like domestic and international shipping of mail and parcels, exclusive service to send medicines, and its Box-Correos services that allow people to get parcels and online shopping from other countries providing their clients virtual US addresses.

Correos de Costa Rica package tracking

How to track a package with Correos de Costa Rica?

This company counts with a highly functional tracking service. Correos de Costa Rica tracking service will let you know everything related to your mail and parcels with just a pair of clicks.

Once you have your Correos de Costa Rica tracking number, you will only need to type it down in the tracking section of the company’s official website, or here in the searching bar of our platform. Then click the blue button on the right side and all the information will be available for you.

They pay attention to scan the packages in every postal house where they arrive to always get you updated about the precise location of your mails and parcels.

How long does it take for Correos de Costa Rica to ship?

Correos de Costa Rica shipping time will vary depending on the distance the mail or parcels must travel to arrive at their destination. For domestic services, the mails and parcels usually arrive the next business day or even the same day if it is express shipping or an intra-city one.

However, if you are looking for international shipping, it could take more time:

  • To North America and South America, it will take at least 5 days to a week to arrive.
  • To Africa, Europe, and Asia it can last between 2 and 3 weeks to arrive.
  • To Oceania, you can expect it to arrive after 3 weeks.

You can always make your mails and packages arrive faster to their destinations by contracting their express mail services EMS. It will make the shipping faster if you are in a hurry.

Does Correos de Costa Rica deliver to the US?

Yes, they ship to the US; in fact, they have a partnership with the US postal service. Correos de Costa Rica courier will allow you to get and receive emails and parcels from the US with no trouble. You can expect them to arrive soon as they work in conjunction to offer their clients a premier service.

What is the EMS Correos de Costa Rica service?

The express mail service or EMS will let you send your Correos de Costa Rica parcel anywhere in the world rapidly. This express service will arrive in over 220 countries in the world, offering Costa Rica’s inhabitants the fastest service while sending packages with a maximum weight of 30kg and a maximum length and width of 1.20 meters.

Is Correos de Costa Rica expensive?

They are known for offering affordable prices to their clients, so everyone in the country can enjoy their services as they please. Correos de Costa Rica shipping prices may vary depending on the features of the mail or parcels and the distance they must travel to arrive at their last destination.

Domestic Shipping Rate

  • Their domestic shipping prices are great, for example, you can send a letter with a maximum of 250 grams and they will charge you 2100 CRC that is something like $3.50 USD. You can also send packages, the first kilogram will cost you 3500 CRC or $5.90 USD and for every additional kg, they will charge you 1500 or $2.50 USD.

International Shipping Rate

International shipping prices are more expensive, you can find a detailed price list on their official website, where their prices are shown according to seven regions. You can always hire their EMS service to reduce the time of arriving; however, the prices will be higher.

For example, the European region will be zone 6, for this zone, you can send documents up to 0.5kg weight for 33.000 that would be $55.60 USD. Alternatively, you can send parcels as well, for a parcel of 1kg they will charge you 53.500 or $90 USD.

Many people from this country love to send mails and packages to the United States of America, for this, they have two costs:

  • Zone 1 includes the city of Miami, where you can send a package of 1 kg for just 22.400 CRC or $37.70 USD.
  • However, if you would like to send a parcel to any other state inside the US, you will need to pay the zone 3 charges, so sending the same package will cost you 34.900 CRC or something like $58.80 USD.

How do I contact Correos de Costa Rica?

If you are presenting any kind of trouble with your mails or parcels or simply you cannot track them, you can always call the Correos de Costa Rica phone number, which is 800-900-2000 / 2202-2900 where their employees will offer you personalized customer service.

You can also contact them at the next email they will offer you a solution to any issue that you may have. Their goal is to always offer you a nice experience while sending your goods with them.

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