Telepost (Greenland Post) tracking

Telepost (Greenland Post) tracking

If you live in Greenland and need to send a package, then you should already know Telepost, the official postal service of this country. However, if you are here, it must be for a reason, and that is you may not know how to use these services. But that is no longer a problem because below we will tell you everything you need to know about Telepost Greenland.
From package tracking methods, shipping methods, and the Telepost price, everything you need to know is here. So, do not stop reading, because we will give you some valuable information for anyone who lives in Greenland or want to ship there.

What is Telepost?

Telepost Greenland was born as a telegraphy radio station in 1925, so its main function was the reception and transmission of telegrams in Greenland abroad. But, at that time it was not known as Telepost, but as the Greenland Technical Organization or TELE, and it was a company belonging to the Danish state.
However, a few years later POST was born, and it became a member of the World Postal Union. So it was the company that came to dominate the postal service in Greenland. Later, TELE became known as the Greenland Post Office, still part of the Danish state.
Finally, in 1997, the POST and TELE companies were taken over by the Greenland Home Rule Government and merged to become TELE-POST. In other words, they became the official Greenland mail and telegraphy service. But do not get confused, because their services are not limited, then you will realize what we are talking about.

How do I track my package from Greenland Post?

The Greenland Post or Telepost tracking service works like any other system powered by Telepost Track and Trace. When you make a shipment, the company will give you a tracking number, so make sure you always have it on hand.
With the tracking number, head over to the Telepost website, and one of the first things you will see will be the Telepost Track and Trace bar. Put the tracking number in the blank space, and select the search button. You will see that in a few seconds all the information you need to know appears. From the arrival time of your package, its current location, payment rates, among others.
So, if you live in Greenland and need to make a shipment, but are suspicious of parcel services, you can use Telepost with confidence. Because, you will have the right to track your package at any time, and you will have real information of its location whenever you want. Just thanks to the Telepost Track and Trace system.

Does the Post of Greenland ship in many countries?

Of course, you can send to other countries from Greenland with the Greenland Post international delivery. Since Telepost is an authorized agent for various international logistics companies, such as PostNord, DHL Express, FedEx, and GLS. So you can receive packages from the countries where these companies work, without any problems.
So, you can receive packages and mail from these companies, with a Telepost reception in Greenland. Do you want to know how? You simply have to enter the address of the Telepost offices as the delivery address. Also, you just have to keep in mind that packages always make a stop in Denmark, and then are redirected the next business day to Greenland.

Is the Greenland Post delivery fast?

Greenland Post shipping time depends on the priority of the package and its final destination. For example, if your package has high priority, it will be sent on the first flight or ship to its destination. The packages that go in economy class will be sent within a local area, to then be redirected on the first flight to their destination.
However, packages and mail within Greenland that are sent to recipients without a mailbox, with high priority or in economy class, will arrive in two business weeks, maximum. While packages sent to mailboxes will arrive the same day, but you can still track your parcel with the Telepost tracking number.
Finally, the shipping time for a high priority package depends on the destination country to which the package is shipped. However, you should know the high priority Telepost shipping time is much shorter than economy class packages. Likewise, these times are also affected by customs situations, tax payments, and even delays at the airlines.

What are Telepost shipping fees?

Telepost price is like any other rate of any postal company, they depend on the weight and dimensions of the package, as well as its destination. However, this is an information reserved for Telepost customers. So, you will only find the costs and fees of their services by going directly to their facilities.
However, we can assure you the internal Telepost price is cheap since it is a State service. Regarding international shipping rates, they are ruled by European standards and by the Danish State. So, the information on European and Danish rates may be very useful to you, but in the same way, we assure you that they are cheap.
On the other hand, do not forget you must add other charges to these rates, such as the price of stamps, taxes, and customs services if you make a shipment to another country outside of Greenland.

Is there a way to contact Greenland Post?

Are you not satisfied with this information? You can find much more up-to-date information on the official Telepost page, although it is exclusively for Danish speakers. Likewise, Telepost Greenland also manages various means of communication for its clients, below, we leave you the most important:

Remember that all these contacts are for clients in Greenland with a Telepost tracking number. If you are from another country, but you want to contact this company, we recommend using the customer service email, or calling 34 12 55, placing the Greenland telephone code at the beginning.

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