Jamaica Post tracking

Jamaica Post tracking

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What is Jamaica Post?

Since October 31, 1671, Jamaica Post has served as the Jamaica franchise providing logistics solutions, mail delivery, overseas parcel services, bill payment, and the sale of postage stamps. 
It was born out of the need for a postal service that facilitates communication and connection between people, due to the growing economy and population. Jamaica Post has been that company, which after a hard history of evolution, reconstruction, and tests of life, managed to become what it is today in the country, having more than five hundred points throughout Jamaica, with the mission of providing help to those who need it, adding value to its expansive network and human capital and being an important proposal for mail delivery in Jamaica.
Post offices offer commercial and postal services including bill payment, local and overseas express mail service, parcel service, and sale of postage and commemorative stamps. They are deeply committed to continuing the service provided to the nation, fulfilling their obligation in transforming Jamaica into a better country, and serve the customer with the greatest respect and solidarity possible.

Jamaica Post package tracking

How do I track a package from Jamaica?

The Jamaica Post Official Website offers an easy, bold and fast way in order to perform the Jamaica Post tracking service. Once the clients enter their official website, they can go to the menu in the sidebar, where the Track and Trace section is located.
In this section, the client will find two types of options for the Jamaica Post tracking mail or parcel. The first one is to track the parcel if it was a local shipment, and the other one is for international shipments to the USA, Canada, and the United-Kingdom.
Each of these options presents a special login link, just above the search bar where the client can enter the Jamaica Post tracking number and successfully perform the tracking process.

Does Jamaica have postal codes?

Unfortunately, Jamaica does not have postal codes. In order to enter this information with the missing data, you must write “Jamaica, W.I” which refers to the West Indies. Existing zip codes considered to be connected with Jamaica are within Kingston, from Kingston 1 to Kingston 20. Still, many Jamaicans take South Florida as Kingston 21, due to the large and high population that is found there.

How long does mail take from the US to Jamaica?

Usually letter delivery to Jamaica takes 7-21 days, but Jamaica Post handles a different rhyme and speed velocity:

  • For express mail services, for deliveries being made to any of the 17 countries available in Europe, North America, the Caribbean, and Latin America the Jamaica Post delivery time is between 3-5 days.
  • For the International Registered Mail, it takes between 7-14 business days, ensuring protection and unlimited compensation in the event of any problem.

For International Parcels, the customer can select from these options:

  • By air, which is considered the primary form and takes 14 days to reach the destination.
  • By Surface Air Lift it takes between 6 to 8 weeks to reach the indicated country.
  • And for Express Mail Service that takes approximately 3-5 business days to successfully deliver. 

Where does Jamaica Post can ship?

Jamaica Post offers a wide selection of countries to which you can send parcels. You can also obtain the EMS service to make deliveries in 17 countries distributed between Latin America, North America, the Caribbean, and Europe. Various options include Canada, the US, Great Britain, Antigua, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Granada, Saint Lucia, Trinidad, Bermuda, Mexico, Panama, St. Marteen, Cuba, Belize, and many more.

What are Jamaica Post shipping costs? 

The Jamaica Post page has a quick and understandable selection system so that the customer can recognize and know what the Jamaica Post shipping costs are for each order, depending on the route, weight, and different characteristics that can define the package.
Within the Postage Rates section on the official website, there are options for each special shipping case, where the client can enter Local Inland Rates, Zip Mail Rates, Overseas Postage Rates, Overseas Parcel Rates, and Fast Track Rates. Upon entering each of them, a distinctive document will be opened in PDF format, where the price or cost figures are expressed, evaluating the weight and the item of the package.
Prices can range from lower rates such as $60 to $2400 for local rates, and others such as the Overseas Parcels that are made up of prices from $120 to $860.
In any case, the client can always consult the website and check the data and requirements that are available for each type of delivery, price, and service. 

How do I contact Jamaica Post?

To consult, comment, or ask directly with any staff in charge of customer service, the customer can find each of the detailed Jamaica Post contact data on the website, for every special case and request. The company offers different contact options, which include telephone numbers, addresses, and emails which will make it possible and easy for the client to communicate any idea that needs to be discussed or clarified.
Among the selection available to contact are the departments of Headquarters, Customer Service, Public Relations Unit, Business Development Unit, Philatelic Store, Human Resource Management, and Development. For each of the forms to contact, different hours and days are established to allow the client to visit, direct the message or call in comfort while waiting for good service and attention, for this the Jamaica Post office contact numbers are 876-404-0584 / 876-432-8356.
In addition to this, Jamaica Post and all the team that makes it up is completely open to any kind of suggestion, opinion, idea, or complaint that the client may have, allowing them to follow up and provide feedback, to improve their facilities, services, system, attention, and organization when it comes to shipping, tracking and any option or benefit that the company can offer to help the population of the country and the rest of the world.
The clients can also visit their profiles on their social networks, such as Twitter and Instagram, where the community of other consumers is, and share their experiences with the company in a more direct and constant way. 

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