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What is Rubylane?

In the current world, several stores sell vintage products. However, there is one online store that exceeds our expectations. We are talking about Rubylane.com that has become the perfect place to find any kind of antiques.
But, on this online store, you can also buy jewelry, pieces of art, porcelain, dolls, and other stuff. The most important is that it is an online store that you can trust. After all, we cannot forget that there are hundreds of online stores that promise some products that, in the end, are not of good quality.

Where is Rubylane located?

To find Rubylane.com antiques, you do not have to look for a remote place to get access to its big catalog of products. It happens because Rubylane has too many stores around the world.
The main stores of Rubylane are located in the United States, and they are distributed around different states. So, you can always find a store near you. They have stores from Alaska to Wyoming, from east to west, almost every American state has a Rubylane store. But, they also have stores in other parts of the world like Argentina, Ireland, France, and others.

Is Rubylane legit?

It is one of the most common questions that users make about any website before making a purchase. But, you do not have to feel insecure about Rubylane because they are legit and do not rip off their users.
Besides, their legitimacy does not exclusively depend on the quality of their vintage products because the Rubylane shipping also delivers on all their promises. The internet is full of good reviews about Rubylane and their excellent services in the vintage products field.

How do I track my package from Rubylane?

Despite Rubylane is a vintage store, it does not mean their system is old too. The tracking Rubylane system is very modern and easy to use. It is going to let you always keep an eye on your parcels and do not lose them.
With every purchase, you are going to get a Rubylane tracking number. With this tracking number, you are going to get into your account and go to the order history section. In that section, you are going to check the status of your parcels all the time until they arrive at your address. You can also use Ship24 to track your package from Rubylane.

Does Rubylane have an app?

As we told you before, this antique store counts with an application. Rubylane app is available for android and apple systems. This app makes antique purchases easier than ever because it does not matter where you are, you are always going to be able to check the status of your parcels or buy another one.

How much does it cost to sell on Rubylane?

More than a simple antique store, Rubylane is a platform that allows people who have antiques and vintage products to sell them. However, this service is not for free because there are some costs involved.
The cost to sell on the Rubylane website is going to depend on the number of articles that you want to sell. The cost can vary from 1 to 30 cents per article being the minimum cost and $54 for the maintenance of the account. Also, there is a fee for the services of 6,7% over the total order.

Are the shipping fees expensive on Rubylane?

The shipping fees of Rubylane are not as expensive as other companies. We can find on the Rubylane website a comparison of the shipping fees of other companies. Per month, with an approximate amount of sold items of $5000, you can pay an estimated shipping fee of $ 16,75.
This fee is compared to the eBay Store that has a shipping fee of $22,88 for the same amount of sold items. 

Does Rubylane deliver internationally?

We already told you that Rubylane has shops in different countries in the world, but it does not mean that they make deliveries to every one of them. You should know that most of the vintage products are very delicate. For this reason, it is a huge risk to make international shipping because the integrity of the product could be in danger.
Rubylane has international delivery for a selected group of countries out of the United States when the products are here. However, you do not have to worry because, in the section “Rubylane my account”, you have the possibility to deliver your parcels to a U.S. package forwarder. In this way, they are going to deliver your packages to the country where you are without any problem.

How long does Rubylane take to deliver?

The delivery time of the parcels of Rubylane can be very variable. After all, this time is going to depend on the origin and destination of the packages. While a delivery inside the North American territory can last a few days, the international deliveries can last even a month.
In this way, there is not a set time to deliver the packages. But, on average, the parcels are delivered in a period from 2 to 8 days into the North American territory that includes both the United States and Canada.

How to contact Rubylane?

Rubylane is a very open website that is always pending to the doubts of its users. For this reason, they have a section of customer support where you can clear all your doubts and solve all your problems.
To get access to this section, you only have to go to the bottom of the website of Rubylane. In that section, within the different options, you are going to find an option that says “help email Rubylane”. Once you have clicked in that section, you are going to select the topic of your issue. Then in the comment box, you can describe the nature of your problem or doubt. Finally, you only have to send the message and wait for the Rubylane team to contact you.

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