Correo Uruguayo tracking

Correo Uruguayo tracking

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What is Correo Uruguayo?

Correo Uruguayo is the commercial name for the National Post Office of the Uruguayan nation. This is a run-estate company that is in charge of the official postal service in Uruguay. Correo Uruguayo is the main postal service of the country, controlling most of the national and international deliveries, shipments, and packages. Also, for the insurance of the package, the company offers the Correo Uruguayo tracking system.

The very first courier services organization in Uruguay was established in the year 1827, and it continued working during the next years as a government office until the decade 1990 when it started to be a decentralized service. From that moment on, the company started to carry the name of the National Post Office, which is the formal name.

The first stamps of Uruguay were released in 1856, and it was called “The Stagecoach”. In addition, the Correo Uruguayo headquarters are located in the Montevideo Courier Palace, in the Capital City of Uruguay.

Correo Uruguayo package tracking

How do I follow a package from Correo Uruguayo?

Correo Uruguayo is well known because of its excellent tracking system. It is very functional and reliable. It is a whole platform called “Ahí va”, which in English means “There it goes”. Such software is the official Correos Uruguay tracking tool and perfectly works on every electronic device, like tablets, personal computers, mobile cell phones, and so on.

Like every postal office and courier Services Company, Correo Uruguayo labels every single parcel with a code, which is the official Correo Uruguayo tracking number. It is used to register all the information concerning the order, such as the identity of the clients involved, the characteristics and type of the parcel, the destiny, the estimated times, and many others.

With the tracking number, the client can know the status of the order by entering it in the “Ahíva” platform. There, he will receive all the data of his package, including costs, time of arrival, destination, and name of the driver, among many more details.

Does Correo Uruguayo deliver in other countries?

Correos Del Uruguay offers a wide variety of delivery services for its clients. With national concerns and thanks to its transportation system and its huge branch network, it is possible to send parcels and couriers in general to every city in the country. They also have different kinds of services that can determine the speed of the shipment.

Besides, Correos Del Uruguay has a special delivery system meant to help Uruguayan students. It is called Student Package, and it is only available for students over 18 years old. They have special tariffs for this program. However, one of the most important conditions is that the package can’t exceed 15 kg. This service is only available for national shipping.

For international deliveries, Correo Uruguayo provides different options depending on the necessity of the client. Parcels are regulated by some established rules that regard the checking of the content, the maximum weight, the packaging material, and the legibility of the content, including some other legal stipulations.

The EMS is supported by the help of the Universal Postal Union, so it ensures both integrity and tracking. Besides, the Correo Uruguayo international parcel shipping service also regards orders that exceed 30 kg. Those are received by the company as long as they fulfil stricter rules that are established by both Correos Del Uruguay and the entities in charge of receiving the deliveries, like the government, customs offices, national delivery companies, and so on.

In addition, online shopping has its special service called “Casilla Mía”, or “My Locker”, in English. It is a service that provides a real physical address in the United States so that the client can buy in that country and then receive it in door-to-door delivery right there in Uruguay.

Is Correo Uruguayo fast?

Correo Uruguayo determines a stipulation of the delivery time depending on the elements and characteristics of the package, which regard the travel distance, the travel route, and the dimensions of the package (weight, size…). In addition, national deliveries naturally take less time rather than international ones.

National services are meant to take a maximum delivery time of 72 hours. However, that time can vary if there are setbacks of natural causes, like weather, geographical zones, accidents, and others. It is very unlikely that these things occur, but customers have to take them into account.

For international shipping, the time can be up to 21 working days depending on the destination. Anyhow, the Correos del Uruguay tracking service can provide a more detailed delivery time estimation.

What are Correo Uruguayo shipping fees?

Like the delivery time, shipping fees for a Correo Uruguayo order are stipulated by the features of the parcel. The weight, the size, the distance to cover, the type of service, whether the package goes to a national or international destination and other parameters can influence the final cost.

In Uruguayan currency, national shipments go from 140 pesos to 375, which in American dollars is $3.30 to $8.85. International deliveries increase the costs, putting them from 70 pesos ($1.65) up to 20555 pesos ($485.30). The prices are mostly determined by the weight of the package and the type of product. Besides, the web page of Correo Uruguayo provides a detailed list of tariffs and taxes, specifying every type of order, condition, and other terms.

How can I contact Correo Uruguayo?

Correo Uruguayo puts on its web page all the contacting ways for clients. There is a call centre that provides special customer attention regarding issues like the Correos Uruguay tracking service, order status, and others. The Correo Uruguayo phone number can be found right there on the web page.

On the other hand, the official email address of the company is meant to receive more formal messages. Those are most likely to be complaints, doubts, explanatory statements, suggestions, and questions. However, to get a faster response, it is recommended to contact them by using the phone number. It works 24/7 and the workers provide useful help.

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