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Iceland, the land of the four elements, is a country full of beautiful landscapes and a great and varied culture that characterizes the locals. Although many know Iceland as a country of tourism, it also has a great development in different aspects, and services. One of these is the national postal service, which has a history of more than 250 years, when the King of Denmark, Christian VII, ordered a postal service to be installed in the country. Today Pósturinn Shipping service has a huge network of offices throughout the country, improving its services as much as possible.

Is Pósturinn reliable?

Thanks to the years of history and service that the Icelandic postal service company has, it has earned the trust of the whole country by taking mail everywhere with guarantee and reliability. Today, millions of people put their national and international mail in the hands of Pósturinn, so that they can take it to the right destinations.
Pósturinn ensures that all its mail and packages reach their destinations in the shortest time possible and with the greatest care, satisfying the needs of companies and organizations in order to maintain communication and operation inside and outside the country.

How can I track my Pósturinn package?

Pósturinn track and trace is a very useful tool offered by the company that allows you to know the precise location of your package or the status it is in from the moment it leaves the office until it reaches its final destination.
To do the Pósturinn tracking you just have to enter the company's website and look for the tracking section. On the screen a search field will be shown in which you must enter the tracking ID of your package and the system will locate it immediately.
This tool allows you to track mail and packages sent nationally and internationally from the same platform. You only need to have the Pósturinn tracking number of the package and the system will locate it immediately. In case you have any problem with the platform on the official site, you can use our online platform to track your package and continue with the tracking.

Does Pósturinn deliver only in Iceland?

Pósturinn has a large national network that allows you to send mail quickly and securely throughout the country. It also offers to send mail and postal packages to other countries in the world. In fact, thanks to its years of experience and quality of service, Iceland is one of the members of the Universal Postal Union, so they deliver to more than 190 countries around the world.
In addition, they not only send letters and postcards to all countries in Europe and the rest of the world but also carry parcels of different weights and dimensions. Pósturinn delivery works in countries such as Germany, Argentina, Japan, South Africa, Israel, Moldova, Montenegro, Turkey, and hundreds of countries on all continents. This allows people and organizations to communicate effectively with their families and other branches in other countries to maintain and improve the operation and communication between each of them.

Does Pósturinn deliver fast?

National Pósturinn packages are usually delivered in periods of 1-2 days depending on the area where they go. Iceland has classified its postal system into 4 zones, each of which delimits certain specific areas and for each of which there is estimated delivery time. The average delivery time for post and parcels nationwide is 2 days. 
In the case of international shipments, the packages take longer to be delivered, as they must cross different borders, controls, and customs to reach their final destination. However, Pósturinn has also considered all the possible factors that can influence the delivery of a postcard and has established delivery times according to the continent where the packages are going:

  • Pósturinn delivery time for mail and parcels destined to other countries within Europe may take between 5-7 working days.
  • Those packages that are going to Africa, take between 7-9 working days to be delivered.
  • Mail and postal packages going to North America, Russia and Asian countries such as South Korea, Taiwan and China, will have a delivery time between 7-15 working days.
  • For the rest of the world, packages can take up to 20 days to arrive.

Is Pósturinn expensive?

Not at all. Pósturinn shipping costs are among the lowest in the continent, so everyone in the country can access it and send their mail at any time and anywhere. The rates of Pósturinn services are classified according to the type of service, home delivery, office delivery, areas where it is addressed, national and international packages, letters, and more. These are some of the average prices of several of its services:

  • Domestic parcels: from 1,297 kr ($9.54) for 1kg to 3,635 kr ($26.74) for 20kg.
  • Parcels to post office: from 937 kr ($6.89) for 1kg to 3.267 kr ($24) for 20kg.
  • Heavy packages: from 3.028 kr ($22,28) for 30kg to 19.891 kr ($146,33) for 300kg.
  • National letters: from 195 kr ($1.43) for 50g up to 720 kr ($5.30) for 2000g.
  • International letters: from 330 kr ($2.43) for 50g up to 2,855 kr ($21) for up to 2000g.

All prices also vary according to the area, weight, and dimensions of the package. If you want to know all the rates in a more detailed way, you can find them on the official website of Pósturinn and get a better estimate.

How do I contact Pósturinn?

Contacting Pósturinn is really quite simple and can be done in different ways. If you are one of those who like to go out and get to know things personally, then you can go to the company's main office. This is located at Höfðabakki 9D, 110 Reykjavík, Iceland. If you would like to contact them by telephone, you can call 825 1071 and they will be happy to deal with any requests or complaints you may have.
Finally, we leave you with the electronic means by which you can contact the Icelandic postal services company: postur@postur.is, or you can also fill out the contact form on the official website https://www.posturinn.is/.

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