Zibbet tracking

Zibbet tracking

We’ll analyze here the Zibbet website and its shipping system, as well as everything related to this company. In this way, we’ll know if it is really reliable and if it provides the products it claims to have.

What is Zibbet?

Zibbet marketplace focuses on empowering the global community of independent artists. In this way, it offers all people who make articles by hand or who are collectors of vintage artifacts an interesting space to offer their products. So on this platform, you’ll not find usual or typical products.
In this place, you’ll find an endless space of artistic products and creative articles made with the passion of all the artists and sellers that are part of this platform. So you’ll not only be buying a simple product, but someone else's inspiration and talent. Something that of course you couldn’t buy anywhere.
Buying from Zibbet is the same as supporting independent sellers from the creative process to creating the package and shipping it to its destination. So this Marketplace is the largest in the world in terms of products made by hand and not made in mass production by factories.

Is Zibbet a legit site?

Zibbet is a website that has been around for some time, but that isn’t the most important thing. To know if it is legitimate and reliable, you can go to the press websites. For example, the Los Angeles Times and The Daily Dot have made articles in favor of this Marketplace. So your word must be of value, as they are well-known websites in North America.
When it comes to buying on this website, and like any other, the arrival of the products depends entirely on the seller. So, when making your purchases, make sure you look at the reputation of the artist, as well as his sales. In this way, you can make a secure purchase on Zibbet and on any other e-commerce site.

How does Zibbet work?

Zibbet exists to help creative minds selling their creations. On the buyer's side, it works almost the same as any other Marketplace. But when it comes to the seller's side, there are a few conditions. On this platform, the artist can make a list of their products to manage it on several channels in one place.
In this way, with Zibbet, you can place your products on several relevant channels and Marketplace at the same time, without having to do the same process over and over again. It’s a unique way to increase the growth potential of a salesperson. Since it allows you to manage several points of sale for your products in the same place.
On the other hand, the Zibbet Marketplace has thousands of independent artists since 2009. With unique products that you can't find anywhere, you can find something special for yourself. By simply selecting the purchase option, you will already be supporting one of these independent art creators.

How do I track my Zibbet parcel?

This depends on the seller. If it provides you with a tracking number with a certain logistics company, you can easily do the tracking. Through the Zibbet Marketplace you can contact your seller to provide the “track my Zibbet package” link. On the other hand, if you don’t get a response from your seller at some time, don’t hesitate to report it to receive a refund of your money.
Similarly, trail services have nothing to do with Zibbet shopping. Since the shipment is entirely the responsibility of the seller and the shipping method they have selected to get your package delivered.

How long does it take to Zibbet to ship?

Equally, this is entirely up to the seller. You’ll understand that all these products are handmade and that they are possibly made from scratch with each purchase. So you can also understand that this takes a little more time when shipping. So this shipping time should be established with the artist or seller from the beginning.
They should contact you as soon as they receive notification of the sale. In this way, it’ll tell you the estimated time it needs to make the shipment. In addition to considering the time that it’ll take for the Zibbet parcel to get from its origin to its destination.

Does Zibbet deliver internationally?

This is another aspect that you have to discuss with the seller. Some artists have no problem shipping internationally, while others may be limited. Similarly, it is never too much to note the seller and ask this simple question. Remember that if you accept international shipments, shipping costs may change a bit in addition to the arrival time of the package.
You should keep in mind that many aspects of the sale depend entirely on an agreement between the buyer and the seller. For these cases, Zibbet works as a mediator.

What are Zibbet shipping fees?

In this case, the Zibbet fees are calculated in the shipping section of your shopping list. You’ll see the available destinations for shipping the product and the shipping cost in USD for all those locations. In this way, Zibbet makes a discount regarding its shipping costs when you buy multiple products from the same seller.
In addition, you’ll receive a discount if you buy more than the same product at the time of shipment. In other words, packages with more products have cheaper shipments if you have purchased them from the same artist. This is a pretty good deal for this Zibbet shipping price.

How do I contact Zibbet?

If you want to solve your specific questions, don’t hesitate to get the Zibbet contact on the support page. There you’ll find many articles with questions already answered that may have the answer to all your questions. In addition, you can also contact the company directly through the support bot that answers your questions in real-time.
And if you need to make a more extensive claim and send documents to the company, don’t hesitate to contact their email. But remember, you could get a response in a few business days, so be sure to be patient when contacting this kind of customer service.
You can contact Zibbet by email with the following address:

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