Fulfillmen tracking

Fulfillmen tracking


Fulfillmen, also known as Fulfillmen Trade Co,, LTD, is a joint venture of global and Chinese fulfillment companies established in China and recognized by the HCEIA. The logistic company has operations and branch offices in China, Hong Kong, and India.

Fulfillmen's management and personnel have extensive logistical knowledge. Aside from that, Fulfillmen has an in-house IT staff that allows them to deal with consumers and use new technologies in order to provide services to them. The in-house IT team is knowledgeable in their sector, and they have assisted Fulfillmen in reaching new heights when it comes to employing IT technology to deliver services.

Fulfillmen have extensive customs and last-mile delivery experience. This gives them an advantage in terms of resolving paperwork by following regulations and delivering services to consumers. With this background, they can assist you with the complexities of paperwork, and laws, estimating shipping costs, and guaranteeing quality and safe last-mile delivery!

Fulfillmen has grown from three diligent people working in the firm to more than fifty creative and dedicated employees in the six years since its establishment in 2014. As a result, Fulfillmen was able to uncover new ways to make fulfillment and logistics even more economical and accessible.

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Fulfillmen package tracking
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