Estafeta tracking

Estafeta tracking

Estafeta Mexico helps you identify areas of opportunity in your supply chain, being able to customize your processes to suit your needs. They are a Mexican company in logistics solutions that contribute to the development and strengthening of your company.

What is Estafeta?

Estafeta is a Mexican company dedicated to the courier service, offering logistic solutions that contribute to strengthening companies. They have been in operation since 1979, offering an efficient door-to-door service.
Estafeta Mexico is the owner of a long trajectory in which it has been dedicated since the year of its foundation, to improve and strengthen its service, building a network capable of responding to the strictest needs of its customers.
In the year 2000, Estafeta Mexico began a new stage by starting to cover international shipments with the birth of Estafeta Air Cargo (ECA), work for which they have obtained great recognition such as the National Transport Security Award, granted by the ANTP.
Since 2009 this company has had the largest Logistics Center in Latin America, a center from where they can deliver more than 12 thousand shipments per hour. In 2010, Estafeta Mexico took first place in domestic air cargo, with a growth of 16.7%.
Its excellent services made it the main trading partner of the United States in 2019, allowing customers from both nations to keep up to date with shipping processes through Estafeta USA tracking.
Estafeta has distinguished itself as a Socially Responsible Company and as one of the largest employers in Mexico. 
Among their services they offer:

  • Next-Day delivery: It offers the guarantee of next business day delivery, open from 9:00 am to 06:00 pm.
  • Global Express: Service with which you can stay connected to your family and business anywhere in the world. Guaranteed delivery of documents and packages to 220 countries.

Estafeta is a socially responsible company, which is why they always devise strategies that allow them to find a balance between the company's day-to-day operations and its ethical, economic, and social performance.
Estafeta is a team that always conducts itself with respect, trust, humility, and fairness, in order to always have a positive and contributive impact on the community. The effectiveness, punctuality, and diligence of their services have made it possible in Mexico to think of "estafetar".

How do I track my Estafeta package?

Estafeta allows all its customers to know the status and location of each of their shipments, through simple steps that you can perform from its website. First, you will need to have your Estafeta tracking number at hand, which you will then need to enter in the tracking session so that the system will reveal the status of the shipment.
Estafeta tracking is a totally free service that is integrated into its website and can be accessed by all those who have contracted service with the company.
However, each customer must be aware that in order to be able to track the shipment, they must have an Estafeta tracking number that they will find on the receipt generated after the order has been consolidated.
If for example in the Estafeta tracking you see that your shipment is in transit, you can click on the "history" tab in order to obtain more details related to the location and the most recent movement.
In case of any problem with your Estafeta tracking, the company offers you the following contact number for assistance 55 52708300.

What does look like an Estafeta tracking number?

Your Estafeta tracking number is made up of 10 digits and is located at the top of the receipt, next to a vertical barcode on the right side of the sheet. For Estafeta tracking Mexico, you can use both the tracking number and the 22 digit tracking number.

Is Estafeta shipping fast?

Estafeta has built an excellent reputation precisely because of its fast and urgent Estafeta shipping. Among its options there are:

  • The Next Day service, guaranteeing that delivery will be made the next business day after the service has been contracted; between 9:00 am and 06:00 pm.
  • With the Two Days service, the delivery of your Estafeta package is guaranteed in two business days after the request, between 9:00 am and 06:00 pm.
  • The standard Estafeta shipping within the national territory divided by zones offer a delivery guarantee of 3 to 5 working days.

Best of all, each customer will have precise information on the status of their shipment, thanks to Estafeta tracking Mexico.
For more detailed information, please access Estafeta website through the following link:

Where does Estafeta can deliver?

Thanks to its worldwide connections, Estafeta will help your company grow continuously, as it has no limits.  It maintains routes to the United States, owns flights to Miami with connections to Europe, Asia, and South America.
Estafeta international delivery will allow you to export or import products that will be delivered door-to-door, with all the punctuality and security characteristics of Estafeta. In addition to all this, they have a door-to-door service from Mexico to Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, and El Salvador.
Throughout the process, customers will be able to keep up to date with the progress of their shipment to the USA, through Estafeta USA tracking or anywhere else in the world.

How can I contact Estafeta?

Estafeta has several mechanisms on its website for customers to let them know their opinions about the service or to express any complaint or request for help. First, in the "Contact Us" section you will find a form where you can enter data such as name, email, telephone, tracking number, and a box for you to develop your request.
It also has a bubble located in the lower right box, with which you can start a chat “What can I help you with?”.
Finally, we leave you the Estafeta contact where you can contact them in case you need urgent attention: 55 52708300 or 0800 3782338.
Estafeta will always offer you the best shipping service, including the Estafeta USA tracking; that you can use for your shipments to that country or any other country where you send your packages.

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