Garmentory tracking

What is Garmentory?

Garmentory is a brand of clothing and fashion. It is an online brand where you can choose different brand products. There are designers and boutiques which you will find here. A group of boutiques and new designers are providing your closet with a wide range of designs. People like to order on Garmentory for one reason, because they get the package that is wrapped by the person who made it. The boutiques are getting a platform to sell their products.
Garmentory is a small team of tech lovers, inspired by fashion. Personal style can be found in cool boutiques of the world by using the Garmentory website which collaborates with more than a thousand boutiques. There are many designers of more than thirty countries on the platform.

Where is Garmentory located?

Garmentory is an online business exclusively but the headquarters of the company are located in Seattle, in 1st Ave Street no #315, 319. The company is American with headquarters located in the United-States.

How can I track my Garmentory package?

Garmentory parcel is delivered at the right time. The company tries to focus on the delivery process. Garmentory order is placed and delivered in three working days usually.
Garmentory uses UPS and DHL for shipping for Canadian and US customers. In some cases, if the package delivery is not possible then they cancel your order. Garmentory order tracking is possible by the instructions given in the email. Garmentory tracking number is present in the email and you can use it to track your Garmentory parcel.
Garmentory tracking service depends upon the courier service so you can directly go on the courier website (UPS, DHL for example) to track your Garmentory parcel.
Another solution is to go on the Ship24 website and copy paste the tracking number in the search bar on the homepage. After clicking enter, you will get all the necessary information about your Garmentory package: the current delivery status, the next statuses, the real time location and the courier used for the shipping delivery.

Does Garmentory ship internationally?

The Garmentory company ships internationally, in different countries. Shipping is thirty dollars per boutique. All the boutiques charge according to the location. The shipping is done by air. If an item is shipped to you from another country, then the import taxes will be applicable according to your laws and then courier service.
All the additional amounts on delivery will be paid by the customer and it's the responsibility of the customer. Garmentory order is packed and then delivered to the customer in seven days internationally. The price should be estimated before the order by the customer. The extra taxes would be twenty to forty percent of the order amount.
Garmentory returns policy is clear and they accept the returns within seven days. The tags should not be removed. Returns will be in american dollar currency.

How long does Garmentory shipping take?

It takes two to four business days to deliver orders in the same country. If the order is more than a hundred dollars then, the shipping will be free. Garmentory delivery fees are different for different countries and locations. If the order is less than a hundred dollars, then nine dollars will be charged as shipping fees. There are three different types of shipping Garmentory uses:

  • Domestic Priority shipping:
  • Free priority shipping.
  • Express shipping.

Domestic express shipping costs twenty dollars and delivery occurs in a maximum of three days. Express shipping is delivered in one to three days from the US to Canada. Garmentory delivery time can vary according to situations.

Does Garmentory have shipping fees?

Yes, Garmentory fees are calculated according to the boutique from which you ordered. If you want stuff from different boutiques, then delivery charges would be according to location.
Signatures are not required but if your package is more than five hundred dollars then signatures are mandatory. The shipping fees are set by the boutiques and depends upon your location. If you are in the same country as the boutique (the brand that sells you the product on the Garmentory website), then you will have a free shipping service.
Garmentory shipping fees are based on the boutique delivery charges and it can vary.

How do I sell on Garmentory?

Some vendors want to communicate with Garmentory they should contact Garmentory. There are five hundred different boutiques and more than three thousand designers are on Garmentory. There is a choice for a vendor to accept or reject the order. You just need to be a partner with Garmentory and then post the designs there and you can sell your products. Some trademarks, logos, service marks, and trade names are also a part of Garmentory.
Garmentory collects personal information to make your brand their partner. You have to sign up on the Garmentory website and make an account. Your Facebook account may also be used to sign up. Garmentory can process your information according to its choice. You can make an account and pay some dollars to Garmentory. The personal information given to the company is kept safe according to the company website. They are responsible for your personal information security.
It depends upon the brand whether it has stuff for women or men, so it's placed into that category. The brand name is placed on a website customers can choose according to his/her choice. On the Garmentory website, all the popular and most selling brands products are showcased and then customers choose their favorites among them. This is how brands can enter Garmentory and become their partners and can sell their products.

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