Correo Paraguayo tracking

Correo Paraguayo tracking

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Paraguay is a beautiful country full of culture and traditions that make it stand out among many Latin American countries. Its development is in full growth in different aspects, both political and economic. Also, the Paraguayan postal service has become one of the best communication tools in the country, allowing inhabitants, companies, and organizations to communicate efficiently and reliably. Correo Paraguayo delivery service for letters and postal packages is offered in the whole national territory and also in many UPU member countries.

Correo Paraguayo package tracking

What is Correo Paraguayo?

The Paraguayan postal system has a very long history after all its origin dates back to the time of the colony, but it was not until 1870 when the first stamp was issued in Paraguay, although it was printed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From that year until 1926 almost a thousand stamps were created.
Several years later, telephone innovations, networks, and modern telecommunications began to arrive. Also, the use of e-mail and the Internet was implemented in the postal system. With all these advances, the Paraguayan Post Office was growing and optimizing itself more and more, using all the technological innovations to improve its services.
Thus, the Paraguayan Post Office was able to expand throughout the country and is now in charge of managing the entire postal system of the country. It is in charge of sending postal letters, documents, printed matter, parcels and packages to all parts of the country and also to other countries.
Currently, this postal system is known as DINACOPA (Dirección Nacional de Correo Paraguayo) and provides all postal services of national and international origin, including the issuance and promotion of postage stamps, created by the same entity to meet the needs of its customers.

How do I track my parcel from Correo Paraguayo?

Correo Paraguyao tracking from the official site of the company is your best option to know the status or location of your postal orders. In the Correo Paraguayo website, you will easily find the tracking section. 
Whether you have sent a letter, document, or any other package nationally or internationally, you can easily track it. Just enter the Correo Paraguayo tracking number in the search field and the requested information will be displayed immediately.
There are also other sites on the web that allow you to track your Correo Paraguayo packages, but not all of them show accurate or precise information of the package location. We recommend you always use the official site to track your packages, but in case you cannot access the official site, we invite you to do so from our website.

Does Correo Paraguayo deliver Internationally?

Yes, Correo Paraguayo delivers internationally. After your entry and recognition in the Universal Postal Union, Correos Paraguay shipping letters, documents, and more to hundreds of countries around the world safely, quickly, and reliably. In fact, one of its best services is the Express Mail Service International, one of the fastest postal services of many postal companies in the world, with the main objective of making the final delivery.
With this service, Correo Paraguayo has managed to generate a great impact on the postal systems worldwide, making millions of people trust and make use of it. This type of shipment can also be tracked at any time.

How long does Correo Paraguayo take to deliver?

Correo Paraguayo delivery service ships your national postal packages to the different agencies of the company within 2 to 5 working days. Shipments within the same city can be delivered 1 or 2 days after leaving it in an office. 
For international shipments these are delivered in a long time; depending on the customs that have to be passed and the restrictions or rules of the other countries, the packages arrive in a period of between 7 to 14 days, although sometimes they can take a little longer to arrive.

What are Correo Paraguayo shipping fees?

The national mail service is one of the simplest and most economical services of the Paraguayan Post Office. The Correo Paraguayo shipping fees vary according to the weight:

  • 20 grams - 2,200 PYG ($0.32).
  • 50 grams - 2.400 PYG ($0.34).
  • 100 grams - 2,500 PYG ($0.36).
  • 250 grams - 4,000 PYG ($0.57)
  • 500 grams - 5,500 PYG ($0.79).
  • 1,500 grams - 10,000 PYG ($1.44)
  • 2000 grams - 11,000 PYG ($1.58)

On the other hand, there is another type of special service for nationwide shipments that have a slightly higher price, but your packages will be delivered in less time. These also vary according to their weight:

  • 20 grams - 9,000 PYG ($1.29).
  • 50 grams - 10,000 PYG ($1.44).
  • 100 grams - 10,500 PYG ($1.51).
  • 250 grams - 11,000 PYG ($1.58)
  • 500 grams - 12,000 PYG ($1.72).
  • 1000 grams - 13,000 PYG ($1.87).
  • 1500 grams - 15,000 PYG ($2.15).
  • 2,000 grams - 18,000 PYG ($2.58)

Rates at the international level tend to remain at the same average as most Latin American and UPU postal companies. International rates for Correo Paraguayo range from 20000 PYG ($2.87) to 150000 PYG ($21.54). Some of these rates may include some sort of insurance or protection against reimbursement. But thanks to the reliability and high-quality service offered by the company, it is really comfortable to send postcards all over the world through it.

How can I contact Correo Paraguayo?

To contact Correo Paraguayo you can use different channels. One of the most efficient and used one is the Correo Paraguayo phone numbers: (+595 21) 498 112, (+595 21) 450 398. If you prefer you can also choose to visit one of the offices nationwide. You can find one at Esquina 25 de Mayo, Yegros; and another at Alberdi N° 130 and Benjamin Constant. These are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
You can also find and request any information through the company's official website, There, you will find all the information about the company, from its history to all the services, products, news, announcements and much more.

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