Grenada Post tracking

Grenada Post tracking

If you live in the Lesser Antilles, specifically in Grenada, or want to send a package to that country, you have to know about Grenada Post. This company is Grenada's postal service par excellence, so do not stop reading.
You will find everything you need to know about sending and receiving packages with Grenada Post here, related to the delivery times of the company, the package shipping costs, and other useful information.

What is Grenada Post?

Grenada Post office tracking service or Grenada Postal Corporation is the post office of this country, installed in 1997, intending to be the main postal service in all of Grenada. Additionally, they can provide banking services, sell stamps, and rent private mailboxes. But those are not the only services this company provides.
Grenada Post is popular for its express mail services, parcel receiving, and shipping services, commissions on money orders, stamps, and registered mail. So the residents of this country can easily access shipping services at any of the company's offices. But some may have questions about the services, so we will answer those questions below.

Can I track my package from Grenada Post? How?

The answer is yes, but the company doesn’t really have yet a Grenada Post tracking system. However, you can easily use the Grenada Post tracking number to locate your packages to their final destination. For this, you can use a reliable tracking tool like the Ship24 website and the tracking number provided by the company.
So maybe this company doesn't have an official tracking page, but it does provide a tracking number for its customers so they can locate their packages without problems. Just thanks to the Grenada Post tracking number. Another aspect that makes this small postal company quite reliable, and very appreciated by the citizens of Grenada.

Does Grenada Post deliver internationally?

Of course, besides having a local express mail service, they also have services for international business within the Grenada Post office service. This means you can send and receive packages up to 20Kg from most countries because this postal company is also supported by a global postal network with 191 countries.
All this ensures your packages will arrive safely wherever, and they will arrive in the shortest possible time. In addition to being handled by a team of experts, who will take care that your packages do not receive damage from handling. Therefore, there is no doubt it is the company par excellence for the residents of Grenada.
So, if you want to send documents or packages to the United States, Canada, Caribbean countries, China, South Africa, or Europe, from Grenada, the best option is to use the Grenada Post shipping service. Since, as you have seen, they have the best delivery times and competitive prices in the country, as you can see below.

How long does it take for the Grenada Post to deliver a package?

Grenada Post shipping services have different delivery times since you will understand that international parcels take a little longer. However:

  • For the local express mail service, you are guaranteed delivery in less than 24 hours to your destination.
  • While this service in economy class may take longer, approximately 2 to 5 business days.

As we have already mentioned, the Grenade Post shipping time for international packages takes longer depending on the destination country. So you will understand that, for countries such as China, countries of the European Union, the United States, and Canada, your package may take up to 30 business days. While shipments to countries within the Caribbean may take a little less time.
However, they are relatively normal delivery times, compared to other government postal and postal companies. Besides, you can track the location of your package at any time, without forgetting the quality of the delivery is assured in any service you have chosen.

What are the Grenada Post shipping fees?

Like any postal company, Grenada Post manages different prices for its services. For example, for the service of mailboxes, the rent has a cost of $ 265 per year, while the Grenade shipping fees of the express mail service may vary, depending on the destination of the package, its weight, and dimensions, in addition to customs tax issues.

  • Letter mailing is priced at $ 0.84 for each ounce sent
  • While airmail parcel Grenada Post shipping costs from $ 14 to $ 125, depending on the pound weight of the package.
  • Lastly, packages shipped economy class can cost up to $ 83, with a weight limit of 66 pounds.

Remember, to all this you must add the prices of taxes, internal parcels, and even the costs of the stamps, which you must acquire in Grenada Post. In this way, you can get your budget when sending a package, but we assure you that it will not be expensive for you at all if you are on the island.

How can I contact the Grenada Post?

Do you need more info? No problem, you can contact Grenada Post customer service on their "Contact Us" page. There you will find a blank form you can fill out with your questions, then in a short time, you will receive an answer to your email. And if you think you need help a little more urgently with your Grenada Post tracking number, do not worry, there are other ways to contact them:

  • Email: You can contact the company by email at any time of the day through the following emails: and .
  • Telephone: You can also make a call to their telephone lines, to receive advice in real-time, to the numbers 1 (473) 440-2526 or 1 (473) 440-6728. Remember, you can only call during office hours and on business days.

Finally, if you are in Grenada, you can go directly to the main headquarters in St. George, Burns Point, or to any of its affiliated Grenade Post office tracking agency, which is distributed throughout the territory. But be sure to go during office hours and on business days.

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