Samoa Post tracking

Samoa Post tracking

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Samoa is one of the largest Polynesian countries and islands in mainland Oceania. It has shown that it has the potential to succeed against all odds. One tool that has enabled it to establish and maintain productive communication and operation throughout the country has been the postal service company, Samoa Post. Samoa Post shipping service provides all types of postal services inside and outside the country, allowing its inhabitants to remain connected at all times, and helping companies to maintain and improve their operations.

Samoa Post package tracking

What is Samoa Post? 

Samoa Post is the company in charge of managing, receiving, distributing, and guaranteeing all the postal services in the country. It provides the people of Samoa with letters, postcards and express services, and much more. Samoa Post enables all citizens to send their mail items both inside and outside the country.
In addition, all services have high quality and variety delivery standards so that each person can choose the service that best suits their needs within the international postal environment. Samoa Post parcel delivery service has the capacity to move any type of postal package throughout the country and to other countries around the world.

How do I track my Samoa Post parcel?

The Samoa Post tracking service is really amazing, as when you enter the company's website you will immediately see a search field to track your package. Whether you have sent a postcard in the country or abroad, this tracking service will locate it immediately and show you the information on the screen.
In addition, the same website allows you to track your package from the destination country, in the case of international packages. If the country you sent it to is in one of the boxes below the tracking field, just select it and you will be redirected to the country's website. On that site, you will need to enter your Samoa Post tracking number and it will show you the requested information immediately.
In case you have problems accessing the Samoa Post website or any of the associated pages, you can also track your packages through our platform. We provide tracking information from postal companies around the world on our site and we are happy to track your Samoa Post packages.

Does Samoa Post deliver internationally?

Yes, they do. Thanks to the recognition of its services by the UPU, Samoa Post has become one of the members of the Universal Postal Union. Currently, Samoa Post delivery service takes postal packages to more than 100 countries around the world. The same Samoan postal company has taken it upon itself to classify the countries it sends parcels to by zones, with the intention of standardizing their rates and delivery periods. The classification was established as follows:

  • Zone 1: New Zealand, Australia, and the nearby Pacific Islands.
  • Zone 2: Asia, USA, Honolulu, North America, PNG, Vanuatu, N.Caledonia, Solomon Island.
  • Zone 3: Europe, Middle East, South America.
  • Zone 4: Africa and the rest of the world.

Is Samoa Post Fast?

All the shipments of the different services within the same national territory are delivered within 1-2 working days after being left at the office. Thanks to the standardization of the countries of the world by zones, it was possible to make estimates of how long it would take for the packages to reach the different parts of the world. Samoa Post parcel time is within the international postal average and competes with the best postal companies worldwide. The classification of delivery times is as follows:

  • Express Mail Services (EMS) take 3-4 days to reach New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji; 4-5 working days to reach Vanuatu and PNG; 5-6 working days to reach the USA and Japan; 6-7 days to reach Belgium, Britain, and China; and 7-8 days to reach Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, France, and Germany.
  • Registered mail, parcel service, and regular mail take 6-7 working days to arrive in New Zealand and Fiji; 7-8 working days to arrive in Vanuatu and PNG; 10-11 working days to arrive in Japan, Belgium, Britain, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Germany and France; and 11-12 days to arrive in the USA.

Samoa Post delivery times are subjected to any alteration in the customs and border controls of the different countries. In addition, all of them are based on Samoa Post working days, so if by a factor outside the company the package is delayed, the company will not be responsible. Be sure to consider all possible events that may affect the delivery of the package at the established time.

Is Samoa Post Expensive?

Most Samoa Post delivery service is made at really affordable rates, compared to other postal companies in the region. In addition, each service is priced differently depending on the area or country you are going to. That is why on the official website you will find several very explicit tables with the shipping rates of its different services. The price ranges according to the service are:

  • Letters and prints: 2.00 WST ($0.76) - 5.40 WST ($2.06).
  • Packages from 0-250g to 2kg: 12.90 WST ($4.92) - 166.70 WST ($63.67).
  • Express Mail Service (500g): 70.00 WST ($26.61) - 110 WST ($41.82).
    If you wish to know in more detail the rates to each country and the other prices of other services, visit the official website of the company where all the cost information is reflected.

How do I contact Samoa Post?

Samoa Post has one of the most efficient customer services of any postal company in the world. If you wish to communicate with them you can do so through different means. The best option to do so is through their call center which has different extensions for different departments. The customer service phone number is +685 27640 and the extensions are distributed as follows:

  • Customer services: 120/114.
  • Mail operation: 116/117.
  • Finance and Human Resources: 113/119.

You can also contact the postal company by email at Using this address you can make any inquiries, request information, or even make a complaint. On the website www.samoa, you will also find a form that you should fill out with your details so that the company can send you a response to your request as soon as possible. The address of the offices is on the website, they work from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. They do not work on Saturdays and holidays.

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