Landmark Global tracking

Landmark Global tracking


Landmark Global describes itself as the international division of Bpost, Belgium's national postal service company, which handles more than 3.9 billion items per year and delivers to more than five million addresses daily.

Landmark Global package tracking

What is Landmark Global shipping?

With more than a decade in the courier business, Landmark Global has managed to grow, integrating its basic package delivery and international mail services, a set of comprehensive solutions designed to make life easier for its customers in each of its Landmark Global shipping.

Landmark Global relies on proprietary technology and business consulting capable of responding to the requirements of its customers, providing all the logistical means to help them sell millions of their products to millions of customers worldwide with the best Landmark Global shipping times.

This company works to provide high-quality Landmark Global shipping, based on local knowledge to provide thoughtful and customized solutions by region, which has helped them to distinguish themselves from other providers.

It has certificates that support its effectiveness in each Landmark Global shipping, such as those mentioned below:

  • C-TPAT Certificate
  • AEO Certificate
  • TSA Certificate
  • IAC Operation Certificate
  • IATA Certification
  • The United States and Canada consolidated

Landmark Global has strategically located centers around the world and sales and administrative offices such as Landmark Global Canada. This leader in shipping and logistics solutions will always be wherever you and your business need it.

With Landmark Global you, as a customer, can count on an efficient Landmark Global tracking service, capable of providing you with legitimate and accurate information on the progress of your shipments.

This company offers every customer comprehensive shipping solutions for their mail, parcels, or packages to every country in the world, thanks to its effective international network. The company can also assist with any customs queries you may have.

Is Landmark Global legit?

Landmark Global is a reliable company, thanks to its effective services and its partnership with Bpost, Belgium's national mail company. Its international connections and networks have made it the ideal choice for companies wishing to place their products abroad for more than ten years.

Landmark Global also represents the right support for all those small and medium-sized companies dedicated to eCommerce and for those individuals who want a secure and totally reliable delivery service.

Its payment system is also reliable because the confidentiality of each customer's bank details is maintained, they will not be shared under any circumstances.

How do I track Landmark Global?

In order to correctly perform the Landmark Global tracking of your package, you must have a tracking number that will have been sent to you by email, as an order confirmation.

Landmark Global tracking number is of utmost importance in these cases, because the system will require it to be able to link with the data referred to your order, therefore it will always be necessary to have it at hand when you need to consult it. Without this number, you will not be able to complete the process.

In case of any inconvenience, we recommend that you contact the customer service agents of the retailer where you made your purchase. Remember that the Landmark Global tracking number is the only way the system will be able to identify your package, which is why it is so important.

How long does it take for Landmark Global to ship?

Landmark Global shipping times generally range from 2 to 3 business days, depending on the destination. In case the delivery is international it can take much longer, between 5 to 9 business days and the customer must take into account that in this sense, the times can be extended due to customs procedures.

During this type of delivery, it is very important to have your Landmark Global tracking number as a secure access way to check the status of your shipment in the system, knowing at which stage and at which point of the shipment it is.

However, the advanced Mercury system with which this company works will always allow you to choose the fastest and most reliable routes and change routes in case of any unforeseen event such as a strike or bad weather conditions.

Is Landmark Global shipping expensive?

Like all other shipping companies, Landmark Global keeps its rates anchored to the shipping destination + package characteristics (weight, size) and the type of service chosen. To customize your shipping rate, simply perform the calculation from the company's website.

Where can Landmark Global deliver?

With postal networks and alternatives around the world, you can ship to Landmark Global Canada or any other destination you have in mind. Landmark distinguishes itself from other delivery companies with its effective international network.

As part of the Bpost group, Landmark Global can meet the domestic and international parcel, mail, and eCommerce shipping needs of all its customers, with an effective Landmark Global tracking service that will allow each customer to know the status of their shipment.

The company has a presence in Europe, the USA, UK, Australia, and Asia. In case you need to access specific information, visit to consult through its platform the advantages that you can obtain with your account.

How do I contact Landmark Global?

When entering their website, each client will be able to find a form to fill out when entering the "Contact Us" section. In this form, you can choose from the type of service, and type of shipment (domestic or international), and finally, you must complete the data of your company, briefly describing your business activities.

They also have a section with frequently asked questions, where you can choose the question that relates to your specific question, and read the guidance developed by the customer service team. The company is emphatic in stating that after filling out the form they will get back to you in as little as 2 business days.

Landmark Global is an excellent option for your shipments, thanks to its partnership with Bpost has undeniable advantages that will make your shipments to Landmark Global Canada or any other destination, a unique, safe, and totally effective experience.

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