Solomon Post tracking

Solomon Post tracking

What is Solomon Post?

Solomon Islands are a small independent country located in Oceania, in the zone of Traditional Melanesia. The territory of this country is formed by over 900 different islands, and its capital city is Honiara, located in Guadalcanal Island. Solomon reached its independence in the year of 1978.
Solomon Post is the main postal company of Solomon Islands. It is the property of the Solomon Islands government. This post and courier company is handled by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. It was established in the year of 1996 by government organisms that were into the idea of developing an appropriate Solomon Post parcel delivery system that could work for all Solomon people.
Later on, the Postal Administration of the islands started to expand its horizons by opening new offices. Throughout the following years, more offices were added to the service. Nowadays, Solomon Post has around 10 offices across the country, with more than 100 employees attending the delivery services. They offer different services related to finances, telecommunications, and others.

How do I track my Solomon Post package?

In the early days of this service, Solomon Post only used to ship packages and orders inside the country. Since it is a small territory, all the deliveries were done in a short time. Moreover, during those days, the packages delivered were for government and institutional purposes only. It should be remembered that this company started to work just as Solomon Islands were “liberated” from British rule. As a result, economic and institutional activities were somewhat reduced. This may also be a result of Solomon’s small population.
During the next years, Solomon and its national activities started to arise. Hence, the company had to start expanding their borders. There were so many shipments that had to be received in other countries. Besides, people from Solomon Islands started to use Solomon Post to send common deliveries none related to government affairs. Thus, the company started to establish the Solomon Post tracking tool and other services. Currently, Solomon Post works with shipments all over the world. Such deliveries can also be traced with the tracking system.  

Does Solomon Post ship internationally? 

The Solomon Post shipping service covers more than 200 destinations all over the world. They mainly work these shipments with some delivery airlines that work from the inside of the country. Such airlines are dedicated to transporting heavier deliveries, like some orders in bulk and other heavyweight orders.
However, thanks to the global pandemic produced by COVID-19 in 2020, many services around the world have been put under certain restrictions. International deliveries are one of these. So, the Solomon Post had temporarily reduced its standard and express international postal services to a few countries in Europe and Asia in 2020. These territories included places like China, Japan, Germany, Australia, The United Kingdom, South Korea, and some others.
In addition, for national and international deliveries, Solomon Post sets some conditions that packages must pass through. For example:

  • The maximum parcel dimensions should not exceed the 1.5 meters
  • The length and circumference must be under the 3 meters
  • The weight has to stay under 25 Kg. However, for national shipping, the maximum weight can’t be over 20 Kg.

How long does it take to Solomon Post to deliver?

Solomon Post offers diverse classes of delivery that varies in costs and shipping time. These classes are the Premium service, the express service, and the standard service. For domestic shipments, the delivery time can go from the same day with Premium class, up to three working days using the standard service.
The company’s delivery system is one of the best postal services around the world thanks to its speed and service quality. Yet, international deliveries take more time to arrive at its destination. Again, the three options determine the delivery time of a parcel.  The premium class promises a Solomon Post delivery time of maximum three business days, while the standard service delivers a parcel in a maximum period of 21 working days.
Other postal companies determine its delivery times depending on the package features. Things like weight, size, and type of product are key factors when estimating an arrival time. Since Solomon Post sets some rules for international shipping, these factors do not determine the arrival time. In addition, the Solomon Post tracking service is available for all kinds of service, from standard to Premium.

Is Solomon Post expensive?

The Solomon Post shipping fees vary depending on many different factors. Although these conditions don’t determine the shipping time, they do with the prices. Solomon Post calculates the prices of the deliveries according to the characteristics of the parcel. They consider things like the weight, the size, the circumference, the class of the article, and many others.
In addition, the kind of service used is an important factor that determines the final tariff. Premium services ensure a faster delivery time by paying a higher price, while the standard service is cheaper, but packages take more time to arrive at the final destination.
The other factor is the distance to cover. For national deliveries, the costs are lower than for international shipments. For a standard package of 1 Kg, the costs can reach $100 with the premium service in national routes. The delivery of the same parcel for international routes can go from $24 with the standard service to $87 using the EMS.
Besides the track Solomon Post service, the Solomon Post web site has a calculator that provides an estimated cost for national and international deliveries. The user must introduce the dimensions and weight of the package, in addition to the destiny.  After that, the calculator gives an estimated result for economy, standard, express and premium services.

How do I contact Solomon Post?

The web page provides all the contact details of the company. They have email addresses to receive letters with suggestions, complaints and doubts. Also, the web site has the Solomon Post contact number to attend urgent calls and concerns of the clients.

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