Norway Post tracking

Norway Post tracking

What is Norway Post?

The Norway Post is a Norwegian postal service company. It is one of the most important state-owned companies in the country, due to its economic importance. Norway Post belongs to the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Norwegian Government. 
Currently, the company has a monopoly on all postal services in the country. It has 30 post offices distributed in the most important regions of Norway, where most users consult the Norway Post prices. The company also has more than 1400 points of sale in different retail stores, as the company offers other kinds of services besides the traditional ones.
The origin of Norway Post dates back to 1647 when it was founded under the name Postvesenet. Its English translation is "Postal System". From its foundation, the company functioned as a private body, until 1719, when a law was enacted that would allow the Norwegian state to take over the company. 
As a fully state-owned company, Norway Post assumed a monopoly on all postal services in the country. The name of the company was not changed until 1996 when it was renamed Posten Norge BA. By 2002, Norway Post had become a joint-stock company to cope with the postal market of those years.
Norway Post postal services are divided into several corporate branches, which are:

  • Post, Logistics
  • Distribution Network
  • ErgoGroup AS.

The ErgoGroup AS division is responsible for electronic and outsourcing services in Norway. It was created as a result of a major corporate move by Norway Post to absorb the telecommunications company Telenor ASA.
It is important to mention that as of 2002, during its business expansion, Norway Post absorbed companies from other Nordic countries, such as CityMail in Sweden. These moves were strategic and essential for Norway Post to improve its entire postal infrastructure and logistics network. As a result, Posten has an important influence not only in Norway but also in other Nordic countries, such as Sweden and Denmark.
All services offered by the company, such as the Norway Post tracking service, are recognized for their excellent quality in all areas. Today, the company has more than 20,000 employees working not only in the Norwegian post offices but also in other post offices and companies in other countries, such as Sweden and Denmark.
Norway Post main objective is to play an important role in the Norwegian economy and trade and to improve the business and commercial value of all companies in the Nordic countries. Besides, Norway Post seeks to offer the best postal services in the entire Nordic region, with the most modern logistics network and systems that are at the forefront.

How do I track a package from Norway?

Customers can track their packages or correspondence through two options:

  • The first option is to use Post Norway track and trace system, which can only be found on their official website. The modern service can also track several packages or correspondence simultaneously.
  • The second option that customers have is to use Norway Post mail tracking through a modern mobile application, developed to offer customers a more reliable and efficient service. It is important to mention that these services can only be used with the proper use of the tracking number that is obtained once all payments and delivery procedures have been completed. 

Does Posten deliver internationally?

The company has the operational capacity to send and deliver any Norway Post order, like conventional letters, registered letters, money orders, documents, and many other things, to more than 220 countries around the world. Norway Post is supported by the world's leading transport companies, such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx. In this way, the company can guarantee a safe and efficient delivery.
It is important to mention that Norway Post can make deliveries and shipments through different means of transport. In other words, it can make deliveries by land, air and sea. In this way, both public and business customers can request different types of postal services.

How long does it take to ship from Norway to us?

The Norway Post delivery time may vary because of several factors that are important to consider. For domestic deliveries and deliveries to other countries in the Nordic region, delivery times are approximately 2 to 4 working days. With the use of postal services such as EMS or higher priority, delivery times may be shorter. The approximate delivery time is 24 hours.
For international deliveries, delivery times may vary due to the weight of the package, the dimensions of the package, the type of service requested, and the country of destination. Because Norway Post offers excellent postal services, the approximate delivery time for European countries is 4 to 5 working days. For deliveries to countries such as the United States or China, the delivery time is usually 6 to 7 working days. For deliveries to South American countries, the delivery time is 8 to 12 working days. For international deliveries to countries on the African continent, delivery times are between 7 to 12 working days.

Is Posten expensive?

Posten shipping fees for postal services can vary due to different factors. Usually, here are the following prices:

  • For domestic deliveries, it is 12 dollars.
  • For European countries, the average price is 38 dollars.
  • For countries outside Europe, the average price is 45 dollars.

How can I contact Posten?

Norway Post is recognized as having one of the best customer services in the world. On the official website, users will not only be able to access the Norway Post contact number, but they will also be able to obtain their official emails and the home addresses of the main offices. 
Besides, Norway Post website has a variety of sections where users can submit different requests, such as complaints, suggestions, tracking inquiries, or consult any inconveniences they may have. These requests can be made through electronic forms that are found in each section of the website. Finally, users can also contact customer service through a modern and reliable virtual chatbot system. Here, users will be able to solve almost any kind of problem-related to their packages or correspondence.

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