Nacex tracking

Nacex tracking


Nacex international is a company that offers logistics and B2C services in different regions of Europe. It is currently growing, both financially and operationally, and in the coming years, the owners of Nacex expect the company to be on par with the most important brands in Europe.

Nacex package tracking

What is Nacex?

Mainly we should mention that Nacex is a company that offers logistics and B2C services in Spain, Portugal, and Andorra. The company was created in 1995 in Spain. Since then, it has not stopped growing by leaps and bounds to become one of the most important companies in Spain in terms of express courier services. Even Nacex Spain tracking services have become a reference for other similar companies in other Iberian countries such as Portugal. Currently, the company is part of a multinational group known as Grupo Logista, which is a leader in parcel distribution for retailers and companies located in southern Europe.

In addition to the founding of Nacex international, the Logista Group was created in 1999 in Madrid, Spain. The brand was created to offer courier and parcel services. Since it began to experience exponential growth, Grupo Logista began to absorb other companies and create other operational branches to expand services. Grupo Logista is a multinational with more than 400 warehouses distributed in Spain and Portugal. It is currently a company worth more than 4 billion dollars. In addition to owning Nacex international, it also owns other companies such as MidSid, Supergroup, Integra2, and Terzia.

Back to Nacex, the company has more than 300 offices and operation centres distributed between Spain, Portugal, and Andorra. Even the track Nacex system is hosted on different servers in these countries to guarantee the efficiency of the system and its 24-hour availability. Besides, Nacex has commercial and operational alliances with hundreds of companies. In addition to its network of vehicles and trucks, it also has thousands of collaborators in Europe.

According to the latest estimate, Nacex processes more than 100,000 packages per hour between Spain, Portugal, and Andorra.
Also, Nacex has an individual distribution branch known as NACEX. Shop with which millions of users can manage the delivery of their packages.

How do I track my Nacex shipment?

Up to now, users can realize their Nacex tracking through 3 alternatives.

  • The first one consists of using a virtual tool that can be found on the official website. This Nacex tracking platform is always available and with it, users can not only locate their packages but also receive information about the offices where the packages will be distributed.
  • As a second alternative, users can consult the track Nacex service through the customer service department. Either by e-mail ( or by calling the Nacex telephone number (900-100-000). They can even use the Nacex Spain tracking service through the company's official Twitter account (NacexClientes). For any advice or additional information, users can consult through these channels.
  • A third alternative is that customers can track their packages through the Ship24 platform. Tracking with Ship24 will give you up-to-date information regarding your parcels. Ship24 can automatically detect more than 1200 couriers with a tracking number and it also enables you to track up to 10 parcels at the same time.

On the other hand, the Nacex tracking number is sent by e-mail once the customer completes the payment process of the service contract. The tracking number can be used in any of the above-mentioned alternatives.
However, the Nacex tracking number is not the only information needed to locate packages. Users also need the package reference order and their customer ID.

All these data are sent after the customer completes the necessary procedures. A mobile application with an integrated function for using the Nacex tracking service is expected to be developed in the coming years.

How long is Nacex shipping?

Nacex delivery time may vary depending on weight, type of transport, and destination.

  • To countries such as Spain, Portugal, Andorra, and regions of the Balearic or Canary Islands, the approximate delivery time is 2 to 4 working days.
  • With Premium delivery services, the approximate delivery time is 24 to 72 hours, regardless of destination.
  • To other European countries, Nacex can process shipments by sea transport in 2 to 3 days, depending on the customs authorities of each country.

Does Nacex deliver on Saturdays?

At this time, Nacex does not deliver on Saturdays. All delivery services operate Monday through Friday. Users cannot request delivery on Saturdays or holidays. However, they can request direct delivery to the address of their choice.

Does Nacex operate throughout the US only?

Nacex largest operational market is located in Europe. Thousands of deliveries are processed in countries such as Spain, Portugal, Andorra, and in regions of the Canary and Balearic Islands.

However, with the express service for document and small parcel deliveries alone, international shipments can be processed, specifically to more than 192 countries. All other logistics services are not available to other international destinations, including the track Nacex service.

Are Nacex shipping fees expensive?

Nacex is known for having competitive shipping fees.

Nacex Shipping Fees

  • With packages weighing less than 2 kilograms, the average shipping cost is 4 dollars, so there is not much difference with the services of other brands.
  • However, for packages weighing more than 10 kilograms, shipping costs are lower compared to other companies. In this case, the average cost of shipments does not exceed 100 dollars.
    Moreover, unlike other brands that charge additional fees for tracking services, the Nacex Spain tracking service is free of charge and is available to locate packages anywhere in the world.

How can I contact Nacex customer service?

Users can contact Nacex customer service via telephone (900-100-000), email (, or on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn.

They can even communicate with customer service through a virtual chat with which users can interact with authorized agents. This tool can be very useful to consult the Nacex tracking number or other important data.

In the coming years, Nacex will undoubtedly become one of the most important logistics and B2C companies in the Iberian region and the Balearic Islands. Their ambition to dominate the European market is so important that they take their customers' suggestions very seriously.

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