Correo Argentino tracking

Correo Argentino tracking

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What is Correo Argentino?

Correo Argentino is a state-owned company in Argentina that offers the largest and most important postal services in the country. This company is also known as CORASA or Correo Oficial de la República Argentina Sociedad Anónima.
Argentina has a postal service that has been operating for many years. In 2003, after several processes of privatization and economic problems in the country, the country's postal services began to be processed through the Correo Argentino Company. The Post Office Palace is a historical monument of Argentina that was built in 1888. This monument is the most representative symbol of the company.
Currently, the company has more than 3,000 postal service offices that are distributed in more than 1,200 locations throughout the country. Users from any part of the country, whether from rural areas or big cities, can access the services offered by the Argentine Postal Company.
Correo Argentino offers a wide variety of postal services including package delivery, e-commerce package delivery, postal mail, commercial package delivery, money orders, money transfer through Western Union, and many more services.
Besides, it is important to mention that the company is a fundamental part of the electoral processes that are made in Argentina.
In fact, for years, Correo Argentino has a sector specialized in the development and coordination of the logistics of the electoral processes.
The company has been responsible for controlling the electoral logistics of legislative elections and even presidential elections, with the support of public and private institutions.
For years, Correo Argentino has been committed to offering excellent quality services through state-of-the-art platforms and shipping and delivery processes to all its users, regardless of whether they live in the country or abroad.
To guarantee an efficient, safe, reliable, and transparent service, the company is not only in charge of sending the packages or postal mails, but it is also in charge of distributing and delivering the orders nationwide.
The company has distribution and delivery agreements with the most important transport companies in the world such as DHL, FedEx, or UPS. With this help, Correo Argentino can guarantee excellent service all over the world.

Correo Argentino package tracking

How do I track my Correo Argentino parcel?

Correo Argentino tracking can be done through different means that are on the official website of the company. Through the tracking number, Correo Argentino users can track and follow up on their packages.
It is important to mention that users can get the tracking number once they have completed all the shipping procedures properly. Users must follow all the steps and rules dictated by the company.
Likewise, Correo Argentino international tracking can only be done through the modern tracking system that can be found on the company's official website.
The Correo Argentino track and trace system of all the packages or postal mails made by the users can also be made through e-mail or through calls with the telephone numbers of the customer services.
Users can also track the packages in any of the 3500 offices that are distributed in all regions of Argentina, also, the tracking number Correo Argentino can be obtained through the website or physically through postal mail.

How long does it take for Correo Argentino to ship?

Correo Argentino delivery time is usually very fast with any kind of package. The delivery time at the national level is usually 24 to 48 hours. But, it is important to mention that it may change due to the type of shipment and the transport company that has been selected by the user.
The track and trace Correo Argentino of the packages can be done at any time by the users. Correo Argentino offers users an express shipping method that has been developed to send packages of up to 25 kilograms quickly and efficiently to any area of Argentina and to any country in the world.

How much does Correo Argentino charge for a shipment?

Shipping cost may vary due to the size and weight of the package. The official website has a list of the Correo Argentino prices that users must pay to send their packages to different countries in the world. Depending on the size and weight of the package, the average price is approximately 40 dollars.
The shipping cost may also vary due to the shipping destination. If users wish to send their packages to Latin American countries, the price of shipping and delivery is lower than the price of shipping to a country in Europe, Africa, or Asia.
Where does Correo Argentino ship?
Correos Argentino international shipping service is one of the most efficient and sophisticated in all Latin America. Millions of users in Argentina and worldwide can send packages and postal mail to any country in the world. Besides, packages can be delivered through transport companies such as DHL, FedEx, or UPS.
It is also important to remember that users can track their packages through the Correo Argentino' tracking orders. The tracking order is offered by the company through digital and physical means.
The delivery time of Correo Argentino is usually very short. Especially, when it comes to shipments made to countries that belong to Mercosur. Likewise, in countries that have international agreements with Argentina.

How can I contact Correo Argentino?

Correo Argentino has an official website where users can access all the company's phone numbers and emails, to make all the queries they wish.
The website has different contact systems where users can perform different types of procedures. Users can make complaints, suggestions, track their packages, or request important information. Besides, users also have the opportunity to attend any of the offices that are distributed in rural areas and major cities of Argentina. In this way, users can have all the detailed information of the packages that are sent and delivered in a safe and reliable way by Correo Argentino. It is important to mention that the response time to users' requests occurs in less than 12 hours, so they can have a fluid interaction with the customer service.

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