What is a Registered/Tracked and an non-registered parcel?

What is a Registered/Tracked and an non-registered parcel?

As the eCommerce businesses have been emerging over the passage of time, the eCommerce delivery shipping solutions are now covering the population worldwide. It has become much easier to ship the parcels and packages and have them tracked. Basically there are multiple shipping methods that the online marketplaces such as AliExpress and Amazon utilizes. The two most popular options are:

Not registered mail

If you see this message "Parcel not tracked, no further tracking information available :/ For any issues, please contact your local post office" on the tracking result page, your parcel is not registered, no more tracking information is available. It refers to the method of shipment where the parcels or ePackets from China are delivered free of cost for the buyer (economic), but takes over a month to reach the end consumers. For example, where an order is placed with Aliexpress, the majority of sellers provides free shipping services to countries across Asia, Europe, North America. The greatest risk involved in this mailing option is that no tracking information is offered along with the parcel transit with a higher possibility of missing or losing the parcel. Such a type of delivery process could be taken for items worth less than $30 and of course for the orders that are not needed on an urgent basis.

If you are asking where is your parcel/package, you can wait until your parcel gets a status similar to: “Arrived in the destination country”. After this status, you can try to make a request directly to your regular Post office or local delivery carrier, to obtain your order delivery sped up. Ship24 provides useful tracking information and do not physically handle the shipment of packages in any way.

Registered or Tracked mail

It refers to the method of shipment where the parcels or ePackets from China are delivered in the same manner as the traditional shipping. Hence, a safer way of shipping items to the buyers, preventing the risk of the parcel being lost. This makes sure you can track your package and get help if it does not arrive on time. There will be compensation for any lost packages. With regards to the time of delivery, registered parcels are said to take about 3 weeks from China to reach the destination country.

Time of delivery via making use of several delivery methods are as below:

  • ePacket shipping- 1 to 3 weeks
  • China EMS- 1 to 3 weeks

The delay in the time of delivery may be due to the customs processes or similar other reasons. Normally when registered airmail is selected, the parcels are said to get to their destinations between 10 to 30 working days. Hence, preferred for items worth over $30.

As far as the pricing of shipping methods is concerned, registered parcels do charge a higher price while no amount is charged for shipping not registered parcel options.

How do you track a Package?

In comparison to the parcels that are sent over via registered mail shipping service from China, not registered parcels cannot be tracked as no information is shared between posts. Whereas, the registered parcels could be tracked simply by placing the provided tracking number in the search bar and looking for where your parcels are.

The tracking status of the particular product sent via registered mail depends on the stage the parcel lies!

Why is there no more tracking information on my parcel?

The parcels and packages that are sent over via economy or not registered airmail, normally do not have tracking information. Where a customer is looking forward to track their order on Ship24, he/she can upgrade to other methods that include express shipping or priority lines during the initial order process.

Please note that for registered airmail packages, tracking number is often there on the purchase confirmation email page or on the marketplace “My Orders” page

Where is my parcel?

If the purchase is made via registered (tracked) mail in the check-out process, it is easier to track where the parcel is as the registered post is said to be accountable at every stage of the transit. But, if your purchase was made via economy or not registered mail (most economic option), there is a higher risk of parcels being lost as nothing is taken into the record for future inquiry. Among a large number of tracking platforms available, Ship24 is the all in one solution for providing quick and quality tracking services. Hence, as a seller, Ship24 is making your end consumers feel relaxed about their purchase even if their registered parcel has not arrived to the right address within the given time period.

For any issue or delivery exception contact the marketplace or the online shop customer service team for queries regarding their parcels/ packages and get the logical reasons behind the delays (if any). Ship24 is not a carrier BUT provides useful tracking information we do not physically handle the shipment of packages in any way. This is why, we highly recommend you to make use of registered mail solutions as the shipment options are available at the online marketplaces at the time of checkout.

Get the best tracking experience with Ship24 for the tracking of all your registered parcels!

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