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IOSS registration for UK businesses

Ensure your business has full compliance with both HMRC and the IOSS when registering for the new European Union import scheme with Ship24, with our competitively priced market-leading fiscal intermediary services.

IOSS registration for UK businesses

How does the IOSS affect HMRC declarations?

The new EU VAT laws which came into effect on July 1, 2021, also included a new optional import scheme which is designed to benefit sellers of low value goods in consignments valued at 135 British pounds or less (150 EUR). The new import scheme, which is called the One-Stop-Shop (OSS), aims to simplify VAT for businesses by making it possible to make payments from one single country for all goods sold EU-wide. Companies established in the EU can register directly for the OSS with the tax authority in the country in which they are based or with an IOSS intermediary, but non-EU companies must access the scheme through the Import One-Stop-Shop, which require the appointment of an IOSS intermediary who is based in the EU.

The UK withdrew from the EU in 2020, meaning that it is now no longer a European Union member and therefore businesses within the UK can only access the IOSS scheme through an IOSS intermediary. An IOSS fiscal intermediary must be based in one of the 27 EU member states and acts as a tax representative for businesses, declaring and paying VAT on their behalf. UK businesses can apply for an IOSS intermediary based in any country, but the best choice for UK businesses would be an English-speaking intermediary which extensive experience in the shipping sector and best-in-class support teams. This is exactly what Ship24 offers and more, and we can get your company registered for IOSS and deliver your unique IOSS number within as little as 3 working days. Find out why businesses and marketplaces are choosing Ship24 as their IOSS intermediary on our IOSS solution page.

Do I need to apply for IOSS through the HMRC?

If you are a UK business in England, Scotland or Wales, you must apply for an IOSS number via an Import One-Stop-Shop intermediary, which has to be established within one of the 27 EU member states (which Ship24 is). You cannot apply for the IOSS through the HMRC in the UK. The IOSS is a scheme introduced and governed by the European Union, therefore the HMRC - which deals with customs and revenue for the United Kingdom - cannot offer intermediary IOSS services or help companies register for the IOSS.

If you want to register for IOSS, Ship24 is a market-leading company whose IOSS intermediary solution services are delivered fully in English.

What do I need to tell the HMRC when IOSS registered?

When declaring that your business is registered for the IOSS to the HMRC, you will need to give them the following information:

  • Your IOSS number (which is given upon successful registration from the relevant tax authority which you registered with or was provided by the IOSS intermediary upon their successful registration of your business (with them acting as a fiscal representative)
  • The EU country in which you are registered
  • Your name, address and contact details (including email address)
  • (Where applicable) Your UK VAT registration number

Please note, you will only need to provide this information once to the HMRC for IOSS. This is unless you change your IOSS

How do the new EU VAT rules apply in Northern Ireland?

If you are UK VAT registered and you're registered for IOSS, as of July 1, 2021, you are responsible for VAT on the sales of goods valued at or lower than 150 EUR (135 British pounds) into Northern Ireland (NI) on your IOSS return. However, if you are not UK VAT registered, as of July 1, all businesses in England, Scotland and Wales) you do not need to charge VAT on sales of low-value goods into NI.

Please note, if your business supplies goods that are not covered under IOSS, the normal VAT rules will apply.

Does my UK business need an IOSS intermediary?

The new IOSS system is designed to simplify VAT for businesses, optimize low-value goods imports into the EU and improve the overseas purchasing experience for customers. In short, once a business is signed up for the IOSS it is a win-win for all stakeholders. In order to ensure that it is a success, a seamless transition to the scheme is important. This is where Ship24 comes in, offering stress-free registration and IOSS fiscal management and full EU compliance delivered by our experienced international team.

With Ship24, we make sure that all the businesses we represent are fully informed and prepared when it comes to the collection, declaration, and payment of VAT in line with EU rules. We can offer advice on how to offer full transparency for buyers so that businesses can maximize their post-purchase experience, boosting buyer confidence and generating further sales.

Our IOSS intermediary services simplify VAT in the EU, allowing businesses to take advantage of a centralized, single payment platform for EU-wide tax payments.

What is the best IOSS intermediary for UK businesses?

Ship24 offers a complete IOSS solution, including rapid IOSS number registration and ongoing fiscal intermediary solutions backed by our dedicated support team. Our international team includes sector expertise from across the world, including the EU and Asia, which has led us to become a market leader in professional shipment tracking and logistics solutions. Using the vast experience, we have gained, we are now helping offer non-EU businesses the ultimate IOSS solution to make sure they can continue to offer their customers the best shipping services when it comes to exporting goods to the EU. Ensure your EU customers have the best post-purchase experience and that you centralize and simplify your VAT payments by joining the IOSS scheme with a professional IOSS fiscal intermediary services provider, Ship24.

Our solutions include:

  • A unique, valid IOSS number
  • IOSS streamlining, with turnaround on IOSS registration in as little as three days
  • Complete handling of VAT administration and ongoing support regarding all goods sent to any EU country.
  • Best-in-class support, with the on-hand support team and in-depth IOSS FAQs
  • EU-wide coverage and tax representation

Ship24's service ensures complete EU VAT compliance for marketplaces and distance sellers. Our job is to make sure that your business both makes the transition to and benefits from IOSS in the most seamless way possible so that you and your customers can benefit from the advantages of the Import One-Stop-Shop. Put your IOSS intermediary trust in the shipping sector experts, and make life easy.

Do I need to notify the HMRC if I export to the EU under IOSS?

Once you register for the Import One-Stop-Shop scheme, you can notify Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) that you are registered using the IOSS HMRC guidance website.

If you have registered with the IOSS scheme and are selling low-value goods in Northern Ireland, use this service to tell HMRC your VAT IOSS registration number.

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