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Next, we’re going to learn about the Linio Shipping System, a Latin American Marketplace that is quite young. But it still has a lot to offer for its clients on this continent. When it comes to purchasing technology products or any other kind of order in Latin America, a great option is Linio.
We will explain here if it is a reliable platform, or again if the shipment on this platform is cheap or not.

What is Linio?

Linio is one of the most important marketplaces in Latin America. It’s currently present in five countries and offers more than four million products. It officially began its operations in Mexico, in 2012 dedicating itself to eCommerce until today. In this way, they have the goal of making the purchase process less time consuming for the buyer.
In addition, it promises adequate delivery times, without the need for an extra cost. So they make sure they have strategies with their own fleet and alliances with famous logistics companies in all the countries where Linio South America is installed. Currently, Linio is present in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Peru. Likewise, it’s proud to have more than 10 million products delivered without any inconvenience to date.

How can I track my Linio parcel?

Tracking your orders on Linio Argentina Tracking, for example, is as easy as doing it on any other Marketplace. You simply need to log in with your data on the platform. Then you will go to the "My Orders" icon. There you’ll find a list with all the orders you have made, including the current status of all. You just need to select the order you want to track.
Once you have selected the order that you need to track, you will select the "Track Shipping" option. That's how easy you can start tracking your product and you will know the current status of your order. As you will see, it’s not that different from the tracking function that other marketplaces have. Besides being a fairly intuitive and easy-to-use option.
Another easiest way to track your parcel is by going on the Ship24 homepage.

Does Linio deliver only in South America?

Unfortunately yes, since the purpose of this marketplace is to serve mainly South American countries. In this way, they’re responsible for shipping to countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Venezuela and Mexico. But they may have extended looks to other Latin American countries and then to the rest of America.
On the other hand, it is best to access the Linio page of the country where you want to send the shipment. Since, if you enter Linio Colombia, for example, you’ll not be able to send to Mexico. Therefore, the clearest solution to this problem is for you to access the Lineo page that is in your country. Otherwise, if this service isn’t available in your country, you will not be able to receive the products from this Marketplace.

Is Linio delivery fast?

Knowing the delivery times of your products depends entirely on the supplier of the product. In this way, you can know the Linio shipping time when you have made your purchase by checking the shipping confirmation that Linio has sent to your email. There, you’ll see the estimated delivery date of your product.
You can also find out this information in the "My orders" section. You’ll only have to identify the desired order and you will have the delivery date. On the other hand, if you have not made the purchase, but you are interested in knowing the delivery time, you have to proceed to select the option "Buy now" and then go to the Summary section of your order to know the approximate number of days your order will be taken to arrive.
On the other hand, remember that the delivery time of your order depends on the characteristics of the product. In addition to the distance between the place of shipment and the place of delivery. And, of course, the form of payment with which the product was purchased. However, remember that Linio certifies speed for the products delivered thanks to its commercial fleet and its alliances with other logistics companies throughout Latin America.

Are Linio shipping costs expensive?

Shipping costs depend entirely on the purchase you have made. To know this cost you have to click on the "Buy now" button to add the product to your shopping cart. There you can identify the "Summary of your order" option and the "Shipping" option, to select the place where you want your order to arrive.
Then you will see the subtotal of your product with the cost of shipping. In this way, the Linio system calculates these costs taking into account the origin, weight, dimensions and delivery destination of the product. Some products go through individual criteria, but when several are shipped in the same Linio package, a final shipping calculation is made.
So, in summary, it all depends on the type of product, its characteristics, its dimensions and the delivery destination to determine if the shipping costs will be expensive. So it is a parameter that you have to find out for yourself when buying through Linio. But if you do it on the Linio page that corresponds to your country, there should be no major problems when calculating this specific cost.

How to contact Linio customer service?

Contacting Linio Customer Service depends entirely on the country where you are. But you only have to go to the bottom of the Linio main page that you have selected. You will see the Customer Service option and you will open a window where you will find several frequently answered questions.
You may find the help you are looking for if no problem. But if not, you can always get the Linio contact quickly if you continue on that page. In this way, you will get personalized attention to everything related to Linio services and products.
Finally, if you want to contact the central offices in America, then we leave you the contact forms:

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