Bhutan Post tracking

What is Bhutan Post?

Bhutan Post is the national delivery and courier service of Bhutan, a country located in the Eastern Himalayas, in south Asia. This company has its headquarters in the city of Phuentsholing, which is located in the south of Bhutan. Bhutan Post is an independent organization that however depends on the government for the assignment of general managers and other jobs.
The company was created in the year of 1962, being as well the first formal courier organization of the country. Bhutan Post started to open new offices around many cities of the country, expanding its cover range and enhancing the quality and performance of its services. Finally, in 1969, Bhutan joined the Universal Postal Union. Years later, the country started to be a member of the Asian Pacific Postal Union, specifically in 1983.
Currently, Bhutan Post has around 40 postal offices spread in all the national territory. They provide national and international express delivery services with tools like the Bhutan Post tracking, financial consulting, and philately, among others. The company also has a public transportation system for both courier and passengers.

How do I track my Bhutan Post package?

The Bhutan Post tracking service is operated by a sophisticated team of engineers and system technicians that provides locations in real-time with the help of Google Maps and tracking devices incorporated into every single transport vehicle of the company. This way the customer can receive the current status of the order after the shipping process.
Every single Bhutan Post package is labeled after workers receive it in any of the Bhutan Post courier and shipping offices. Such a label is the official tracking number of the company, that works in order to carry out a whole database of shipments. Besides, the tracking number regards all the information about the package, like destination, travel route, weight and dimensions, type of service, and so on.
With the tracking number, the client is able to get inside the Bhutan Post web page and introduce such code. Then, he is going to receive a full document regarding the order status within. One of the most significant features of this service is the real-time location provided by the GPS inside the transport vehicle, so the customer also receives an estimated arrival time.

Does Bhutan Post ship internationally?

Bhutan Post is a company that provides a great variety of services that of course are available for everyone. All the types of delivery services are improved in order to obtain the best quality in response time, delivery care, and customer service, among others.
A national Bhutan Post order is directly delivered by the transportation system of the company that comprises air shipping, ground transportation, and sea trips. Such service is able to deliver a parcel in any single city of Bhutan with proper shipping time.
Bhutan Post has been a member of the Universal Postal Union since the year of 1969, which has allowed the company to work along with such an organization in order to enhance the different types of international services. Such outlander operations regard courier, bulk shipping, online shopping, EMS including Bhutan Post EMS tracking service, and some others.
However, the Bhutan Post parcel tracking system works for every single shipment, no matter if it is international or national, and also regardless of the type of service required by the customer.

How long does it take to Bhutan Post to deliver?

There are some different factors that determine the delivery time of order. Besides, it is important to consider that any time estimation made by Bhutan Post or any other shipping company can vary in the end, because many different things can happen during the delivery trip.
However, these estimations are based on the weight and size of the parcel, the destination country or city, the type of service depending on the urgency, among many others. It is different if it is a national or an international delivery:

  • For national shipping, the delivery time is not so long. Local deliveries may take a top time of 3-4 working days. That time can vary in case of natural diseases, geographic situations, accidents, or traffic jams. Of course, these things are unlikely to happen.
  • On the other hand, international deliveries are supposed to take more time rather than national. For outlander services, the estimated shipping time can reach 21 days in sea deliveries, and 15 working days in air deliveries.  

Is Bhutan Post expensive?

Bhutan Post is an official member of the Universal Postal Union. This is a global organization that belongs to the United Nations and is in charge of managing all the international deliveries made by both private and run-estate companies. So, one of the main functions of the Universal Postal Union is setting a standard price list for international deliveries.
Anyhow, the estimations for delivery costs are made considering some elements related to the parcel. Some of them are the weight of the package, the dimensions, and the final destination. Also, the Bhutan Post EMS rate is an additional fee that is charged to the final price when the client has used the EMS option.
National deliveries are commonly cheap because of the distance. International deliveries are more expensive because of taxes related to importation and exportation, in addition to distance issues and others:

  • Standard national delivery can go from $2.6 up to $85. The cost can increase if the customer wants to use EMS.
  • A simple international delivery can go from $4.07 up to $204 according to the elements mentioned above.

How do I contact Bhutan Post?

The web page of Bhutan Post contains all the ways of communication of the company. Workers from the customer care department are always willing to solve all the issues and concerns coming out from clients. This is why Bhutan Post has a call center working 24/7 in order to provide assistance about the services of the company.
Bhutan Post also has its own users in some social networks like Facebook and Twitter. In there, the company posts important information related to services, promotions, disclaimers, advice, and more.

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