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IOSS number registration for UK businesses

Ensure your UK business is fully compliant with the new Import One-Stop-Shop system with complete Ship24 IOSS fiscal intermediary solutions, including EU-wide tax representation and registration within as little as two days.

IOSS number registration for UK businesses

What is an IOSS number UK?

An IOSS number UK refers to the new Import One Stop Shop scheme introduced by the EU. The IOSS scheme is the most recent change to import options for distance sellers and marketplaces selling to buyers within the European Union. It came into place with a change in VAT rules declared by the bloc which saw the end of the 22 EUR good tax exemption, meaning that all imports will be subject to VAT regardless of their value.

To help provide an advantage for businesses affected by the new rules, an optional EU-wide import scheme was created which covered the import of all low-value goods (valued at 150 EUR or less). The scheme is designed to make it easier to pay tax on these types of imports as well as make the customs processing, and thus the delivery time, faster.

There are two variations of the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) system. The first is the OSS which only distance sellers based in the EU can apply for, and secondly, the Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) system which businesses both EU-based and non-EU-based can apply for through a fiscal intermediary. Businesses not based within the EU cannot apply for OSS and must apply for the IOSS, which must be done through the appointment of an IOSS intermediary, such as that offered by Ship24.

How do I get an IOSS number UK?

When people search for an IOSS number UK, they are likely trying to find information or register for a UK IOSS number for their business or marketplace, so they can take advantage of the benefits which the IOSS scheme provides e-tailers and online businesses for sell goods to EU buyers. UK businesses that are not established in the EU will need to apply for the IOSS, which has led to many asking who is the best IOSS intermediary for UK business.

The truth is, when you sell goods to the EU, you will still pay tax set at the rate in the country in which it is sold, which will vary from country to country in the EU. Some countries charge less than 20 percent and some more than 20 percent, which will have to be paid according to where the goods are sold. Under the IOSS scheme, you pay for all VAT owed EU-wide in one payment to a tax authority, but the various sales a business makes per country will still be required to declare, collect and pay the appropriate tax rate so there is no benefit to choosing an IOSS intermediary in one country over another within the EU. Therefore, businesses and marketplaces are not choosing IOSS intermediaries depending on where they are based, but on the services they provide.

This is why Ship24 has become a leading choice for UK businesses. Not only because we deliver all our services in English, but we also offer one of the fastest IOSS registration turnarounds worldwide (as little as 3 working days), no matter where your company is based or the products which you sell. In fact, we have secured IOSS number UK registration in just two days for many companies from around the world. We are also shipping experts, who alongside our shipment tracking and logistics expertise, are authorized to provide full EU-wide IOSS representation backed by our best-in-class support from our multi-national team.

Our stress-free signup service and simplified approach to VAT declaration and payments make EU compliance with IOSS easy, coupled with our extensive experience, your on to a winner with Ship24 as your IOSS representative. Find out more about our competitive pricing plans and full-service coverage here or check out more of our extensive FAQs on the sidebar of this page.

How do I register for the IOSS number UK?

To take advantage of the IOSS system, UK businesses must you register with an IOSS intermediary. UK businesses need to appoint an IOSS intermediary as, since Brexit, the agreement for mutual co-operation on tax with the EU has no longer become valid and does not give British businesses access to the IOSS or any special preference on importing to the EU.

As a result, all non-EU merchants will be required to appoint an IOSS intermediary to act as a conduit between the supplier and the relevant tax authority where the intermediary is based, to ensure the payment of outstanding VAT under the IOSS scheme. The good news for businesses is that the owed VAT can be made in a single payment, even though goods were sold in multiple EU countries, resulting in the consolidation of VAT matters for businesses, aided by their IOSS representative.

You will still be ultimately responsible for displaying, declaring, collecting, and paying tax on goods sold in the EU, but your intermediary will facilitate filing and payment of outstanding VAT to the relevant tax authorities as your representative.

What are the options for a UK Import One-Stop-Shop number?

Firstly, if you are selling through a marketplace, then you should find out whether the marketplace has its own IOSS number that you can use. If so, you should get in contact with them and find out the correct procedure for using the number.

If you are an independent distance seller, and your business is not established within the EU, you can only enjoy the benefits of being signed up to the IOSS through a fiscal intermediary. However, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. IOSS intermediaries actually work with businesses to help make IOSS compliance easier. Ship24 IOSS solutions actively helps businesses ensure their declarations match EU import records through our tax intermediary services, as well as providing multiple ways of making declarations, such as through Shopify app add on's for businesses who use the platform and premade Excel sheets complete with instructions on how to correctly fill them in and exactly what information to provide.

We also offer ongoing VAT support from our international team, all as part of our competitive monthly subscription package, as well as extensive information on how to send parcels with various couriers, such as DHL and UPS or other marketplaces, such as Amazon and Shopify. Scroll to the top and click get an IOSS number to find out more and appoint the shipping sector experts as your EU IOSS representatives.

What are Northern Ireland IOSS number rules?

UK businesses based in Northern Ireland could potentially follow different rules due to a special agreement between the EU and the UK country, which sees a certain level of a cooperative between the two when it comes to the sale of goods. Although this has yet to be fully realized due to the IOSS just being rolled out, there is good potential for businesses to still need to register for the scheme but with the ability for that to be either with the OSS or IOSS route.

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