Winit tracking

Winit tracking


Winit company focuses on helping all its customers access the best of the supply chain, increasing the level of sales with the main goal of becoming one of the main sellers of cross-border e-commerce.

This company combines the integral integration of resources, in sync with the main e-commerce platforms, to facilitate a greater reach in all its products so that they can be easily sold in other countries around the world.

Winit package tracking

What company is Winit?

Winit company was created in China and is dedicated to offering logistics solutions to small and medium-sized companies that base their operations on e-commerce, providing them with all the support they need to access efficient supply chain management capabilities.

Winit is currently positioned as an efficient platform to support the cross-border eCommerce industry, providing its customers around the world with after-sales logistics service with the best Winit shipping service.

Winit company integrates into its main commercial segments, logistic, financial, and data information platforms with 9 warehouses in the world, counting also a network of services that includes countries such as the United States, China, Europe, and Australia, destination on which, you will be able to carry out your Winit tracking Australia with confidence.

Contracting by Winit services, companies, and individuals can access thousands of e-commerce vendors, with suppliers in different countries that guarantee access to raw materials and risk-free inventory.

Among the services that Winit shipping has for you, we mention the following:

  • Overseas warehouse
  • Special package
  • Amazon Logistics
  • Cross-border distribution

Is Winit shipping legit?

Winit is backed by satisfied customers to all destinations where it ships from China to other countries around the world. Besides, it offers a reliable payment service where each customer's bank details are safeguarded and protected, and under no circumstances are they shared with third parties.

How do I track my Winit package?

From the official Winit website, each customer can use the Winit tracking number associated with his order, which will allow him to be informed about the trajectory and movements of his package in real time. The system will allow you to make multiple tracking, being able to include up to 30 Winit tracking numbers at the same time, only by separating them by a comma or space.

Through Winit tracking, you will be able to know the status of your shipment. If it has been transferred from the post office, in transit, or if it has already been delivered.

What looks like a Winit tracking number?

Every Winit tracking number is made up of 13 alphanumeric characters, like the one shown below as an example: EB033788952IZ. This number will be generated once you have placed your order after you have registered on the Winit website.

Remember that this tracking number will be necessary for Winit tracking. You must be very careful especially if you have a company and handle several orders at the same time because the system will ask for each number associated with your shipments separately.

How are Winit packages shipped?

Winit packages are shipped through the ground, air, and sea service. Winit will always make every effort to meet the customer’s supply chain requirements to find the first-class Winit shipping service.
Through their after-sales service, they provide their customers with the guarantee of mobilizing heavy cargo that can be stored in their large warehouses in different countries such as Belgium, Mexico, the United States, Australia, and Germany, among others.

Is Winit delivery fast?

For Winit international shipping there are various delivery times determined by the type of service chosen and the transshipment channel. For example, the CN-UPS channel covers the following products:

  • Kuayi Express-UPS Express (Standard 2 to 6 calendar days).
  • Kuayi Express-UPS Express (Standard type 2 to 4 calendar days)

While the HK-UPS channel covers the following products:

  • Kuayi Express-UPS Express (via Hong Kong from 3 to 6 calendar days)
  • Kuayi Express: UPS Express (via Hong Kong for 3 to 8 calendar days)

To obtain information related to Winit shipping times, we recommend you visit their website. If you are thinking of shipping to Australia, we would like to point out that you will be able to use the service Winit tracking Australia.

Does Winit deliver internationally?

Yes, one of the great advantages of Winit is its network of international partners, with warehouses around the world, that makes it possible for sellers to acquire or export merchandise to other parts of the world and keep them in a safe place, while each product maintains its online promotion.

Winit is a driver of e-commerce and therefore if you are a seller interested in their services, be sure to contact them through the Winit contact number. These warehouses have the dual function of receiving and shipping the seller's packages and performing international door-to-door Winit shipping when required.

Sellers can operate online, import in batches, or make their request through an ERP system from which they can consult any questions. The security of each shipment is supported through the free Winit tracking service.

What are Winit shipping prices?

Winit prices are mainly related to the destination and the characteristics of the shipment itself, in terms of weight and length. Besides, as a guarantor of large shipments to other countries, they also tend to be anchored to the prices imposed by customs concepts.

However, the company offers online procedures where each client can obtain the necessary support and advice. To learn more about their rates, we recommend you visit the Winit website, where you can discover all the enormous advantages offered to your business with free pickups.

How do I contact Winit?

To answer any questions or suggestions, the company provides its customers with several Winit contact numbers to which they can contact the Winit team and solve their particular requirements:

  • 400-996-0766 (Mainland)
  • 0080- 186- 1060 (Taiwan)
  • 0852- 3065-7794 (Hong Kong)

And e-mail address

Standard business hours during working days are from 9:00 am to 06:00 pm to establish contact through the Winit contact number. On Saturdays and holidays from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm, on-call hours will be from 06:00 pm to 09:00 pm.

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