Egypt Post tracking

Egypt Post tracking

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What is Egypt Post?

Established in 1865, The National Postal Authority is considered the oldest and most important national institution in providing both financial and Postal services in Egypt. With more than 150 years of presenting wide services and products. It became part of every Egyptian family and part of its culture.
It is considered as one of the pillars of the national economy since it handles the financial and postal services to all the Egyptian citizens with its capabilities to deliver high-quality services with the least amount of time all over the country, due to its geographic reach in every inch of Egypt.
The National Postal Authority witnessed remarkable and huge success in Digital transformation progress in the last few years. They added a new list of innovative solutions and services to its current Services and products portfolio, giving the right edge in a rival competitive market with a very powerful position due to its unique geographical spread and as customers' first choice.
National Postal Authority now became a one-stop-shop with a wide range of services that no other organization can compete with. Its famous uniqueness consists in providing different types of postal services, starting with its international and domestic Express mail service, the parcel service, registered mail services, and cash on delivery services.
They offer a price range that can be afforded by all Egyptian citizens in addition to a list of consumer and corporate first class financial services such as saving accounts, current accounts, instant remittances, an electronic collection with notification service, all served through a state of art retail with one-stop through a unify teller services window.
With their organization and system of delivery which has been developing over the years, this company offers a constant and direct network of communication between the client and the package being transported with the Egypt Post tracking service included in the postal delivery of any parcel.
Thanks to years of experience and fame, the Egypt Post prices range is mostly determined by the allied carrier the client requests for the shipping of a parcel, since its allies have different central headquarters spread throughout the world, giving many options to get the most efficient and cost-friendly postal service available, for both the reception and the sending of any given parcel.

Egypt Post package tracking

What is the postal code of Egypt?

Like most countries that use a postal code identification method for provinces, cities, and their different zones, Egypt also uses this system, being the base number 11311. The first number is for the region, the second for the province, the third for the type of service and the last numbers refer to the delivery area or the post office. You can find the exact postal code of the desired region at any post office, which is necessary to make an Egypt Post order request for a parcel.
For example, the postal codes for Egypt's main cities are the following: El Cairo 11311; Alexandria 21532; Aswan 81718.

How Can I track my Egypt Post parcel?

The shipment of any parcel to any part of the world allied with Egypt Post and inside of Egypt includes an Egypt Post tracking international number, alongside the copy of the shipping information, making it possible to keep track of your package via phone or email with the support staff, providing you with any needed information.
There are many options for getting information about your postal shipping, information that can be accessed through the Egypt Post tracking option available on the website, or by getting in contact with the support staff of Egypt Post. Depending on the country where you will send your parcel, the Egypt Post shipping rates will vary from country to country.
When you get in touch with an agency or the Egypt Post support staff for the international tracking service, they will give you an update of the condition of your shipping, giving you important information about the country of destination, such as importation tax, how long it takes to get to the address after entering the country, etc.

Where does Egypt Post ship?

Egypt Post ships parcels inside of Egypt and in a lot of countries of the world that are allied with the company, with the main difference between them being the Egypt Post prices for domestic services and the International shipping cost for the desired country of destination.
Whenever the customer wants to make shipping of any document or package, the agency assistant will inform him or her about the possible countries of destination, information that can be accessed through the Egypt Post track Shipment system, giving you the essential data for the safe arrival of any parcel.

Is Egypt Post fast?

Egypt post offers many different shipping options for the customers, who will decide based on the Egypt Post shipping time ideal for them. For a parcel inside the country, there is an average time of 2 working days for the delivery of a document or package. In the case of international shipping, the average time for the arrival of the package is 5 working days or depending on the area of the destination country for the Egypt Post delivery.
Like many carrier companies among the postal service, Egypt Post offers a faster delivery service for both domestic and international parcels, called Express Mail Service, which guarantees the arrival of a package to its destination in the next 24 working hours, from the moment the parcel leaves the agency.

How do I contact Egypt Post?

The company offers many ways of communication between the customer and the support staff, via the Egypt Post call center, where you will get any required information, find out the shipping fees, and check the status of your delivery. The client can also get in touch with the company through email, establishing a direct channel of communication with the company, providing you any needed information.
With years of experience in the courier market, Egypt Post is a safe and efficient delivery option for any shipping that you may want to send or receive from Egypt or any country of the world.

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