Status not available when tracking my package

Mar 15, 2023

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Do you ever feel frustrated when you’re tracking a package that says “status not available”? You can't help but worry - will my package ever get here, or is it lost in shipping limbo? Whether you're the sender or recipient of a package, nothing puts a damper on the anticipation quite like an uncertain status update.

To clear up any confusion and put your mind at ease about your missing shipment, let's take an informative look at why occasionally packages display 'Status Not Available' and what to do if this happens to your delivery.

The Basics of Tracking Packages

In this day and age tracking a package is more essential than ever. It’s never been easier to track where your parcel is in the shipping process with a tracking number. Tracking numbers are typically provided when you purchase an item, or when you ship out a package. This information can be used on websites such as USPS, UPS, or FedEx tracking centres to give updates on your shipments every step of the way.

The tracking number will also provide an estimated time of arrival and other useful data like tracking activity, transit history and much more. By understanding the basics of tracking packages through tracking numbers you won’t have to stress any longer about not knowing where your parcels are!

Reasons Why the Status May Not Be Available

When you check the status of a package, you may see a notification that says it's not available. This can be pretty frustrating, but there are usually a few reasons why this is happening. Most commonly, the package has yet to be scanned into the package tracking system by its carrier or even shipped from the place of origin. If the package hasn't been scanned in yet, then it won't show up in package tracking tools.

This could even be after the package has sat out for delivery at its destination because carriers aren't always able to keep perfect track of their shipments and packages can become misdirected or lost in transit. To make sure your package arrives safely, and on time, be sure to double-check all your tracking notifications and contact your carrier if anything looks off or amiss with your package's journey!

Online Tools You Can Use to Track Packages Easily and Accurately

Ship24's online tracking tool is making it easier than ever to keep up with your packages, no matter where they are in the world! Just input the tracking number provided by the postal service or carrier and Ship24 will do the work for you. It gives you up-to-date updates on location and estimated delivery times.

Ship24 also offers an e-mail notification system so you can be alerted whenever there is any movement on your packages. With Ship24, you can stay one step ahead of the shipping process and receive your items with greater accuracy and fewer headaches.

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