Botswana Post tracking

Botswana Post tracking

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What is Botswana Post?

Botswana Post is a state-owned company that is responsible for the management and proper functioning of all postal services in Botswana. Botswana Post is under the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Botswana Government. Since the company is owned by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, many of its services are of excellent quality.
For example, BotswanaPost track and trace service are one of the most respected in the African postal market. By taking advantage of new information and communication technologies, Botswana Post offers a wide range of postal options that users can use to send their postal orders.
Botswana Post postal history dates back to 1875 when the country was ruled by the British colonists. At that time, the only postal service was nationwide. Hundreds of postmen, called "Runners", delivered thousands of letters or packages every year, in any region of the country. Later, the postal service took a step forward when postal parcels, both national and international, began to be distributed by rail.
Botswana's first postal department originated in 1966 when postal services began to be run by the Post and Telegraph Department. From that time on, the country's postal services were booming. A banking service was even implemented through a savings bank at Botswana's Post office. It was not until 1980 that Botswana Post gained full independence from the government, even though it was still a public company. It was financial independence and in all the logistics infrastructure of the services.
From 1990, Botswana Post gained the financial and logistical capability to acquire its vehicle and transport network to distribute and deliver millions of postal parcels, both domestically and internationally. This new development opened the door to new opportunities to expand the services' logistics networks. Also, over time, the financial investment for the implementation of the most advanced technologies facilitated the opportunity to develop and implement other types of services, such as bank transfers and payments.
Botswana Post postal services have evolved rapidly since its inception. Currently, Botswana Post is making great efforts to develop, leverage, and implement cutting-edge technologies to install a communication network in the most rural and remote regions of the country.

Botswana Post package tracking

How do I track my Botswana Post package?

The company understands the important need that users have to track their packages or parcels during their journey. Users can use the Botswana Post Tracking service through a virtual system that can be found on its official website. Each package, letter, or any type of postal correspondence is electronically marked with a tracking code or number. 
Through the Botswana Post tracking number, clients can track and follow their postal orders obtaining data in real-time. The tracking number can only be acquired once the clients have passed all the delivery and payment procedures.
Likewise, the tracking number can be requested by e-mail or by personally attending any of the post offices that are distributed in the national territory. It is important to emphasize that customers will be able to locate their orders, no matter where they are.

Does Botswana have postal codes?

First of all, it's important to know what a zip code is. The postal code is a system of digits used in the United States and most countries in the world that facilitates the distribution and delivery of postal orders. This number system can vary depending on the country, as the number of digits can go from 5 to 9. The first digits represent the state or province of the country, and the last digits indicate the most specific zones or regions where delivery can be made.
Once we know this information, we can address the answer to the question. Botswana does not have an official postal code system. Currently, and if necessary, millions of people use 5-digit random number combinations to define postal codes. Despite this shortcoming, the company has not experienced any problems in distributing and delivering Botswana Post parcels.

Where does Botswana Post deliver?

Since Botswana Post is one of Africa's leading postal companies, in addition to being a member of the Universal Postal Union and the Pan African Postal Union, it has the logistical power to deliver to over 193 countries around the world. On a national level, it can and does deliver to the most important regions of the country, and only to some rural areas of Botswana.

Is Botswana Post delivery fast?

Botswana Post delivery times may vary due to certain factors. The destination and the type of postal service requested by the customer may change the shipping and delivery times.
For domestic deliveries of parcels or letters, shipping times range from 2 to 5 working days. With express postal services, the company takes between 1 to 3 working days to deliver.
For international shipments and deliveries, times may vary significantly:

  • For African countries, delivery times are usually 15 working days.
  • For those countries in Europe, Asia, or North America, such as the United Kingdom, China, or the United States, they take approximately 10 days.
  • For countries in South America, such as Brazil, the approximate delivery times are 15 working days.

What are Botswana Post shipping fees?

  • For domestic deliveries, the average price is approximately 2 dollars.
  • For deliveries to countries on the African continent, the average price is approximately 12 dollars.
  • For countries in North America, South America or Asia, the approximate cost to pay is 40 dollars.

Every time a Botswana Post package does not comply with certain requirements for the customs of a country, such as the weight limit, customers will have to pay an additional charge.

Does Botswana Post have customer service?

The customer service is on the company's official website. The clients will be able to fill in a virtual form, where they will be able to process different types of requests or queries, such as requesting to track an order, in case of loss.
Also, the rest of the information about Botswana Post contacts can be found on its official website, telephone numbers and official company emails.

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