Campost tracking

Campost tracking

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What is Campost?

Campost is a Cameroonian company that offers the postal service to everyone there. However, they include some banking services like money transfers and saving programs. As well as telecommunication services.
This company has been a part of the universal postal union since 1960. From then, they are adapting all their services and products to satisfy their customers. Offering them a magnificent experience with their packages.
Campost has in mind to be a reference company in the postal business in the entire African continent. They work hard to offer all their clients the best resources and customer service to help them with any issue that they can have with their parcels, offering satisfaction to their national and worldwide clients.

Campost package tracking

How can I track a package from Campost?

Campost Cameroon tracking is easy to do. Once here in Ship24 you can go to the tracking bar, and put the Campost tracking number there. This number usually starts with a specific letter that represents the kind of postal service that you are using and finishes with CM that stands for Cameroon.
Campost tracking is useful because with only a click you will know the location of your parcels or documents that you send to any place inside Cameroon or any other country.
With just the number of your Campost track order, you will know all the information that you need to know about your parcels, and how many times they will last to come to their final destiny.
In every postal control facility where your package arrives, the barcode in the label of it will be scanned. This information will directly go to the platform to let you know where the parcel is at any moment.
You can also use the Ship24 website to track your Campost parcel.

Is Campost reliable if I send something in Cameroon?

With the pass of the years, Campost has offered to everyone in Cameroon a reliable experience. Sending parcels to any relative or friend inside the country or sending one Campost package abroad. The company is known for its responsibility and effectiveness when it comes to delivering the packages in perfect conditions.

They have been in the market for over sixty years. They have always maintained a perfect reputation because of their moral values and the compromise of all their workers that really worry about the packages that could contain valuable things. Therefore, yes, they are a reliable company to send any items locally or internationally.
The values of the company are proximity, innovation, consideration, professionalism, and commitment, so they talk well of it. Every employee must follow them to remain in the company and offer a marvelous experience to the clients. This company is reliable to the point that more than 90% of their clients return to send another parcel in a future time.

Is Campost fast?

Campost delivery time inside of Cameroon is fast. The packages can even arrive at their destination the next day. In addition, they count with an enormous group of cars for transportation inside the country that offers a good and fast service. All the packages will arrive in no time from one state to another in a matter of hours.
Campost domestic shipping is a great solution to send parcels inside the country. Sometimes they can even offer you some good discounts on the shipping fees.
Talking about international services, they are also fast depending on the country where the parcel will be sent. In some countries inside Africa, it could take from 7 to 14 days to arrive at their final destination, but to other continents, it could take more. Normally if the ultimate destination is a country in Europe, it will take at least two weeks, as well for Asia. If you will send a parcel to North America sometimes, it can take from 2 to 3 weeks. To South America, the Campost delivery will take at least 3 weeks to arrive.

Is Campost expensive?

Campost shipping costs are affordable to everyone in Cameroon, for a local Campost shipping service the prices start at a cheap price. The price point is 500 FRS in the national currency that is something like $0.85 USD for the tiniest parcels like letters or objects that do not weigh over 50 g.
The international shipping fees are more expensive getting to the price point of 1000 FRS that would be $1.71 USD to send parcels to another country. However, this price may vary depending on the country of destination. Therefore, as you could read, the price of every Campost order will depend on the weight of the package and the country of destination. That is that the weightier the package you will send, the prices will dramatically increase.

How do I contact Campost?

To know more information about their prices and service, if you have any problem with your upcoming package, or you cannot track them, you can always call the Campost contact number 237 22 50 70 00 or the 237 22 22 91 50. On this hotline number, they will offer you all the information that you require and will help you solve all your issues. They also count with a fax number if you want to send them one, you can always do it to the 237 22 23 21 36.
If you would like an internet contact instead, you can write them an email to the next email where they will also help you with all your requirements, their customer service experts are there to offer you effectiveness and security with everything related to your parcel or any other of the services that they offer to the public.
However, if you are a person who loves to have physical contact and if the explanations offered by the customer service in both telephonic via or email, do not satisfy you; you can always visit their office in the Boulevard du 20 mai in the city of Yaounde. There you will find the company's main crew that will help you out.

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