Turkmen Pochta tracking

What is Turkmen Pochta?

Turkmen Pochta is known as one of the largest national companies in Turkmenistan and is responsible for managing the country's largest postal services in addition to issuing the postage stamps that are used in sending mail. Since 1993, Turkmenistan has been a member of the Universal Postal Union, or UPU.
The headquarters of the postal operations are located in Ashgabat and it is here that most users choose to use the Turkmen Pochta tracking international service. In addition to this service, the company offers additional services such as bank transfers, availability of payment for utilities, sending letters, sending money orders, and EMS shipments.
Turkmenistan's postal history dates back to the time when the country belonged to the Russian Empire. However, it is important to note that the country began managing its postal services in 1991, and then developed the Turkmen Pochta company. One of the main characteristics of Turkmen Pochta is its strict customs control standards, which are exercised with the legal support of the Turkmen government's legislation. For this reason, any type of package or correspondence is opened by security officials of the customs and government of Turkmenistan.
Additionally, in the past Turkmen Pochta had a close relationship with transport companies such as FedEx or DHL, however, in 2005, the government of Turkmenistan decided to close all operations exercised by these companies in the country. This action by the Turkmenistan government has impacted the performance of the company's postal services.
In 2011 the second headquarters of Turkmen Pochta was built in the city of Ashgabat. The aim was to build headquarters near the Ministry of Communications of Turkmenistan. It is very important to mention that Turkmen Pochta was inaugurated in 1993, the same year that its entry into the UPU was made official.
Even though it is subject to strict legislative laws on the part of the government, Turkmen Pochta has recently committed itself to develop innovative logistics and infrastructure programs to modernize the country's postal services. One of the company's objectives is to be able to keep up with other postal companies and play an important role in the Universal Postal Union.

How do I track my Turkmen Pochta parcel?

The Turkmen Pochta tracking service can be carried out through an electronic system that can be found on the company's official website. This electronic system, known as "Call Courier" allows users to track and follow the packages or correspondence that will be delivered nationally or internationally.
Users can only perform this operation through the Turkmen Pochta tracking number, which can only be obtained through email or by personally attending any of the post offices that are distributed in the main regions of the country.

Does Turkmen Post deliver internationally?

Being part of the Universal Postal Union, Turkmen Pochta shipping packages can be taken to more than 193 countries around the world. Only those countries that are in complex political and social conflicts are considered as an exception.
Although some decisions of the government of Turkmenistan have indeed reduced the operational quality of the company's services, for some users the state of Turkmen Pochta packages are usually in good condition when they are received. Even though most packages or letters are opened by government officials because of the country's strict security standards, Turkmen Pochta makes an effort to ensure the original integrity and good condition of the packages or correspondence.

How long does it take to Turkmen Pochta to deliver?

For domestic deliveries, the Turkmen Pochta delivery time usually takes 2 to 4 working days. This time is mainly due to the strict screening filter through which packages or letters must pass at the company's main distribution offices. In the case of international deliveries, deliveries for European countries take approximately 11 working days.
For countries outside of Europe, such as the United States of America, the approximate delivery time is 15 to 20 working days. These delivery times are established this way because, as we mentioned before, every Turkmen Pochta order must pass a strict check by the security personnel of the government of Turkmenistan and the customs. This strict check not only causes delays but sometimes packages or letters are held at customs until they are approved for delivery to other countries.

Is Turkmen Post expensive?

The Turkmen Pochta shipping time nationwide will only depend on the weight of the product and the type of postal service that has been selected by the customer. The average service cost is approximately $14.25. By using postal services with greater guarantees and more efficiency, the price can reach approximately 20 dollars.
To make shipments or deliveries to other countries, the costs are much higher. These rates can vary according to the weight of the package, the country of destination and type of transport to make the shipments and deliveries.
For those countries that belong to the European continent, the average cost of the services is 37 dollars, without counting the additional costs of taxes and customs regulations. For other countries like the United States, the approximate rate of the services can be between 42 dollars to 60 dollars. For the delivery of packages of 25 kg or more, the price can exceed 130 dollars.

How can I contact Turkmen Pochta?

The Turkmen Pochta phone numbers and other official Turkmen Pochta data can be found on the official website. Users will be able to access Turkmen Pochta main information such as official emails, and the address of Turkmen Pochta headquarters. Users will also have the opportunity to make other types of requests, such as queries, claims, suggestions, and complaints.
This kind of request can not only be made through phone numbers, emails, or personally attending the headquarters of the company. It is possible to do these requests through a virtual form that is the official website of Turkmen Pochta. In this section, customers must complete the form with the necessary information and then may process any of the applications, mentioned above, and solve any problem they have.

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