Container tracking

Container tracking

What is container tracking?

Tracking a container usually involves tracking a large and/or heavy shipment or a container full of smaller shipments all at once. It is especially used by big businesses that deal in bulk orders. The demands of modern-day businesses, who need full visibility over their supply lines, especially when it comes to international container shipping, have led to the rapid development of container tracking within the shipping sector.

However, due to the many companies involved in the international logistics network, and shipping sector in general, shipping container tracking is a complex operation. However, international container tracking solutions are already here, with multi-company logistics tracking platform Ship24 one of the market leaders in universal container tracking.

How does container tracking work?

Containers are tracked using a tracking code or device which is used to identify each container individually, as it passes from port to port or other container processing site.

Indeed, with Ship24 you can track any registered container using the container tracking code or waybill number and get instant information on where a container is and what its current status is. While companies in the international shipping as logistics solutions sectors, such as Cainiao, GEODIS, and DPD specialize in container delivery, Ship24 has become the go-to for tracking containers worldwide.

Ship24 has designed tracking services specifically for businesses to track containers, through the development of its comprehensive Tracking API and Webhook professional tracking options. These systems have been built with AI-powered learning at their core to ensure comprehensive container tracking throughout your shipments journey. Find out more on our dedicated pages or ask our best-in-class support team for more information.

Can I track a container with GPS?

Sometimes a GPS device is used to track a container, with the two most common types of GPS-based container tracking devices used being a magnetic device and a locking seal mechanism.

The tracking device knows when the transportation used (such as a ship) is moving and it then updates its location at certain milestones via satellite. This information then becomes available to those tracking the container.

It also picks up as the container passes between the various key points along its journey, such as arrival in the destination country. Indeed, once a tracking device has been added to a container, you can track it throughout the entire transportation process.

Do I need to track my business container shipments?

Tracking container shipments gives businesses the ability to get detailed information about the transit of their products as it happens. This gives companies not only better control of the entire shipping process but the foresight to respond to updated delivery timeframes as far as receiving their goods, allow them to respond to any unforeseen circumstances (such as delays) accordingly, and ensure more efficient overall management of their supply line.

Ultimately, effective container tracking enables your business to better serve customers by knowing your shipping transportation process.

Built by shipping sector professionals who recognized the importance of comprehensive container tracking for businesses, Ship24 offers many different professional container tracking options to suit your business needs. Whether you are shipping 100 parcels a month or 100 containers a month, check out the Ship24 tracking API and Webhook systems today and utilize market-leading tracking within minutes through our rapid integration.

What will container tracking information shows me?

When tracking a container via a container tracking number or waybill, you will be able to get lots of different information on the progress of your shipment. With the universal Ship24 tracking platform, these notifications will be delivered directly to you at your call via our tracking API or automatically if you opt for Webhook functionality.

Information that you will be able to see when booking your container shipment should include. This information will be important for tracking a container going forward.

  • Scheduled and actual shipment date and time
  • Scheduled and actual delivery date and time
  • Mode
  • Carrier
  • Billable freight charges (if applicable)

Please note: Depending on the freight forwarder, you may or may not be able to view a container tracking status while they are in transit (this is only available for GPS tracking devices).

Why is tracking a container important for my business?

Being able to access container tracking information, especially regarding its location and status, enables businesses to be able to have full visibility over the delivery process. This is important because they will be aware of any shipping delays or other possible transportation problems as soon as possible - which could be devastating for their supply line - and be able to proceed accordingly,

With Ship24, you can track both containers and individual parcels. Any registered container or package with a waybill or tracking number can be followed end-to-end using the universal market-leading tracking platform from Ship24. That's why businesses, e-tailers, and customers alike are all choosing to do their tracking in one place, one the one-stop-shop for tracking, Ship24.

What is a container tracking code?

A container tracking code consists of an assortment of letters and numbers created for a specific container before initial dispatch.
Which methods can I use to track a container?

Tracking a container is done through the use of the waybill or container tracking number. Once you have a container tracking number, you can begin tracking with Ship24. Ship24 is a universal, multiple carrier tracking service that provides container tracking for thousands of logistics companies and global businesses, with professional options for worldwide container tracking.

What does a container tracking number provide me with?

A container tracking number will give you the ability to get various information about your container. Such as:

  • Status
  • Current Location
  • Most recent event date and time

It will also give businesses more visibility over their supply line as a whole, as well as the ability to solve any shipping related issues in real-time, should they arise. (Such as issues at customs)

When will my container arrive?

Containers are usually sent by sea, one of the slowest shipping methods, due to their size and weight. The average time it takes a container to travel from China to Europe is around one month. For dispatch and delivery locations closer to each other, other forms of travel, such as rail and road may be used which could offer faster turnaround times. Track a container end-to-end with Ship24 to give your business the best idea of when to expect your shipment.

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