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What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a very direct platform specialized in providing complete end-to-end support. This is for selling clothes, accessories, and other items. It is the new way to shop combining selling and socializing. This makes the process faster, simpler, and funnier than ever before. The process for selling on Poshmark is very direct and simple, while also ensuring the authenticity of every participant and the transparency of transactions. Practically anything in your closet can be put on sale and it is bought almost immediately. Poshmark combines social media features with a complete support framework for the shipping of goods.

How do I track my order on Poshmark?

Poshmark shipping services works with the Canadian Post service behind the scenes. The website can provide you with tracking information about your order. Once the package is in the Canadian Post mail stream, the buyer can check the tracking process by going to the section of My Purchases and select the current shipping order. The website will show the tracking information.
Usually, the sellers begin the shipping process a few days after the purchase. Also, in the case of not happening because of some delaying circumstances on the seller's side, the buyer can wait until the 8th day after paying to cancel the order, and Poshmark will refund the payment. Also, the website recommends for the buyer to try to contact the seller after any delay. This is to clarify the situation before deciding to cancel the order. Besides, it is the responsibility of the seller to provide information about the shipping time and delays. This communication can be as comments on the listing that was purchased.
Once you have your tracking number, you can also track your package through the Ship24 homepage.

How much does it cost to ship on Poshmark?

Neither the seller nor the buyer has to make any direct payment as a fee for the shipment process. Poshmark emits a pre-paid and pre-addressed label sent by e-mail to the seller. This is printed and attached to the box of the purchase before taking it to the closest Canadian Post office and sending it. There is no need to pay anything else to begin the procedure. The Post service will take care of delivering in one to two weeks to the buyer.

Who pays for shipping on Poshmark?

All the shipping procedure is paid by the website. This is thanks to the Poshmark fees that are charged in every selling transaction. That money serves to maintain the functionality of the Platform and it is how they make a profit from all the process and support that they provide to the sellers.

How long does it take for Poshmark to ship?

As mentioned before, the process begins with the seller itself. He or she uses the issued prepaid and pre-addressed shipping label on the package and takes it to the closest postal office. This step is better taken in the few days after the purchase. Specifically 1 to 3 days. Beyond that, the website recommends the seller to request a new label to avoid possible problems with the postal service that can result and additional delays to the shipping. The seller has to know that if the shipping is delayed by 8 days, the buyer has the right to cancel the order and recover the payment. Which means that the seller will lose the gain. 
Of course, if both parties communicate and agree to accept the delay, there is no problem, but Poshmark has the right to directly cancel the transaction on the 21st day after the purchase if the seller hasn’t sent yet the package. Besides, after the purchase enters the mainstream of the Post Office, it is delivered in around 1 to 2 weeks.

What percentage does Poshmark take?

Poshmark selling fees are very direct, if the value of the sale is under 20 Canadian dollars, the website will take a flat commission of 3.95 Canadian dollars. What is left of the payment belongs to the seller completely. On the other side, if the value of the purchase is 20 Canadian dollars or more, the commission will be equal to 20 % of the complete payment, the resting 80 % belongs to the seller. Of course, the orders include the GST/HST on the Poshmark fee, the value is deducted from the payment of the seller and how much it is will depend on the Province where he or she lives.

Where does Poshmark can deliver?

Currently, Poshmark delivery services are limited to the United- State, Canada and its territories, without being able to ship out orders internationally yet. It does not mean that it will never do, but at this time it is not available. Also, locally within Canada, Poshmark supports making deliveries to a PO Box address, as long as it is registered in the Poshmark account as a normal address could. That information is available for edition both through the website and using the Poshmark app in the option” My Address”.

How can I contact the Poshmark customer service?

Poshmark customer service has a variety of Frequently Asked Questions that cover most issues in the support center of Poshmark, along with community guidelines, guide to using Poshmark, and other themes. The website´s attention to the relationship with the users of the platform is very high and takes all the effort to help the user get used to the system and work comfortably as soon as possible. On the other side, if there are unsolved inquiries from the support center, you can reach the contact support and send an email from the website by leaving your email address to receive an answer.
Besides that, Poshmark counts with a presence in social media like its Blog, its app, the accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. There are so many options to establish contact with the customer service of Poshmark, which can be seen in all the importance that they give to their relationship with the user of the platform.

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