Houzz tracking

Houzz tracking

What is Houzz and how does it work?

Houzz is a website dedicated to architecture, home design, landscape design, and decorating. This company offers many different services. They have a section where users are able to create and edit designs so they can upload them later. Besides, the Houzz app provides clients with all the products of the store.
Houzz sells different articles like furniture and other products related to home decoration. The platform introduces tools to design spaces according to the products that clients can buy in the store. The prices of the articles vary and are very suitable for any necessity.
The company was founded in 2009 in Palo Alto, California, which stills being the place for its headquarters. Houzz also has offices in many different countries around the world as part of the expansion process that started in 2014.

How does Houzz work?

The most interesting fact about Houzz is that users are able to interact with them and create feedback about designs, ideas, opinions, suggestions, and others. Besides, the design tools are intended to provide the customer with a calculation of the budget required in order to materialize that design.
First, the client has to create its own account so he is able to interact with the other users. After that, he is able to enjoy all of the features provided by the webpage. He can start designing spaces, picking furniture, watching designs from other users, among many more.
Of course, the customer can buy furniture and different elements that can be found on the web page. People can also sell their own articles and design ideas.

Is Houzz legit?

In nature. The legitimacy of this company is supported by the huge number of clients that they have. Global estimations calculate that there are more than 17 million users all over the world. All of them are plenty pleased with the services provided by Houzz. In 2016, Houzz won the “Best App” award at the Google Play Awards.
The expansion started by the company includes countries like Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, China, and some other countries in Asia and Europe. Also, Houzz hired general managers in these nations so the company can monitor the operations of the branch in these countries, in addition to the reactions of clients. One of the intentions of the company is establishing a good reputation for Houzz customer service. 

How do I track my parcel from Houzz?

As in any other delivery company, tracking a parcel coming from Houzz is a very simple process. The first thing the company does before shipping a package is labeling the order with the official Houzz tracking number which helps the company to register all the information about the client, like full name, ID number, telephone number, address, among others.
After the client picks one of the different Houzz delivery options, the company will ship the order and provide the client with the tracking number. Once the user has the tracking code, he is free to go to the Houzz webpage and introduce it in the tracking order section to receive the status of his package. He will obtain an estimated arrival time, real-time location, and so on.

How long does it take for Houzz to deliver?

Houzz is well known for its excellent delivery system. They have a full transportation fleet that delivers the orders in record time. In nature, that transportation system is available for every country in which Houzz has offices.
Of course, the Houzz delivery time varies depending on many different elements related to the order. Some of these are the travel distance, the weight and size of the package, and the urgency of the delivery.
In standard services, and mid-distance routes, Houzz can take a maximum period of 3 working days. Shorter distances can reduce the delivery time to even 24 hours if the order is not a very big article. Longer distances can take a maximum period of five working days in the door to door deliveries. Anyhow, Houzz tracking always provides the client with an estimation of the waiting time.

Where does Houzz ship from?

Houzz establishes distribution warehouses where they keep all the merchandise that is being offered on the webpage. Such warehouses are located in all the countries where Houzz works so the company is able to cover all the demand. These are the shipping places. All the transportation vehicles pick up the products from there in order to deliver it to the customer’s address.
All the manufacturing process is also done there. Designers provide the factories with all the models so they are able to produce them and start selling. All the designs are updated and/or changed periodically so the company can offer a wider variety of products and articles.

Is Houzz free?

Houzz is a platform that works in order to design inner and outer spaces, providing elements and ideas to set up a proper space for your house. Besides, the feedback system that works among the users is one of the greatest features of this platform.
In the beginning, Houzz was a free platform in most of its functions. The designing tool is a free feature that new users can enjoy. If customers want to get access to other functions like interaction with other users, or watching and downloading new ideas for spaces, they have to pay a membership that is very affordable and worth it.

How do I return something to Houzz?

Returning articles coming from the company is not a very usual thing since Houzz takes deep care of the production of their products. However, when these cases come along, there is a whole protocol stipulated by the Houzz delivery policy.
When a client wants to return an article, he must write down an explanatory statement where he puts all the reasons that support his disenchantment with the product. Then, the Houzz sales department studies the case in order to decide if the client will receive money or another product instead.

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