Burundi Post tracking

Burundi Post tracking

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Located in the West African Great Lakes region, Burundi has one of the most efficient postal services in the western part of the continent. Burundi Post is the company in charge of providing postal, parcel, and EMS services. Burundi Post Shipping service ensures communication between the different districts of the country and even in many African and European countries as well.
This country is showing a lot of progress and desire to continue developing to become a better place for every one of its inhabitants. In the meantime, they are satisfied by innovating in the way they send postcards and packages throughout the country's territory.

What is Burundi Post?

Like many countries in Africa, Burundi has also established a post office. That is how Burundi Post was created in March 1991 but began operating as the Burundi Post Administration on January 1, 1992. Since then it has been responsible for the control and distribution of all the country's postal services and is under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Transport, Post and Telecommunications.
Burundi Post is the company responsible for collecting, organizing, managing, and distributing all postal services throughout the country and other member countries of the Universal Postal Union. It is also responsible for managing the postal giro accounts and treasury of natural and legal persons and private companies' networks. The Postal Administration Office also handles operations related to the issuance and payment of money orders, transfers, and public servants' salary payment.

How can I track my parcel from Burundi Post?

Burundi Post tracking allows all its customers to know the location of their postal package, whether it is a mail, newspaper, or another specific package. By knowing your Burundi Post tracking number you can know the location and status of your letters or parcels through different platforms associated with the postal company. You can find out the status of your package by consulting the information at any Burundi Post office; just present your tracking ID and they will give you the information you are requesting.
In order to track a Burundi post package you can use the official website's tracker they provide to keep you updated, you just need to type your tracking number. You can also track your package or know its status on our website. In addition, you are notified even when the package was picked up or if it is still in the office.

Is Burundi Post Expensive?

Compared to the prices offered by other postal companies on the African continent, Burundi Post shipping fees remain below the international average, making it one of the companies with the lowest rates on the continent. For domestic shipments, letters and other postal packages can cost between 120 FBU ($0.062) and 2600 FBU ($1.35), depending on the weight of the package, and international shipments are between 700 FBU ($0.36) and 17800 FBU ($9.24), which can weigh up to 2 kg.
All established rates vary according to the dimensions, destination, and type of package being sent. However, many people have been able to take full advantage of all the services offered by Burundi Post, as they are economical and reach the entire national territory.

What Areas Are Served By Burundi Post Deliveries?

Burundi Post delivery offers its services throughout the country. Burundi Post has set up 47 offices where all the company's postal services are guaranteed. This allows all the inhabitants of the country's different provinces to send their postcards and packages to any part of the country. A list of all the provinces to which the company delivers can be found on the Burundi Post website. Here you can check the 47 areas in which Burundi Post delivers all the letters and postcards from its inhabitants on a daily basis.
The country's postal administration office is responsible for handling more than 20 tons of mail per year, which is carried out thanks to the 10,000 postal boxes and the staff of more than 300 agents trained to provide an efficient and quality service.

Is Burundi Post Fast?

The Burundi Post delivery time is usually quite fast, at least for mail deliveries nationwide. These mail deliveries are made through different post boxes established in specific areas of the country and also from the counters for mass mail. In areas or provinces where there are no post offices, deliveries are ensured by postal correspondents, who guarantee receipt and forwarding to the appropriate offices.
A letter from one province to another can be delivered the same day or at the latest the day after it has been received at an office. The shipments to other countries are estimated to be moved between a period of 5 to 15 days, considering the weight and destination. Likewise, the rules and restrictions established at the borders of other countries must be taken into account and respected

How Can I Contact Burundi Post?

If you wish to contact the Burundi Post Office in order to make a claim, an inquiry, or to know some information you can do it in different ways. You can directly visit the National Postal Administration headquarters located on Boulevard Patrice Lumumba, PO Box 258, Bujumbura, Burundi.
You can also contact them by direct telephone through the (257) 22 32 51, (257) 22 07 00, or (257) 22 07 02. Burundi Post has different mailing addresses to which you can write for specific issues. Below are the e-mail addresses with their respective recipients:

These are all the emails you can contact directly for questions, doubts, or complaints. If you want to know more about the Burundi post office, you can visit their official website.

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