PC Part Picker tracking

PC Part Picker tracking


What is PC Part Picker?

PC Part Picker is a shopping website where you can find anything related to computer components. This website will show you many products and prices so you can compare all the possibilities that many places offer you.
On the website, you will see the PC Part Picker shipping service and another of their principal features is that they show you the compatibility of the parts that you are looking for with some of the most common software around.
Created in 2011, this website works with many associated companies, like Amazon, because you can find here many linking sites to their platform. In 2015, they renovated the entire website offering a better customer experience.
If you are looking for a new PC or some parts, this place counts with great services like making a wish list, sharing photos, setting alerts if some prices on the things you want a drop, forums of experts, and filters that adapt to everything you are looking for.
It is overall a great option for everyone who is looking for guidance to build their computers by themselves.

PC Part Picker package tracking

Does PC Part Picker have an app?

No, they do not count on an App, even if there have already been many requests from their users. As they explain on their official website, they are only paying attention to enhance their mobile web version for both Android and iOS.
The major reason for this is that they do not want to maintain two different code bases every time they add a new PC component.
With the mobile version with just the next page load, you will have all the additional information. Instead, with an app, you would have to wait for actualization to get all the new content.
This is why this company is more focused on keeping the traditional website mode.

How do I track a PC Part Picker parcel?

PC Part Picker is a place where you will find all the things that you need for your computer. However, they do not offer a shipping service on their own, because they mostly give you a list price to compare with the information from many websites.
Therefore, the tracking service will depend on the shipping company that will be used for the shipping delivery. This means that if you buy a hard disk, you need to see which shipping company the retailer will use to send it to you to track it on the website of the shipping company.
You can do your PC Part Picker track order with the tracking number that the seller will provide you by email.
An easier way to track your parcel from PC Part Picker is to use our platform Ship24 which tracks any type of package from any courier company.  You just need to put the tracking number in the search bar on our homepage and click on the arrow on the right.
After you have done this, all the information available for your package will display in real-time on your screen, so you can know the estimated time the package will last to arrive at your location.

How long does shipping take from PC Part Picker?

The PC Part Picker shipping service will vary depending on the companies that retailers use to send them your pieces. For example, inside America, many of the pieces shown in PC Part Picker are sent via Amazon.
If you are an Amazon Prime client, your pieces will arrive at your house in two labor days. This also applies to other companies such as Newegg and ShopRunner. However, if they are using other shipping companies instead, it can last a bit more.
For international shipping, it will last the standard PC Part Picker ship time, in case you are buying all the pieces from retailers in The United States. It will last at least 2 weeks to arrive in countries in South America and from 3 to 5 weeks to countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. It will all depend on the distance that the package must travel to arrive at its final destination.

What are PC Part Picker shipping costs?

PC Part Picker shipping fees will vary depending mostly on the size and weight of the package. The shipping fees are related to the companies that retailers are using to send their goods. If you want to have a shipping prices range, these are some available in all the pages working with PC Part Picker:

  • For a PC Part Picker package under 1 Kg, the price will be around $20 USD.
  • In the range between 1 and 5 Kg, it will be something like $50 USD.
  • For packages from 5 to 10 Kg, they will charge you around $100.

It would be great if you buy all the pieces you need from the same retailer so you can save money by getting all your stuff in the same package. Therefore, if you buy from two retailers, two packages of 2 kg weight, you will spend $100. However, if you buy the same pieces from the same retailer and the package is 4 kg weight, you will only spend $50 based on the price range above.

Does PC Part Picker deliver internationally?

Yes, they work with companies that deliver internationally, but you must always check if the PC Part Picker international delivery service is available and if the retailer can send the piece you need to your country.

How can I contact PC Part Picker?

For those who have any kind of problem with the PC Part Picker website, services, or products, you can always reach the customer service through the official website, there they will provide you all the information that you need to solve any issue that you can have.
You can also ask them in their forum available on their official website, the PC Part Picker customer service employees will be glad to help you out with any question.

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