Sunsky tracking

Sunsky is a recognized online sales platform that provides its community with an extensive category of products that include mobile accessories, vehicle parts, computers, electronic items, among others.
Sunsky has an efficient supply chain with which they have been able to extend their clientele around the world, offering their products in more than 200 countries where they have been able to make thousands of shipments.

What is Sunsky?

Sunsky is an online sales platform that has been in operation since 2005. At present, it is considered a leader of wholesalers and electronic manufacturers. Sunsky also stands out for being the number one company dedicated to electronic commerce with reach to several countries in the world. Sunsky extends its radius of action in other platforms like AliExpress, Amazon and eBay.
What distinguishes Sunsky from other platforms is that as a company it develops and sells: mobile devices, auto parts, photographic equipment and a wide range of other products that fall into various categories. Its sales market extends to the Middle East, America, Europe and Asia.
The team of professionals that make up this company, has extraordinary training that has allowed them to develop high-quality products with competitive prices within the market; with which they have managed to stay on top.
Registering by www.sunsky.com you will be able to access Sunsky discount code and coupons and keep up to date with special offers and discounts on all products

Is Sunsky.com safe?

Susky provides the customer with a secure sales system because the main goal is that each one of them is satisfied with the purchase made. Every order is backed by a price protection system in which every customer who has made a purchase on a product that within 72 hours has decreased its price, will be refunded the difference.
From Sunsky the customer is encouraged to make contributions to improve prices. Even to write in the section "Coincidence of prices" to comment if they have found some other place with the desired product at a lower price. The online store is committed to improving it.
Another valuable advantage is its return system stipulated within a minimum margin of three days; except for spare parts products that have already been used and those that have received some kind of damage.
The reputation of this digital commerce platform among its users is quite positive. Both the friendly purchasing system and the service provided in terms of deliveries, which are made within the stipulated time, are praised.

How can I track my Sunsky order?

Once the customer has placed his order and has completed the steps of the purchase of the product; Sunsky will send you an email with the information on the purchase of the product, with a Sunsky tracking number with which you can also track your Sunsky package.
Another way of tracking is that, which is done on the payment made. This option is allowed when the customer has used Paypal as a payment method. How does it work? Once the payment has been made, the customer will be able to track the status of this transaction by accessing their Paypal account.
Through these methods, the customer will be able to access to Sunsky track order.

Does Sunsky ship overseas?

This company has Sunsky international shipping to almost every country in the world. There are some restrictions on these shipments that apply to certain products that cannot be sent. In that particular case, the company will contact the customer, to offer him all the relevant information.
It is important that each client sends his Sunsky tracking number with the payment copy to info@sunsky-online.com once the payment of the product has been made. This way the Sunsky shipping tracking will make it easier.

How long does Sunsky take to ship?

The delivery time of Sunsky contemplates the time of delivery and shipping.
The delivery time is counted from the moment the customer places the order and the shipment is made, which takes from 1 to 5 days.
The shipping time on the other hand is initially defined from the moment the shipment leaves until it reaches the customer; which can take 15 to 20 working days.
This is an effective way for the customer to make a proper measurement for Sunsky parcel tracking.
However, it is important to note, especially for the purposes of international shipments that the times can be extended if; for example, customs procedures determine retention of the product, for which Sunsky will not be responsible.
If for some reason your order is not released within 14 days, from the request and payment transaction, either party can dispense with the order after which Sunsky will simply make the exact refund of the payment made for the product.

What are Sunsky shipping prices?

About Sunsky shipping costs offers several alternatives to help the customer find the best option that fits your needs. Among these proposals, Sunsky points to Air Post and Surface Mail as the most economical method for packages of less than 2kg. With a delivery time of 7 to 30 days.
DHL Express is included among the options as a fast and safe method for a package weighing more than 2kg, with a stipulated time of 3 to 7 days. The savings offered are greater for packages weighing between 17 and 21 kg.
An example of this is that while a 17 kg package generally costs 167.65 USD$ to Spain, a 21 kg package will cost only 143USD$.
Local handling fees are not included in the Sunsky shipping costs so it is important that customers confirm the total amount of the payment.
The rates for shipping costs are reflected during the payment process and represent the current rates for most countries.

How can I contact Sunsky?

To clarify any questions, request information on the status of your Sunsky order or express any problems related to the status of your product; you can contact the Sunsky customer service where you will receive all the guidance you need, always in the process of providing solutions for the customer.

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