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Many tourists travel to the Maldives every year to see this beautiful place. After all, the Maldives are known worldwide as a true paradise. But for this paradise to be in constant communication and for its businesses to operate normally, there must be good communications and postal networks in the country. Maldives Post is the company in charge of managing and running all the postal services in the Maldives. Maldives Post parcel shipping and mail service work in the entire national territory, ensuring the operation and communication of the same inside and outside the country.

Is Maldives Post Reliable?

After more than 100 years directing and managing the Maldives Postal System, Maldives Post has made millions of deliveries of mail, parcels, postcards, and other services throughout the country in a safe and guaranteed way. Maldives Post is a government-owned company, which only seeks to meet all the postal needs of the people in the country by offering them various services.
Maldives Post not only offers mail sending and receiving services, but also financial and other agency services. Since its foundation, this company has focused on the optimization and expansion of its online products and services, so that they can meet any need for its customers present and future.  It is truly a reliable company that has more than 150 offices throughout the country with qualified personnel prepared to meet any need that may arise.

Can I track my Maldives Post without a tracking number?

Maldives Post tracking service is a very useful tool that allows you to know the location of your package in real-time, at any time, and from anywhere. To track a package you just have to enter the company's online platform and there you will find the track and trace section. To be able to track, it is necessary to have the Maldives Post tracking number since this is like an identification card of the package and without it, it wouldn’t be possible to know its whereabouts.
Also, you can track your Maldives Post packages sent through Maldives Post from our platform, but we also require the tracking ID of your package. It is possible that the tracking system of the official website of the company presents problems on some occasions. You can wait a while and log in again, or simply use our site to find out the whereabouts of your packages and we will be happy to give you the necessary information.

Where does Maldives Post deliver?

Maldives Post has become known in hundreds of countries as the operator of the National Postal System. And although it is under a very competitive market, it has known how to remain with its services and innovate with the changes that have been taking place in the communication market. Currently, there are many technological advances that allow the functionality of certain systems to expand rapidly to all parts of the world. Thanks to this, Maldives Post delivery service reaches all UPU member countries and also to APPU (Asia Pacific Postal Union) member countries.
The Universal Postal Union currently has 192 member countries, and Maldives Post delivers to each of them, as well as to the 32 member countries of the Asia Pacific Postal Union (APPU). We talk about the Maldives Postal Company being able to send its packages, letters, documents, and more to all parts of the world, maintaining efficient global communication through the Universal Postal Networks.

Is Maldives Post fast?

Compared to other postal companies in the world, Maldives Post delivery times are fast. In addition, you have to consider all the means of transport required to move the parcels and postcards to every corner of the country. Domestic shipments take an average of 4 days to arrive at their destination, after having left the payment at the office and having made the payment.
For international shipments, delivery times usually vary depending on the destination where they go, since it is not the same to send a package to Europe than to America. In addition, it is necessary to consider the time that these packages or postcards can remain in the customs of other countries and respect the conditions and restrictions of each one of them.

  • Shipments to America can take between 9-15 days to arrive.
  • Shipments within Europe are delivered in an average of 5 working days.
  • While for African and Asian countries, shipments can take up to 7 working days to reach their final destination.

Similarly, you can always know the status of your package thanks to the Maldives Post international tracking that allows you to know all the details of your shipment.

What are Maldives Post shipping costs?

Maldives Post classifies its rates according to the service, dimensions, and weight of each package. All shipping costs of any service remain the average of other universal postal companies.

  • Mail services within the country have a minimum cost of 18.50 MVR ($1.20) per 50g and up to 81.66 MVR ($5.3) per 2kg.
  • International rates for mail services have the double value of national rates.
  • Rates for packages within the national territory vary between 110 MVR ($7.14) and 3.500 MVR ($227.16) depending on the weight, dimensions, and continent where you go.

To have specific knowledge of the Maldives Post shipping fees, you can visit the official website and view the table with the rates set for different services and destinations.

How can I contact Maldives Post?

If you want to contact Maldives Post for any question, suggestion, or complaint you can communicate with it through different means. As a first option, they have a communication system through their official website, /www.maldivespost.com/. In the contact section you will find a form in which you must enter your details, the reason for your message, and of course the message. In a few days, you will receive an answer to your email.
For more direct communication, you can contact the company through their phone numbers; +960 3315555, +960 3324447; Fax: +960 3321559. You can also send an email to info@maldivespost.com requesting the information you require or making the complaint you should make. If you prefer, you can visit any of the offices located throughout the country and contact them personally. All information about contacts, services, and products can be found on the official website.

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