Lotte Global Logistics tracking

Lotte Global Logistics tracking


South Korea is a country with an interesting trade in many aspects. From its extensive technology, beauty products, to Korean fashion, which is currently being discovered by the western world. Therefore, having a courier and logistics service in this country is almost necessary for many traders.
And for all this, Lotte Global Logistics exists, a leading transportation and logistics company in South Korea. But is not only that, because it also promises its clients quick and easy solutions for cargo transfer. So let's see why you should convince yourself the Lotte Global Logistics tracking company is one of the best in its area.

Lotte Global Logistics package tracking

Where is Lotte Global Logistics from?

Lotte Global Logistics, or also known as Lotte Logistics, is a company located in South Korea, specifically in Seoul. Since 1998, it has been providing Korean citizens and international customers excellent services, with attractive and fast solutions when it comes to logistics. The goal of the company is to make a smarter world, thanks to its innovative methods, like the Lotte Logistics domestic tracking.
Since its establishment, Lotte Global Logistics has been at the forefront of relocations. In fact, it is the first company of its kind in South Korea. But, it has not stayed there either, because today it has ventured into new branches, such as supermarket logistics and other items. Achieving being a fundamental company for business, within the country, and for exporters.

Can I track a package from Lotte Global Logistics?

Like any modern logistics company, Lotte Global Logistics has a tracking system for packages. So all customers who have selected this company, to send or receive their packages, can use the Lotte shipping tracking number to locate their packages in real-time.
So, if you want to track your LGL package, you just have to access the official website of the company and look for the Lotte delivery tracking option. You will see a blank bar where you can enter your tracking number, and in a few seconds, the information of the Lotte Logistics domestic tracking will appear.
Also, you can know the estimated time of arrival of your package, in the “Air Freight Estimated” option, by using the Lotte Global Logistics tracking number. So you can see tracking a package with this company is just as easy as any other logistics company.
An easier solution is to use the Ship24 website and copy-paste the tracking number in the search bar on the homepage.

Does Lotte only deliver in South Korea?

Lotte Logistics domestic tracking company is one of the leading shipping companies in South Korea. In other words, it is essential for Korean customers. Since it has fast shipping facilities, up to one hour, within cities like Seoul and also, a home delivery service for grocery shopping.
However, this does not mean they are limited to the local market because they have an international network, connected to various strategic points. The company is a subsidiary company of Hyundai and has connections with other logistics subsidiaries around the world, including several points all over the world.
Therefore, customers who have access to this network can send their packages to South Korea, with services like Lotte Global Logistics Vietnam, for example. At the same time, Korean customers can send their packages along with this international network in this way, with their innovations and fast shipments, thanks to their extensive fleet and technology.
As you can see, they provide efficient solutions to all their customers, thanks to international services, like the Lotte Global Logistics Vietnam solution.

What are Lotte shipping costs?

If you want to know about Lotte delivery tracking costs, you should know a couple of important things. For example, Lotte's shipping service varies in price, depending on whether it is an international or local service. But do not worry, because below we will detail some current rates for the services of this company.
First, let's look at the rates for the Lotte shipping tracking service:

  • Small packages, less than 2kg, cost South Korean won 5,000 to local neighborhoods.
  • While, in other areas, costs can be as high as 8,500 South Korean won.
  • On the other hand, packages of 10 to 30kg range from about 6,000 KRW to 11,500 KRW.

Now, let's talk a little about international parcel services, or shopping abroad. And in this case, we have maritime cargo transportation, which is an economical option for imports and exports. While the air transport service is exclusive to buy online. So, for those services, the Lotte Global Logistics shipping prices are maybe a little more expensive.

Is Lotte Global Logistics delivery fast?

One of the reasons Lotte customers are satisfied is because they have a fairly fast Lotte delivery tracking system. From their dispatch service in agencies to the transport of maritime cargo, we assure you that they can handle quite competitive times.
In the case of packages purchased online, the transfer usually takes 2 to 3 days after the package has reached the logistics center. But, there are also particular cases, in which packages can be delivered the same day, for the purchase of items within the Asian continent.
Finally, the Lotte shipping tracking service within South Korea, they are usually delivered the same day of having made the shipment. This is how fast and efficient the service of this company is, but also safe and reliable for all its customers inside and outside Korea

How do I contact Lotte customer service?

Have another question about Lotte services? Well, there is no problem, because you can contact them directly at their Lotte customer service contact. Next, we leave you the phone numbers they use:

  • International customer service number (For example, like the Lotte Global Logistics Vietnam clients): + 82-2-1588-2121
  • Attention to clients of air cargo transport service: + 82-2-2170-3374
  • Lotte Global Logistics contact for maritime cargo transport: + 82-2-2170-3433
  • Domestic logistics services: + 82-2-2170-3337 / + 82-2-2170-3408 / +82-2-2170-3307

However, you can also go to the main offices at 10, Tongil-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 04527. In this way, you will be able to realize the excellent services of the Lotte Global Logistics tracking company for yourself.

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