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For great success, it is always important to start at the bottom. Such are the beginnings of Shippit, a company that took its first steps by forming close relationships with small fashion and household goods companies. Now, Shippit is a major player in Australia and one of the best options for managing product shipments.

How do you use Shippit?

It is a company that provides shipping logistics services for retail businesses in Australia. The company was established in 2014 and is headquartered in the city of Sydney. In just a few years of existence, the company's growth has been impressive.
The company currently provides transportation services to hundreds of retail companies in Australia. Not only is Shippit delivery's service very good, but the company is also known for its innovation in shipping logistics infrastructure.
This company has also developed unique software to provide excellent Shippit delivery tracking service. Due to its innovations, the company has earned a good reputation among a wide variety of retailers.
Moreover, the company not only stands out for the quality of its services, such as the Shippit e-parcel service but also excels in social and environmental issues. The corporation currently owns its fleet of vehicles that are designed to emit low amounts of carbon.
Their work to combat climate change is also reflected in their service fees, as the costs retailers save are used to create programs and initiatives that help the environment.
In the last 4 years, the company has won awards that reward its efforts in offering excellent quality services, such as the previously mentioned Shippit e-parcel service. In 2018, it won awards such as the Westpac Business of Tomorrow or the Awards for Retail Supplier of the Year.

How can I track my Shippit order?

On the official website, there is a virtual platform with which users can track products or packages. The software of the Shippit tracking service is so well developed that users get detailed and real-time information on shipments and parcels.
Customers can also use the Shippit delivery tracking system available on the mobile app. Users receive a tracking number via text messages, email notifications, and messages that arrive through the mobile app.
Similarly, with the Shippit contact number, users can access a specialized section to provide information related to shipments or the tracking number. The company also offers step-by-step advice on how to use the tracking and tracing system. Customers can resolve any of their doubts with the support guides that the company offers.

How long does it take for Shippit to deliver?

One of the best attributes that characterize the company is the delivery times of its services.
Nationwide, the Shippit delivery time is approximately 5 days, with the standard service.
With express services, the Shippit delivery time is approximately 2 to 4 business days.
The company also offers a delivery service, where packages can be delivered to the customer's preferred address in less than 24 hours.
For Shippit international, the approximate delivery time is 7 to 15 working days. However, customers can choose the method of transportation and type of service that best suits their needs. 
It is important to mention that these delivery time approximations are intended for packages that do not exceed one kilogram. If a package is very heavy or very large, the delivery time may increase.
Users can also quote the delivery time of all shipments they manage through the company. They only need to use a virtual tool that is specially designed to make calculations according to the destination, size of the package, and the type of service the customer wants.

Does Shippit deliver on weekends?

Fortunately, the company has the operational infrastructure to handle weekend deliveries. Users can use special services to request deliveries on their preferred days. Deliveries can also be adjusted according to the customer's preferred schedules.
These delivery features do not affect services such as Shippit delivery tracking at all, as users can locate their packages every day and at any time they wish.

Does Shippit only ship within Australia?

Shippit has the structural and operational capacity to ship in all major regions of Australia, including remote and rural areas.
Much of this operational capacity is since the company has a good infrastructure with several operations centers spread throughout the country. However, Shippit international's service is also available for those retailers who wish to ship their products to other countries on the continent, Europe, Asia, or the United-States.
In total, Shippit international's service is available to more than 100 countries around the world. For this kind of operation, the company uses air and sea transport for shipments.
It is important to mention that the Shippit tracking service is just as effective for international shipments, but the information is not updated until the package clears customs at the border of the destination country.

Is Shippit delivery expensive?

One of the reasons why Shippit e-parcel's services are so highly valued by retailers and users is because of the low shipping rates. Compared to other larger companies, retailers can save up to 60% of costs with Shippit services.
For domestic shipments, the average cost of charges is $6 to $8. For international shipments, the average cost is US$10 to US$14, regardless of destination. However, users can quote Shippit pricing through a specialized virtual platform available on the website.

How do I contact Shippit?

Customers can contact customer service through the official website (https://www.shippit.com/). They can receive technical support on some tools such as the Shippit tracking system, and handle queries or complaints related to shipments.
All inquiries are processed via email. Users can also receive advice on transportation services, cost rates, and shipment management, and logistics processes.
While the company has achieved success and growth that is difficult to achieve in the first few years of its inception, Shippit wants to continue to grow and expand into other countries such as the United Kingdom. The company is currently developing tools to keep its operations going in times of pandemic.

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