Flyt Express tracking

Flyt Express tracking

In China, there are thousands of companies that require different services to meet many of their needs. Domestic mail and parcel services may abound within the country, but not all are truly efficient and responsible. Therefore, Flyt Express parcel delivery service has developed different alternatives that benefit millions of people and companies in China and the rest of the world by offering them airmail, express, and warehousing and distribution services. In addition, Flyt Express has become the main logistics partner of China eBay.
Flyt Express has been a lifeline for many people and other companies in China, as they are required to constantly ship to all parts of the world and different products. So Flyt Express has allowed them to internationalize by sending their products safely and reliably to the destinations of their choice. It really is one of the best logistics solutions in the country.

What is Flyt Express shipping?

Flyt Express shipping is a company that provides professional logistics services efficiently and securely to thousands of domestic and international sellers in China. It also ensures and guarantees the delivery of all your packages smoothly and directly to the end consumer. Currently, Flyt Express is recognized by globally recognized brands such as PayPal and eBay, thanks to its excellent credit record and high-quality services.
Today the company offers a wide variety of transportation services such as parcel post, international lines, national and international express shipping, Amazon Logistics air transport, etc. It also has systems that help its customers deal with e-commerce platforms through combinations of order management systems and logistics solutions.

How do I track a Flyt Express parcel?

Flyt Express tracking allows you to find your package wherever it is during its journey to its final destination. In addition, thanks to agreements and partnerships with other postal companies around the world, all Flyt Express packages pass through checkpoints where information is constantly updated. All packaging data is automatically recorded on the company's platform and this shows all information to the customer when tracking the package. 
To track your package you only need to know the Flyt Express tracking number and enter it in the search field of the tracking section to know the status or location of the package.
Tracking can be done at any time and from anywhere, and there will always be some information about your package to display.
Be sure to find the Tracking section on the company's official website in order to use the tool. And in case you have difficulties tracking from the company's website, you can find out the location or status of your package from our platform where we can give you tracking information about your Flyt Express package.

Is Flyt Express safe?

Since its founding more than 20 years ago, Flyt Express has maintained its commitment to all its customers, offering a safe, reliable courier, logistics, and transportation service under the highest quality standards. The company offers many alternatives and solutions to satisfy the needs of all its customers. In addition, the company strives to innovate and continuously improve its services, ensuring that their packages are not only delivered on time but also arrive safely at their destinations.
Flyt Express has the means to know the performance of its services, thanks to external suppliers who carry out high-level tests. Flyt Express Post tracking is one of the most updated tools so that you can always show your customers worthy and reliable information.

How long does Flyt Express shipping take?

Flyt Express shipping times will depend at all times on the destination where the packages are going. However, delivery times are estimated in really short periods. There are packages that can be delivered even the same day the package is left at the office, or if it goes to the same region it can take only 2 days to be delivered.
Delivery times for shipments to other countries may also vary between countries or continents to be crossed. Flyt Express delivery of international shipments is usually made within 5-9 business days.
You can also use Flyt Express tracking at any time to estimate the delivery time of your package.

What do Flyt Express tracking numbers look like?

Like most tracking numbers from other postal companies and carriers, Flyt Express tracking numbers are made up of a set of 13 characters, combining numbers and letters. Each of the tracking numbers is independent of the other, as they allow you to identify packages individually. A Flyt Express tracking number would look like this, CB852654654AA.
Some company tracking numbers may have only 10 or 12 numbers. These are generally used for specific packages from a unique company or to provide a series of numbers to multiple packages from the same customer. It is important to mention that tracking numbers are not only written in Chinese but are placed in alphanumeric symbols for global understanding. In addition, tracking only supports alphanumeric symbols, as these packages go to all parts of the world.

How do I contact Flyt Express about a package?

The best way to contact Flyt Express about any other information, package, claim, or suggestion you need is by visiting the official website / There you can locate the Contact section to express specifically the information you require.
In case you have any problems, you can fill out a form and send it to an authorized agent of the company by sending an e-mail to the addresses detailed on the website. Flyt Express teams and staff are always ready and willing to assist you and contact your customers as soon as possible.  
All information about the offices in the country can be found on the website. You can also find the telephone numbers of each of them and some emails. Their main office is located at B258-260,West Side of YH City, No. 208,1st HeLong Road, BaiYun District, Guangzhou City, China The general information e-mail address is You can request any general information by writing to that address, or if you prefer to make a phone call you can do so through 400 888 4003.

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