Discogs tracking

What is Discogs?

Discogs is one of the largest music databases and marketplaces in the entire world. It was built by Kevin Lewandowski in 2000. Since its birth, it has grown to become the home of CD and vinyl recordings online.
Put simply, it’s a website where one can find a list of recordings from all artists and all record labels. On top of that, users can benefit from a global Discogs marketplace built up from this database.
Discogs functions on the passion of its user base. More than 523,000 people have put forward a contribution to the platform, to create an overall database of nearly 13 million recordings and almost 7 million artists.
The Discogs marketplace is what is used to connect thousands of buyers and sellers from around the world. There are more than 20 million items available at any given moment, and thousands of sellers. Regardless of whether you are looking for the hottest new releases or difficult-to-find treasure gems, Discogs will have it for you. Since the Discogs marketplace thrives off the comprehensive database that is provided, sellers can list their inventory and find buyers with ease.

Does Discogs ship Internationally?

Yes, Discogs do ship internationally. The Discogs international shipping policy is defined by what they label as 9 international “groups”. Where group 1 and group 2 are Canada and Mexico respectively, groups 4 and group 5 make up Europe and groups 6 to 9 make up most of Asia and the Middle East. The company did that in order to calculate exactly what the Discogs shipping rates are for your selected destination. Discogs have their own online tool which you can use to calculate that when you create your listing.

How to sell on Discogs marketplace?

Selling on Discogs is easy. All it takes is to follow a few simple steps. The first step to selling on Discogs is registering, which is completely free. Then, make sure to set up your PayPal information so you can get paid. A listing is free, once a buyer creates an order, you are charged an 8% fee with a minimum of $0.10 and a maximum of $150.
Once you are set up, you need to decide on what to sell. You can use the search bar at the top of the Discogs Marketplace page to find what you would like to sell. Just make sure that the copy you have is a match to the entry that is on the database. Then all you need to do is select the condition of your item.
Next, you must set up the pricing and shipping. Beside where you can enter the price, there is an automated suggested pricing. This suggestion is based upon the sales history of your item in similar condition. You can select this price or add in any other price that you believe is fair. The item weight and “count as” features will be filled automatically based on the database information. Once you have done that, just click ‘List Item’ and you’re finished!
When a buyer purchases your item, an order page will be created. Now you need to set up Discogs shipping policies. If you have automatic policy in place, then the costs will be issued automatically, the order will immediately be sent to invoice.

How long does it take to ship on Discogs?

Since Discogs is a marketplace for buyers and sellers, the shipping times can vary depending on each of the buyer and seller locations. There are so many factors that influence how long the delivery time will take for Discogs purchases that there is no one exact time that it will take. To find out how long it will take for your item to ship, you can contact your seller to confirm what timescale is appropriate for your question.

How much are Discogs shipping rates?

The cost of Discogs shipping is dependent on two factors. The first one is whether or not your seller uses an automatic shipping policy. The second option is if they don’t use such a system, what price they set for their shipping. When you purchase from a buyer who uses an automatic policy, Discogs use their location to generate a shipping cost immediately. If you are buying from a seller who uses an automated system, you can check out the cost of shipping next to the item in the marketplace.
If the seller has their shipping policy, click the ‘Details’ button below the add to cart button. Then click the “View Shipping and Payment info” button to the right of the page. Then, review the seller’s terms, perform some addition, and there you will find your shipping costs.

How do I track my Discogs purchase?

If you wish to track your Discogs purchase, there are a few simple steps you can take. You should remember that not all shipments will automatically include tracking. If you want tracking to be added, you need to tell this to the seller when you complete your order. It is always the buyer’s responsibility to check over the seller’s terms (on the seller’s profile) before they place an order.
Once you have your Discogs tracking number, you can use platforms such as Ship24 to track any of your orders. It’s a simple, convenient, and easy to use tool to find the exact location of your package. Ship24 tracks packages from UPS, FedEx, DHL, and many more international couriers, so you can have total peace of mind when buying from your favorite online shops.

How can I contact Discogs?

If you want to contact Discogs, you can do so in a number of ways. First of all, you can directly contact your seller via the Discogs website. Additionally, Discogs have their own customer support team available on their website to respond to any questions or queries that you face. On the Discogs website, you can contact Discogs support by submitting a request. For that, you can log in or send your request as a guest.

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