Surpost tracking

What is Surpost?

Surpost Suriname is the Official Postal Company of Suriname. This company’s delivery service is available for 192 countries around the world, with accessible prices and a fast service which makes it the best shipping company in all Suriname. It has operated in the country since the 1800s with a long history of seriousness, commitment, and responsibility.
After the establishment of the company, Surpost started to expand its horizons by releasing new kinds of services and opening more postal offices inside Surinam. This way, more clients were able to approach the services provided by the company.
Surpost offers commercial solutions for business according to client’s needs, such as debt payment, allowing the client various locations to pay their bills, a fast courier service that allows the customer to send important documents in just 24 hours, besides a mailroom and a direct mail service. In addition, Surpost Suriname has 7 active offices besides its main one, which are located in both Suriname and the Netherlands.
Surpost also provides financial consulting, in order to guide entrepreneurs and offer credit and economical solutions. Surpost is also the company in charge of printing the official stamps of the country, a function assigned by the government of Suriname. 

How do I track my Surpost package?

The Surpost Suriname tracking system is quite simple. When sending a shipment, a tracking code is provided so the client can track the package by getting inside the Surpost website.
Clients can track their packages from the comfort of home just by entering the Surpost tracking online service on the website and typing the tracking code of the parcel. Customers can also track their Surpost package through our online platform, which will provide the location data they are requiring.
In the case of receiving a package from offices anywhere in the world, a Surpost tracking and location number will be provided, which can be used in order to pick the parcel up at their Vulcanusstraat 98 cargo office just by showing the number. If the client doesn’t have a tracking number, he or she only needs to contact the customer service or visit the Vulcanusstraat 98 cargo office.

Does Surpost ship internationally?

Surpost Suriname offers international shipping service to 192 countries around the world, quickly and safely, however, there are certain conditions for international shipping that clients should know:

  • Addressing and attachments: Customers must provide a correct and well-structured shipping address, this can save them a lot of time, and in some cases, they will need to fill out customs forms.
  • Invoices: If clients are sending a commercial package, they must stick the invoice on the box to prevent someone from opening the shipment at customs.
  • Prohibited goods and substances: There are some goods and substances that cannot be shipped abroad, either because they are banned or because they are toxic or dangerous. This joined with the internal rules of each country regarding what can and cannot be sent. Every client can consult the Surpost contact service if the order is suitable to be sent.

In any case, it is prohibited to send: Ammunition, Ignition equipment, fireworks, Wicks, Weapons, guns, Percussion caps for counterfeit weapons, Gas canisters, Aerosols (e.g. deodorant, perfume, whipped cream syringes), Compressed gas fire extinguishers, and some others.
Due to certain regulations, it is prohibited to send cigarettes or other tobacco products to other countries by shipping.
Besides, the company offers a commercial import and export service, in order to guarantee complete customs clearance. To import documents; they must be declared in customs through a standard declaration form, which is a unique document. If the company wants to use the Surpost commercial import and export service, Surpost will need some documents such as a loading guide, original invoices, fixed number tax, KKF number, Goods inventory list among other important documents which clients can consult in the official website.
Surpost also offers the Postal Money Order service, which is fast, easy, and secure and is available at any of the offices. To use this service the client must complete an invoice at any of the offices and indicate the amount of money the client wants to send and the cost for the transaction it is 2% in addition to the shipping costs.
Some other money transfer services the company works with are Western Union and SPSB. Customers only need to fill out a short form so the money will be sent.

How long does it take to Surpost to deliver?

The shipping times are the fastest in the market. In national shipments, the maximum delivery time is 4 business days. In international air shipments, the maximum delivery time is 21 business days, and in sea shipment, the estimated shipping time is 30 business days.
Surpost also offers the courier service (fast mail) which guarantees the delivery of documents, invoices, and other important papers quickly and safely destined to be delivered in Paramaribo, the capital, and its surroundings. With this service, they offer to collect the parcel on request and guarantee delivery within 24 hours, always respecting the confidentiality of documents.

Is Surpost expensive?

Surpost prices are one of the most accessible on the market, charging a standard rate depending on the weight and type of shipping, facilitating the client to send their packages without having to spend fortunes, covering from the most basic services such as sending letters or documents inside and outside the country, even by sea shipping.
The costs vary from the most basic services such as instant messaging from 15.00 SRD (21.18 USD) to sea freight services from € 85, in addition to customs tax.

How do I contact Surpost?

The clients can contact the company at vracht@surpost.com, or the phone numbers 401729/477524/8708967. Also, customers may contact the company through the website at the following link www.surpost.com/contact or through the official Surpost Facebook site www.facebook.com/surpostsuriname
You can contact the Messaging service (quick mail) through the mail courier@surpost.com or by phone with the following number 8585133.
Customers can also visit the Surpost offices where workers are going to be happy to assist customers with any single doubt, concern, complaint, suggestion, or some other issues about the services of the company.

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