Bangood tracking

Bangood tracking

What is Bangood?

Bangood is an international e-commerce Chinese company established in the year 2006. At the beginning, Bangood was a firm whose main purpose was research and development in the field of computer software. Later it was changed into a Bangood e-commerce business.

Bangood offers a variety of sales goods. It almost involves a bit of everything i. e. clothes, electronics, etc.

The company not only sells retail goods all over China but also overseas. Even the company name is a combination of two words meaning the same thing, Bang is a Chinese word meaning good and while the second word is good combines, we get Bang (good)+Good = Bangood

The partnership programs of the company also include wholesale, affiliate. It is a Limited Liability Private Company whose main goal is online good selling, software development, etc. Bangood has established warehouses worldwide to fasten the shipping process. Its overseas warehouses are in Hong-Kong, United States, Australia, and Europe.

For a firm that started a decade ago, Bangood has now between 4,000 to 5,000 team members. Just by looking at the number of employees gives us an idea of how legitimate Bangood is. One of the main objectives behind this is to introduce and deliver Chinese products to the world. In the year 2017, Bangood started to lock on agreements with some of China's best brands, this includes Xiaomi. In 2018 Bangood shop cooperated with BGpay to provide an in-store payment option.

Bangood core teams include sales, website development, management, purchasing, warehouse, Bangood customer service. All these services are given on the Bangood global e-commerce website.

Bangood somewhat works like Amazon by providing a variety of items including clothes, toys, electronics, etc. The sales category also includes industrial and scientific tools. Bangood focused on consumer cross-border sales by claiming to bring the best-selling goods of china worldwide.

Can I trust Bangood?

If you are thinking whether to buy an item on Banggood or not, go ahead. Because Bangood is a legitimate company. You can get several high-quality products for a very reasonable price. Many recommend using Paypal while making a transaction on Bangood. This will give you buyers protection and better be safe than sorry. Here is a list a a few things you need to know while ordering on Bangood:

  • If you order a wrong item by mistake or you changed your mind you can cancel your order before it is shipped. However, you cannot cancel the order if it has already been shipped.
  • If the item you have received is damaged or different from what you have ordered, you can contact Bangood within 7 days after receiving the order and ask for a refund or for a replacement.
  • Product warranty depends on the product you have ordered.
  • If you are not satisfied with your order and the product is still in good conditions, Bangood can work on a partial refund. This excludes the shipping cost.
  • The broken screen policy is just for the Xiaomi mobile phones and will provide a one-time compensation payment if the internal or external screen is broken during the service period.

Bangood is a trustworthy company. It ships real ordered items from their warehouse to people all over the world. The website is safe and not a scam just to take your money. It is a legitimate company.

How do I track my Bangood order?

If you have been thinking about how Bangood tracks my order? , Here are the details. Banggood guarantees to deliver a package within 60 days. The delay occurs only because of the long-distance shipment. To update you with your order status, they send you a verification email with the details of whether your order is shipped or not. They also provide you with a tracking code and a link where you can track it based on the shipping method you used. All the orders do not have tracking numbers. The tracking code becomes active once the Bangood package is handed over to the carrier.

You can check your order status on Bangood s official website by using the Bangood order tracking system.

Sometimes tracking is slowly updated. This happens because Bangood uses the most affordable tracked shipping carriers. The time of year (the period) and your location also causes a variation on updates. This helps Bangood to provide you with the most affordable shipping options.

Sometimes the order is shipped but your Bangood tracking code is not showing any information regarding it. This is because, for some Bangood shipping methods, the process is between the warehouse and the final carrier. This can cause tracking to show no information.

You can also go on Ship24 and put your tracking number in the search bar on the homepage. Ship24 should give you all the necessary information about your Bangood shipment.

How long does Bangood take to deliver?

Bangood works on its 60 days policy. Bangood guarantees its customer to deliver the purchased item within 60 days. This makes sense given the fact that all the shipping is made from china. The international warehouse they established worldwide helps speed up the Bangood shipping time process.

Does Bangood have free shipping costs?

The Bangood free shipping is not specific. It varies depending upon the item, shipping method, or warehouse you have selected. You should also keep in mind your location because all the goods are shipped through China, so the shipping cost will change according to your selected location.

You can see the shipping fees on each product page and at checkout:

  1. Select the delivery country in the Ship to field on the top of each page;
  2. Select a warehouse.
  3. Choose a shipping method.
  4. A rough estimate of the shipping fees will be shown.

How to reach Bangood customer support?

Bangood has adopted many best practices of Bangood online retail. They have listed a detailed privacy policy and legitimate terms and conditions.

Bangood provides 24/7 customer services.

You can reach Bangood customer support by visiting their website. For customer support go to Bangood official website, click on help and go to the help center. Then click on support. There, they have provided their customers with support FAQs, privacy policies, terms, and conditions, etc.

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