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As in most countries of the world, Sri Lanka also has a postal department and a postal system. But a unique feature of Sri Lanka Parcel Post is that it operates under the responsibility of the government. It is possible to find other postal mail brands in the country, but none as large and effective as Sri Lanka Post.

Since when does the Sri Lanka Post exist?

This post office and postal system is one of the oldest in the world, as its history dates back to 1798. We are talking about a post office with more than 200 years which started when Dutch rulers established five post offices in the different maritime areas they had under their control. One year after these offices were established, the first postal regulations and tariffs were published. It was then the Dutch East India Company that operated the postal service and it was for official use only.
In 1815, the English settled in Sri Lanka taking control of it and it was then that Lewis Sansoni succeeded E. Bletterman as General Manager of the Post Office for the whole island. After Sansoni there was a third director-general, Major G. Stewart, who was in charge of taking the postal services to the main cities of the country. Also, in 1882, the postal service was restructured and the main post office was established in Colombo.
It grew and expanded to become the huge organization it is today. It has been 209 years of growth, innovation, and expansion that started with only five offices. Sri Lanka Post now has over 20,000 employees, ready to serve the population of over 20 million people across the country. Although its name was not always Sri Lanka Post, it has always maintained the same vision of serving the country.
By 2004, Sri Lanka Post had one post office for every 2,400 people, meaning that there were offices within a 14 km radius. All these offices are kept at the forefront of technology with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure effective service to their customers sending their postcards and also offering package delivery.
In Sri Lanka post, the Post Office Department operates under the responsibility of the postal system operated by the Sri Lankan government itself. This department is known as Sri Lanka Post and is headquartered in the General Post Office, which is located in Colombo, the capital city. Both the post office department and the postal system are under the responsibility of the Ministry of Information and Media. This department is one of the oldest entities in the country, only that years ago it was known as the Ceylon Post and Telecommunications Department.

How do I track a Sri Lanka Post?

Tracking a mail is very simple with Sri Lanka Post Tracking, and in fact, it is the most secure way to do it, as there are other platforms that also allow tracking.
On the Sri Lanka online platform, you can find an area where you can find the Sri Lanka Post tracking service, which is a service created specifically to track any mail or item you have sent. With this tool, you can also know if the mail or item was already delivered or if it is still on its way.
To track your mail you just need to locate the Sri Lanka Post tracking number, which can be seen on the barcode or reference number, and write it on the site. Once you press search you will be given the location or status where the mail is located. You can also perform an international parcel tracking with the same method.

Does Sri Lanka have postal codes?

Postal Codes have been used in hundreds of countries around the world to better or faster locate each one. Each country also has its own states, districts, or provinces, where each postal code has a unique number and characteristics. This allows you to identify where you want to send your mail.
Sri Lanka Post took on the task of coding the country in order to classify each district and province for postal delivery. Currently, the country has more than 100 postal codes that allow them to identify each district and province of the country, making it more accurate in sending and receiving mail. Previously there was no obligation to specify a postal code to which the shipment is made, but now it is necessary and mandatory that each mail has the postal code published, because if you do not have it could delay delivery or even be lost.

How long does it take for Sri Lanka Post to deliver?

Sri Lanka Post delivery time is quite fast. It takes one or two working days for a mail to arrive at its destination. If the post or package goes to short destinations it can arrive the same day. The shipping time is very efficient and always with the fulfillment of their services.

Is Sri Lanka Post expensive?

Each mail delivery through Sri Lanka Post will depend on weight and dimensions. However, the Sri Lanka Post parcel charges are not as expensive as it is controlled by the government. The government makes sure that it maintains affordable rates that allow anyone to send their mail anywhere they want.
On the Sri Lanka website, you can calculate the cost of a shipment by taking the weight and dimensions of the shipment. Their rates can vary from Rs 15 ($0.081) to Rs 720 ($3.87) depending on the dimensions, weight, and destination. In addition, Sri Lanka Post international parcel charges are quite cheap in the region, which can be useful for any inhabitant or foreigner.

How Can I Contact The Sri Lanka Post?

You can contact Sri Lanka Post for any inquiry or clarification on the company or the services of the department through the following Sri Lanka Post contact numbers:
+94 0112328301-3.
+ 94 011 2440555 (Fax).
You can also contact us by e-mail: info@slpost.lk/pmg@slpost.lk, or locate some of the offices. Its main office is located in DR Wijewardena Mawatha, Colombo 10, 001000, Sri Lanka.

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