Brunei Post tracking

Brunei Post tracking

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In 1895, under the initiative of the Borneo Company, the first post office was established. Already in 1906 through the treaty of friendship, the British president was given the task of building the first government post office, and, since 1984, the Ministry of Communications is the body responsible for regulating and promoting all activities concerning the Postal Service.

Brunei Post package tracking

What is Brunei Post?

The Brunei Post is committed to creating, developing, and promoting efficient global connectivity of postal services; diversifying postal products and services, and providing all means to promote the movement of goods and services by mail.
From this government company, all possible steps are taken to respond to the changes that the digital era and e-commerce have brought about, optimizing all its resources to respond to the required level of logistics, making it the most reliable service.
Post of Brunei delivery includes among its services:

  • Air and Sea Mail
  • Insured Mail
  • Deferred Mail
  • Business Response Services
  • Order of Remittances, among others.

Where can I track my package from the Post of Brunei?

From the website of Brunei Post, every customer can do the Brunei Darussalam Post tracking by entering the 13 characters that make up your Brunei Post office tracking number. From there, you will have access to reliable information linked to the Brunei Post tracking of your order, both in national and international territory.
The great news is that customers can generate their Brunei Post office tracking number from the page when ordering the service which gives them a clear advantage as they do not have to wait for someone else to send it to them by mail.
They can enter destination-related information and choose a keyword to have the system generate the Brunei Post office tracking number required for any Brunei Post tracking.
It is very important that the customer keeps their Brunei Post office tracking number because it is through the use of this information that they can keep up to date on the movements of their order.

Does the Post of Brunei deliver internationally?

Brunei Post International shipping is available for countries such as Argentina, Canada, Brazil, Burma, Malaysia, Egypt, France, Indonesia, and Japan, among many others. The service is available in air, sea, and EMS SpeedPost.
How does it work? Well, the company has a quite friendly website, where each customer will find the option to check the Post of Brunei shipping prices. There, you will find three tabs where you must include the type of service, country of destination, and weight of the package.
In these cases the customer will also have the possibility of making your Brunei Darussalam Post tracking, to keep abreast of the movements of each of its Post of Brunei delivery.

Is Brunei Post delivery fast?

The postal company has several delivery services that make a difference to the delivery time of the Post of Brunei. For ordinary local mail, the stipulated delivery time is 2 days.
Ordinary airmail to other countries from the Brunei International Air Cargo Centre also has a waiting time of 2 days. However, for Brunei Post International shipping with delivery from the Port of Muara every 3 months, the time for completion of the service is precisely 3 months.
For local registered mail service, the delivery time of the Post of Brunei is 4 days, while a package by sea mail from other countries received at the Mail Processing Centre before 6:30 pm, will take 5 days.
In these particular cases, Post of Brunei Post tracking offers customers a sense of peace of mind, which is why this postal company always makes every effort to keep the Post of Brunei delivery data up to date so that each user can be confident that their order is being handled responsibly.

What are the shipping prices of Brunei Post?

As is common in postal companies, Post of Brunei shipping prices are anchored to the destination and weight of the package. From the website of Brunei Post, users have the possibility to make a calculation, in a section intended for this purpose, which will recognize as "Check postal rates".
By simply entering some data that will refer to the type of Post of Brunei delivery, country of destination, and weight of the package; the calculator will automatically throw your Brunei Post delivery costs.
As soon as the service is activated, the customer has full access to the Brunei Darussalam Post tracking so he can keep track of the progress made with his Post of Brunei delivery.
These Post of Brunei parcel delivery services are available for both domestic and international parcel reception and delivery. Those users who are waiting for a package from Brunei Post will receive a notification card so that they can pick up their order at the selected post office.
In addition, the company offers its customers and users the Brunei Post contact +673238 0481 through which they can keep doing Brunei Darussalam Post tracking.
In the particular case of the closed bag service with a private mailbox, ideal for those packages with a higher volume for a private post office box, the Brunei Post delivery costs are handled as follows:

  • P.O. Box/closed bag request $40
  • Request for transfer/closed bag $5.00
  • Request for a replacement key or lost card $30.00
  • Reopening of PO Box/closed bag $5.00

The postage rate for the insured mail service application is $2 per $200. We remind you that this type of mail is linked to the handling of postcards containing valuable documents, such as money, checks, bonds, among others, destined to Brunei Darussalam or any other country that is part of the Universal Postal Union Agreement.
For further information, we invite you to visit the official website of Brunei Post at the following link

How can I contact the Post of Brunei?

To contact the Brunei Post customer service, the postal company proposes its customers and users the numbers +6732380481, the number +6738711002, and the mail The service is active on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at two times:
From 8 am to 12 pm and from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

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