Mongol Post tracking

What is Mongol Post?

Mongol Post is the national delivery and courier services company of Mongolia. Since 2016 the company turned into a public liability company after selling the 34% of their stocks to the public administration. Mongol Post JSC works with all the postal services of the country, in addition to the printing process of official stamps. The company has more than 350 offices in all countries, employing around 900 people. Mongol Post packages are ensured by the internal policies of Mongol post, so the reliability of the company is supported by the quality of its services.
This company was founded in the year 1935 by the Mongolian government. Finally, in 1994 it received the current name after going through some other alternatives. The headquarters of the company are located in Ulan Bator, the capital city of Mongolia.
The Mongol Post Company offers a variety of services related to deliveries and communication affairs. Some of them regard EMS, postal insurance, additional courier services, and common courier issues.

How do I track my Mongol Post package?

The Mongol Post tracking tool is a very efficient service that works with real-time locations and data, so the customer can know at any moment of the day where the package is. For enjoying the Mongol Post tracking service, a safety protocol must be followed.
First of all, the company labels all the packages with a Mongol Post tracking number that allows the company to register the final information about the parcel. It includes the final destination, the personal data of both sender and receiver, the travel route, and so on. That information is necessary in order to track the package.
For the tracking process itself, the Mongol Post company provides two digital platforms for customers. Both web pages and mobile app work similarly. The customer must introduce the tracking number. There, he or she will receive all the information about the parcel.
Besides, the company notifies the client about the status of the package by SMS in order to tell him when the parcel is about to arrive at the final destination, or if it has already arrived. 

Does Mongol Post deliver internationally?

The services of Mongol Post regard national and international routes, for both sending and receiving packages from the inside of the country. In fact, Mongol Post is the biggest delivery company of the country, thanks to its millions of users, the successful operations, the wideness of its branch network, and other elements.
The national shipment service is meant to cover every single city of the country. They work with deliveries from the entire national zone thanks to its huge branch network all over Mongolia. There, workers check all the packages and distribute them in order to send them to their final destinations.
In nature, the company works with international deliveries. But, before sending a parcel, the company has to check the content of the parcel. This is because Mongol Post sets some defined terms and conditions that every single package must fulfill to be admitted. In addition, international Mongol Post orders are also ensured by the postal insurance service against any eventuality, like loss, theft, accidents, and injuries. If something happens with the parcel, Mongol Post will properly respond.

How long does it take for Mongol Post to deliver?

Delivery times for Mongol Post are most likely to be quick. They have an excellent and suitable delivery system that works inside the Mongol territory, providing a fast delivery time, and, most important, ensuring the integrity of the package.
Besides, the Mongol Post shipping time is commonly determined by all the characteristics of the parcel. That includes the distance, the travel route, the weight and the size of the package, the type of service, and the urgency of the delivery.
As usual, national deliveries are the fastest ones. For local shipping, the usual delivery time doesn’t exceed a period of three working days. Naturally, it is for the standard shipping service. EMS can decrease delivery time.
International shipping has its own conditions according to the destination. Mongol Post establishes some divisions in its service for a better stipulation of the final time estimations. Asian shipments can take a maximum of 10 working days, which can also be reduced to 5 working days with EMS. For deliveries to other continents, the delivery time can vary, from 15 working days up to 21 days. Anyhow, the Mongol Post track parcel service provides more detailed estimations about the delivery time when the package is on the go.

Is Mongol Post expensive?

Mongol Post shipping fees are based on calculations that consider the characteristics of the parcel, as in the case of delivery times, the analyzed features include the dimensions of the order (like weight and size), the final destination, the travel route, and the type of service required by the client. Besides the costs are divided in regions, which include national destinations, Asian destinations, and overseas destinations.
National fees go from $2 up to $85 depending on the destination and the type of package. In addition, local delivery services can vary depending on the urgency of the shipment. It can increase the final cost but ensures a quicker delivery.
For Asian and international deliveries in general, the costs are the result of custom taxes for importation and exportation, in addition to all the previous elements. The range of cost goes from $8.44 in standard service up to $175.

How can I contact Mongol Post?

Through Mongol Post contact tools, workers are willing to provide proper customer attention. They take deep care of the clients and their concerns, always trying to find a suitable solution. The Mongol Post web page provides all the information that customers need in order to contact the company. The email direction is open to receive all kinds of suggestions, letters of complaint, explanatory statements, and others. In addition, the call center works 24/7 to solve problems related to shipments, fees, and other issues.

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