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What is Reverb?

It is a website dedicated to selling new and used music gear. It was founded in 2013. Since then it has become one of the main e-commerce for musical instruments growing into a multimillion-dollar company with millions of visitors each month. This is a reliable company because it counts with its responsible Reverb shipping service, so you can get your things everywhere in the world.
This marketplace allows everyone to sell his or her musical instruments and every other thing related to the music world for free. Counting with over 500.000 products on sale.
The website itself can help you if you want to sell an instrument, but you do not have an idea of what its value is. They also count on mobile apps so you can buy or sell your goods anytime you want to.
Since its foundation in 2013, the company has been expanding around the world, now having on-the-ground employees in many countries including the UK, Australia, Germany, and Japan for example.
In 2019, Etsy bought this company, since then it has grown, reaching everyone who would love to buy a musical instrument from a reliable company.

How to track your Reverb order?

Reverb tracking service is efficient to know where your musical related things are at any moment. Once you purchase something on the website, they will provide you with your order that contains a tracking number.
Once you have this code, type in the tracking bar here, in our platform, to perform a Reverb order tracking process and you will see all the available information for your packages. The information will be always updated as they work with reliable courier companies that will take care of your packages as they are their own. You can trust this company to get everything you need to arrive at your location in pristine conditions.

Is Reverb shipping safe?

Yes, shipping with Reverb is safe, they work with couriers that have been in the business for years, providing you the best experience.
Reverb counts with their functional Reverb shipping tracking service as well as their Reverb safe shipping service that will protect you from losing money if something goes wrong with some seller, protecting what is valued to you.

What is Reverb shipping protection?

If you are one of those who love to make sure of everything, you would like to hear that Reverb offers shipping protection. They do this by using their Reverb shipping labels that will allow you to use their Reverb safe shipping service.
To get this protection, first, you should buy their shipping labels on their mobile apps or website. You can put this label directly over your package, which saves you money from carriers. When you buy this label, you can also buy the Reverb safe shipping service, for this you need to pay for this company a fraction of your instruments’ sale price.
When you accept to pay this fraction, if something goes wrong with your package, like it takes damage or gets lost during shipping, the Reverb customer service will help you out with that issue and reimburse your money faster.
This works faster because you can file a report directly reporting the damage or the lost item. Then a musician from the customer service will offer you a fast solution because they understand the value of the things that you are buying.
It also saves you time because if you buy the labels and print them at home, the company will automatically add the Reverb tracking package information to the order and let it know to the buyer.

How long does Reverb take to deliver?

Reverb delivery time will vary depending on the service you want to get, using FedEx and USPS you can expect your items to arrive in the next 5 to 7 business days if you are in the United States.
If you want them faster, you can always use the USPS Express and the FedEx 2 days shipping service. In less than 48 hours, your precious instrument will be with you.

How does Reverb calculate shipping?

Reverb shipping fees will depend on the weight and package dimension, mostly; they also give you examples of the measurements for you to have an idea.
For example, to send a guitar inside the United States they will charge you:

  • $95 if you use FedEx
  • $127 if you use USPS
  • $333 if you want to get the USPS Express service
  • $392 if you need the FedEx 2 days shipping.

These prices will be higher if you want to send your instruments abroad.

How do you ship a guitar to Reverb?

Reverb offers you a guide to do this; following these steps will help you to ship your guitars safely. You will need newspapers, a rectangular box, and packing tape to start the process:

  • You need to prepare your guitar by loosening its strings and securing the movable parts.
  • Another thing that you must do is wrap the headstock with the newspapers as well as separate the strings from the fretboard with the newspapers.
  • Then, fill all the holes around the guitar to avoid the instrument from moving during the shipping time.
  • Then, put the case inside a box and fill it with newspapers so it does not move around within the box.
  • Now, your guitar is ready to be shipped anywhere.

Does Reverb ship overseas?

Yes, Reverb can ship internationally using reliable courier companies including USPS, UPS, and FedEx. You do not have to worry if you want one of their amazing products and if you are abroad. You can also use their Reverb tracking parcel system to know when your package will arrive.

How can I contact Reverb customer service?

If you are presenting problems while buying or selling stuff in Reverb or you have a shipping issue, you can always contact the customer service through the live chat on the Reverb website by clicking on the “Need Help?” button, which is located on the lower right corner of the website. They will attend you from 03.30 am to 5 pm.

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