STO Express (Shentong Express) tracking

STO Express (Shentong Express) tracking


China is a big country with many necessities in the shipping field. For this reason, just one company is not enough so that all the Chinese population is able to ship all the things they want. However, people will have to select the company the most suitable for their needs.
Shentong Express, also called STO Express is a Chinese courier able to ensure national and international deliveries.
Shentong Express is a trustable Chinese courier company that has several years of experience and that provides one of the best shipping services and the customers can besides enjoy the Shentong Express tracking service.

STO Express (Shentong Express) package tracking

What is Shentong Express (STO)?

Shentong Express is a Chinese courier company founded in 1993. Since that year, this company has been dedicated to building more than a delivery company, a brand, and a link with all its users.
The company counts on traditional and electronic post services, and quality systems to promote the development in the industrial area for its urgent deliveries. However, the Shentong Express shipping is not the only service this company can offer you because it also offers its clients services like money recollection or transport services that comply with the cold chain.
In this way, all their steps have led them to create a solid courier company with the capacity to create opportunities and a bigger connection with the rest of the world. They have more than 20 years of experience and more than 25.000 branches to not delimit the range of their functions.

Is Shentong Express reliable?

Each Shentong Express parcel is safe with this company. Thanks to their years of experience, they have earned the trust of all the users who use their services. Besides, they offer all their clients enough consultancies to answer their questions. We have to remember that the best way to measure the reliability of any company is through its capacity to communicate with the users and solve their problems.

How do I contact STO Express?

Despite STO Express is an old company, it does not mean that establishing contact with them is complicated. They have demonstrated to all of us that they have grown with the pass of time by introducing new and novel systems to their way to work.
For this reason, we can also be reflected on this progress in the way to contact them. You can send a post to their physical address in the high-rise office building, No. 25, Lane 6598, Beiqing Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai.
But, you also can go directly to one of their 2500 offices to clear your doubts personally. You only have to check where the nearest office is.
Besides, if you do not want to move from your house, you can also call them on the number 95543-4. However, you should know that if you want the telephone attention in Chinese, you have to dial the number of extension 4. However, if you need a telephone service in English, you have to dial the number of extension 5.
On the other hand, if you are more into electronic moves, you can send an email to In this way, you are going to receive the best attention from the Shentong Express customer service.

How do I track a Shentong Express package?

Of course, within the benefits of sending a package with Shentong Express is the tracking service. The company counts with a precise organization that lets it tell you where your package is at all times until it arrives at its final destination.
Every Shentong Express package has a particular code so you can be able to track it. Besides, you can also track your packages through both, your computer accessing the website, and your cellphone through its app. Another benefit of its tracking tool is that you can configure a timely Auto-notification that is going to send you a message with all the updates of your packages.
In this way, to track your parcels, you only have to look for the code the company gives you at the time you use their services. Once you have the code you can use its platform or the Ship24 platform to track the packages. On the Ship24 website, you will just have to copypaste the tracking number in the search bar on the homepage.

Where do I find my Shentong Express tracking number?

Like any other company, they give you a Shentong Express tracking number that is going to let you know all the details about your packages and their precise localization. According to the kind of service you hire, this post company can give you the tracking number in a receipt, or they send you through a message or an email. 
The tracking number is made of 5 characters approximately. So if you find a long number in your order confirmation that you will receive by email, it can be the tracking number.

How long does it take for Shentong Express to ship?

The time which the company takes to deliver your packages is going to be different according to the place where you want to send them. For the national deliveries, they can offer you next-day delivery, but international shipping can last longer.

Where does Shentong (STO) Express deliver can deliver?

The international cover of Shentong Express is very large. They make deliveries to the United States, Russia, Japan, Canada, Indonesia, Europe, and even Bangladesh. In this way, you only have to check if the country where you want to send a package is in the list of countries in which they work.

What are STO Express shipping costs?

The Shenton Express prices are going to depend on the dimensions, weight, and destination of the packages. The price for the Kilogram is 15 Yuan, but it is just for the first kilogram because, for each extra kilogram, you have to pay 3 Yuan. However, the prices can vary between one region and another.

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