Tanga tracking

What is Tanga?

There are a lot of businesses of different scales, from sole-traders to large corporations, but all of them start from something little. Tanga is an example, starting in humble origins in a garage, it is a selling company founded and integrated by barely 11 people. They are constantly trying to find bargains all around the internet and purchase to sell them on their web. Tanga seeks to work with big companies to acquire closeout products in large quantities. Later, they sell the items one by one at the lowest price available on the internet, creating unique offers that cannot be let pass by.
Their system is a little unique. Being a small company each member tries his or her best to found those excellent deals. Also, everyone pays a lot of attention to the relationship with their customers. Each client is like family to them, and it is one of the highest important points, that any problem is solved satisfactorily. It is to ensure a harmonious relationship between both parties. Besides that, every day Tanga publishes two offers that are good deals to anyone who sees them; one lasting 24 hours and the other 48. The only purpose of the entire company is to bring to your attention to those unique opportunities and obtain a bargain.
Of course, having the lowest prices is not always the best. What makes Tanga so impressive is that they combine the best prices on the internet with the high quality of products that came from recognized brands. These are obtained from the manufacturers themselves. The cost to obtain them is at its lowest, and Tanga brings this opportunity to your attention, allowing you to take it or leave it.
As if all of it were not enough, they also treat their customers so nice. This is why they provide discounts and other benefits to the most loyal clients. Even first-timers receive the opportunity to Tanga shipping not only acquire the bargain of the day or those in the catalog. Also, Tanga free shipping is available for most products, and customers can also receive a one-time discount coupon code.

How can I track my Tanga order?

The mechanics of the website is similar to other e-commerce companies that are so popular right now. With the addition that Tanga team makes its utmost effort to ensure that the products reach you as soon as possible. All starts after concreting the purchase and afterward, the buyer will receive an e-mail at the address registered in the account. This email contains the resume of the transaction in addition to all the tracking details of the purchase. The Tanga shipping code will allow the user to consult the status of the delivery. Besides, the client should know that it may take some time for it to show movement.
To check the information, the client only needs to log into the Tanga website and expand the Account menu. Later, select the option Orders. The platform will show the current order status and all the Tanga tracking information.
With the tracking number, you can use Ship24 to track your Tanga package.

How much does shipping cost with Tanga?

Tanga team always tries to offer the best service to its customers, including reducing the cost to the minimum. Considering the variety of sources of the products, because the company deals directly with manufacturers and big companies, often the method of shipping can change and with it the cost. Even like that, Tanga shipping is mostly free to almost every product advertised on the website. With little exceptions needing to pay some type of fee. It depends on the partner and the method of shipping. Usually, the couriers are UPS, DHL, FedEx, and USPS according to the origin location.

Does Tanga deliver internationally?

In Spite of being a little company, Tanga manage to include the Tanga international delivery in its standard shipping policy, and in usual times, the company could send the orders nationally to all the States of the country and internationally to places like Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Palau, Virgin Islands, and to the Armed forces of America, Europe, Canada, Africa, Middle East, and the Pacific.

How long does Tanga shipping take?

As said before, Tanga works with large companies that supply the products and sometimes the procedure can take a little more time than other e-Commerce companies. On the bright side, the buyer can be completely sure that he or she will receive a product of high quality at a bargain price, the best available on the internet. Anyway, it is because of that slight delay that Tanga ask their customers to wait for 5 to 10 business days for the delivery of their purchase. Usually, 80 percent reach the buyer in 5 days but there are always some exceptions like bigger deals.

What are Tanga shipping fees?

Continuing with the already said, Tanga works with many other large companies, these are located in different places, some farther than others. For that reason, sometimes the shipping of the products requires the payment of additional fees because the cost is structured along with the partner that serves as the warehouse of the product. These fees can vary every time but Tanga usually tries to maintain the free shipping policy when possible.

How to contact Tanga customer service?

As a small company, Tanga customer service is one of the pillars of their activity. They pay a lot of attention to the necessities of their customers and make anything possible to satisfy their every need. The Tanga team wants to provide the best customer service among their peers. That is the way they try to clear any doubts through their FAQ page, but they also provide a format to send an email when needed from the website. Also, the clients can write directly to the address support@tanga.com for help, without counting their presence on Facebook and Twitter social media.

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